Fake Neo-Victorian Fainting Female Claims Famous Man Touched Her Too Much


Yet another freaky female who ran riot as a ‘free girl’ now decides, years later, all her wild sex junk is now ‘rape’ and a rich man has to pay for her ‘suffering’.


The photos above are this six foot tall, athletic female who interacted with a powerful white male who assumed, when she came to his bedroom on her own volition, that she wanted rumpty pumpty fun.  And she did do this with him, not the sex, just some pressing of the flesh and tee-heeing.  Then, she did this over and over again.  Every time she met him, she kissed and hugged him.  Now, this is ‘rape’.


Tennant, who has known Walton for years, wanted the former Lakers player to write the foreword to her new book.


She solicited him.  She sought him out.  She knew him for years!  They were not strangers at all.


According to her lawsuit, Tennant says that shortly after arriving at the hotel, Walton convinced her to join him in his room.


HAHAHA…’Let’s not talk business at the bar, let’s do it in my bedroom…’ this is an adult woman who is claiming she is too naive and stupid to know that ‘bedroom business’ isn’t ‘business business’ except if you are a prostitute.


In the lawsuit, Tennant says Walton said to her as she left: ‘Good to see you.’

After the smooching, he was friendly.  She, according to her present story which I believe is utterly fake, said nothing.  I was raped when I was 5 years old.  I know how explosive emotions are in this sort of situation.  You don’t just walk off as if nothing happened.


Obviously, nothing much happened since she did nothing, said nothing to him, to outsiders, nobody.


After the alleged incident, Tennant continued to interact with Walton because she says it was part of her job requirement.


At this point, I am now assuming she is a prostitute.  It’s her job.


She alleges that each time they met, Walton would give her a hug and a kiss, both of which were unwanted.


HAHAHA.  This prostitute didn’t ask for a new client?


Tennant alleges that Walton also made ‘vulgar, guttural sounds at her’ on one occasion.


OMG, this fainting virgin heard him burp???  Oh, the mercy, pass the smelling salts.


On another occasion, he is said to have told her: ‘Mmmmm… you’re killing me in that dress.’ Tennant claims that on a separate occasion, Walton gave an aggressive hug and rubbed his body against hers.


Men: do not touch feminists.  Ever. They are pure poison.  Even the most innocuous interactions can turn, in their minds, into rape.  Even looking at them funny is ‘rape’ to these creatures.  They are killing feminism as well as destroying society and at the same time, these same feminists are demanding an invasion of hefty, sexy Muslim males to take over and put them all in their place again.


Yet another lawsuit:
The brothers who were allegedly paid by Empire star Jussie Smollett to stage a hate crime hoax are suing the actor’s lawyers for defamation, claiming his legal team continues to drag their names through the mud despite charges being dropped against the actor.


At a press conference Tuesday, the brother’s lawyers accused Smollett of not only destroying their reputations, but that of the City of Chicago, as well.


The DNC has destroyed the reputation of the City of Chicago.  I do love how a pair of African men are showing better manners than the spoiled DNC brats.  The actor who is lying to everyone is a top DNC buddy buddy and plays politics all the time.

“These lies are destroying our character and our reputation in our personal and professional lives,” one of the brothers’ attorneys, Gloria Schmidt, read from a prepared statement.


“The Chicagoan brothers told the truth,” Schmidt said. “They could have remained silent. But instead they told the truth to the police, and with their right hand in the air, they told the truth to the grand jury. We’re going to make sure that the lies and malice attacking our city, our Police Department and my two clients are met with truth and healing.”


Interesting that they are suing the city government which did this crime, that is, let the criminal go free and then allowed him to boast about how the criminal is a victim.  This is victimizing the buddies who followed orders of this actor in good faith, so to speak.


I hope they sue for a million bucks, each.


And…good grief, this is all so insane. The New York Post had a very amusing story yesterday about Di Blasio, the NY mayor, demanding all glass/steel towers be removed from Manhattan.

The entire DNC leadership now is climbing aboard the Occasionally Insane Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  who is proposing bankrupting America while destroying all housing and replacing everything, everywhere with ‘green’ housing and energy.


This, from a feminist from the Bronx who lived there briefly during early childhood but raised in luxury in a rich community where she still lives today, never visiting her ‘old hood’ if she can avoid it.


The DNC has gone entirely insane at this point.  This reminds me more and more of Mad Madame Mao and I keep saying, leftists leave elite colleges like Yale like this crazy lady and go forth, determined to copy every single disastrous policy of that crazy Chinese communist.


