A Very Cold Spring Causes Liberals To Scream About Roasting To Death In New York

The Bilderberg media giants and the entire leftist regimes are united in worrying about how we are all going to die unless we stop using fuels and freeze to death for them.  That is, to ‘save the planet’ humans who are not super rich are to live without fossil fuels.  No assists in this regime, as the people of France learned last fall, we are to simply live with being very cold and uncomfortable like during the Little Ice Age.


The frantic push to convince people who had a very, very cold spring…we are really roasting to death.  Look at the image below:

According to this image, where I live in NY had an unusually warm spring!  YIKES.  Just three days ago, we finally saw some flowers and the beginnings of leaves on trees and it is nearly May.  This morning, it was…below freezing yet again!!!  Supposedly, Greenland is now melting yet when we look at this ‘melting’ we see virtually none at all.


The Washington Post has a long history of lying about weather. Far from a ‘super warm’ spring, we have seen a super cold spring.  No mention is ever made of the recent extreme cold in the upper Midwest last month when it was -40F or colder.  Not a peep.  As we see below, waves of cold are still sweeping across the NA continent over and over again into May.  It went below freezing on my mountain this morning and on April 28th, it will go down to 30F which is even colder than this morning.  Right now, as I type at 8 am, it is 35F.

Hudson Bay, epicenter of all Ice Ages, is still frozen solid.  The news about ‘warming’ claim that Hudson Bay is super warm, too.  This ‘warmth’ is not visible.  Greenland’s ‘melting’ is barely there, too.

Below is a close-up of the ‘melting ice’ in Greenland:

The tiny red dots are where ‘catastrophic melting’ is happening.  It is also where the Vikings did not build communities during the Medieval Warm Period years.