Ocasio-Cortez has used her deceased father’s Bronx condo on her voter registration since 2012, and even posed in the one-bedroom Bronx flat for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz in a Vogue magazine profile after her stunning November election. But The Post could find little indication she continues to live there.


This faker, this communist female, lies about everything.  She lives in the lap of luxury while claiming to be poor.  She wants to make everyone else very poor, that is certain.  So do all the top elites who hate sharing the planet with outsiders.


The Post emailed Ocasio-Cortez’s spokesman, Corbin Trent, four times with specific questions — which were all ignored. On Saturday, The Post reached Corbin by phone.


“We will not be commenting,” he said. Among the queries he refused to answer: Where does the congresswoman live?


The lunacy of all this is painfully obvious and utterly oblivious for our ‘mainstream liberal media’ giants who work tirelessly to lie, cheat and steal.


Last of all, the Ukraine is no longer a DNC puppet state to be used to attack Russia:


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15 responses to “Fake Neo-Victorian Fainting Female Claims Famous Man Touched Her Too Much

  1. Melponeme_k

    Oh, what a surprise another Baphomet Reverso accuses a man of touching his private parts. This has nothing to do with females. REAL FEMALES. This has all to do with a reverso trying to feel like he is a desirable woman. Don’t make me laugh. He didn’t even bother to shave down his adam’s apple. He probably didn’t go to bed with the “Harasser” in question because he didn’t go through the full cut.

  2. Melponeme_k


    Supposedly it wrote a book called “THE TRANSITION”. HAHAHAHAHAAHA

    They are always going to tell the truth in some way. Believe me.

  3. Petruchio

    “Men: do not touch feminists. Ever. They are pure poison. Even the most innocuous interactions can turn, in their minds, into rape. Even looking at them funny is ‘rape’ to these creatures.” women like this one have decided they are going to use sexual harassment/rape accusations as a WEAPON. It is motivated by a deep seated Rage against Men. I have multiple reactions to women like this Tennant. First reaction: wait until they get sodomized by invading Muslim men, as is happening in Sweden and Europe. Second reaction. Charges like this, in Gambling terms, ‘ups the ante’. If you want to smear a Man, or if in the workplace, get him fired from his job, THAT is upping the ante. And sooner or later, some Male being victimized this way will-again to use a gambling term–‘Call’. This means, bottom line, Violence. Physical violence. You smear a Male–without any proof, just YOUR accusations, and he loses his job, or is humiliated Publicly, AND it doesn’t require ANY proof, sooner or later women like this are going to start eating bullets or getting their heads fractured by things like tire irons. NOW, I do NOT in any way, shape or form advocate violence!! I do NOT!! I am just predicting what will happen sooner or later. That Final Taboo about not hitting Women will go straight out the window. This is a tragedy.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Look at the “woman” in this story. Heck look at any of the “women” in these type of stories.

    They aren’t women. This whole thing is a PSYOP meant to frighten men into avoiding women. And they use the biggest, scariest looking TRANNIES to do it. It certainly is working on you!

    On the flip side, they are trying to convince women that real men are nasty, incapable of fidelity and secretly violent. In fact this psy-op has been working against women for a longer time. They only just got started with trying to scare men.

    Why do they do this? Because they can’t have united couples and families. The greatest strength anyone could have is a happy, united family and a committed love relationship. People who have that aren’t running around buying loads of junk and being distracted by fake news/entertainment.

  5. Moe


    Well, perhaps the US could be as progressive as the Canucks:

    Royal Canadian Mint unveils new loonie marking ‘progress’ for LGBTQ people.

    (To be colloquially called ‘The Faggie’)

    Kill me now…please.

  6. Moe

    @4 Mel

    “Look at the “woman” in this story. Heck look at any of the “women” in these type of stories. They aren’t women.”

    This person has an angular body, more evocative of male than female, but then I have little experience with female athletes.

    The characteristics (that I perceive) to be more masculine are: broad, squared shoulders of greater breath than most females: prominent Adams apple on long neck: masculine calf (once again, not certain this does not appear on female athletes): long legs; long arms; apparent Adonis Belt in one photo I reviewed; prominent jaw, though not rounded at chin; hip-shoulder ratio doesn’t seem right for a female (but once again the athlete thing); large head; wide mouth; index finger ratio is female. My summation would be that her body seems disproportionate for a woman, but those characteristics would have contributed to female athleticism too.

    Am I convinced one way or the other? I would incline toward your interpretation primarily based on her discordant proportions but am not fully convinced.

    Query: why would a 6’0” woman wear spike heals for interviews?


  7. Petruchio

    @#4 Mel: You make some good points; I just don’t see these folks running these so-called PSY-OPS as being all powerful. They are powerful, yes, but I think sometimes these Elites and the folks who own the media overestimate their influence.

  8. Petruchio

    BTW, Mel. In the last few weeks, I re-watched the movie “Wall Street” (Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen). The female lead “actress” was Daryl Hannah. Wow! Even on screen, Hannah doesn’t make an even slightly good tranny! To me “she” looked obviously like a “he”. It’s like the Producers of “Wall Street” didn’t even TRY to make Hannah look like a female.

  9. I am presuming all the hormones pumped into animals now are causing humans to change in appearance.

  10. Melponeme_k


    The male trachea is 40 percent larger than a female. Males have less body fat. The Adam’s apple will always show. The Female trachea is not only smaller but it is recessed further into the throat. Also a sign of fertility is a full, round face with a soft neck. This means the area will be covered with subcutaneous fat. It is impossible for women to sport an Adam’s apple unless she is so emaciated to the point of danger or she is taking massive amounts of testosterone.

    Tennant is a male transgender. A male who cheated real women out of a place in their own sports teams.


    The media/sports/news entertainment business is a complete department shared by the CIA, Military Industrial Complex, Tavistock, Mossad etc. Yes, they are powerful enough in this sphere to inundate us with mind control of various persuasions. However remember they created this box called popular culture and they only exert influence as long as we stay in their box/corral/paddock. Once we leave it, they are no longer in control.


    Yes, the bodies of both males and females are changing due to endocrine and hormonal disruptors included in our food and water. At first the aim was to make us sterile, now it is to create androgynes. The ones in control are working with opposing ideas that makes them insane trying to straddle the divide.

    Their religion tells them that sex is powerful magic. The act not only opens the way for new souls to be born, it can also manifest ideas and desires unrelated to procreation. This is why their magic always includes sex. They think it manifests their thoughts into reality.

    However their religion also tells them that hermaphrodites are sacred deities and to be one denotes Godhood. However this makes them completely unable to procreate and nullifies any sexual magic.

    However they can’t have the rest of us being able to do “magic”. They pushed sexual promiscuity to cloud our thinking so that during the act we can’t bear children or anything else. Since some of us are getting wise, they are pushing the androgynous agenda to cut our powers before they can oppose their own.

    I would like to think that all of this is insane delusion speculation. But current society seems to back it up more often than not.

  11. Rob

    Well no surprise then:

    Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, the first openly transgender contestant in the 66-year history of the Miss Universe pageant, is getting rave reviews for her bikini body, runway glamour and message of inclusion.


  12. Rob

    Observation about the names mentioned above, “Daryl”, “Kelli”. I used to go to trade shows and the passes purchased by my company were limited. So the few passes always had an androgynous name like that so that they could be shared by all employees, male or female.

  13. Moe

    @11 Rob

    She looks like a drag-queen to me. I must be old-fashioned. 🙂

  14. Petruchio

    @#10 Mel: I can remember when I was a brain dead, brainwashed Right Wing Republican. I WAS in their “box” back then. When I see the movies on TV now that I used to love to watch, I cringe. I hang my head in shame. Mostly warmongering, Pro war films. I ask myself, “Was I really that brainwashed?” The sad, but true answer is “Yes, I was.” I can’t believe I bought into their Narrative as fully as I did, but that IS what happened. But I was saved!! What happened to me is just like in the Gospel Hymn “Amazing Grace”. There is a line in this hymn that says, ” I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see.” And to be perfectly honest, I probably WAS a wretch just like this hymn says. LOL!! Well I’m a lot more awake now and I’m a lot more awake now. Pretty amazing to me, but that’s just me.

  15. Jim R

    I am presuming all the hormones pumped into animals now are causing humans to change in appearance.

    It’s that, and the unintentional effect of compounds used to soften the plastic in, for example, shower curtains.

    As for that last item, the Ukraine, most of the sources I follow are saying that that guy is no Trump. He was bankrolled by the zionist oligarch Kolomoisky. And, while the Ukraine ‘government’ still takes its cues from the US ‘ambassador’, we don’t really know what the oligarch will do. For the near term, it will still be used to attack Russia.

    But that area should be a source of interesting news in the medium-term future. Zionists and Nazis have been known to not get along very well in historic times..

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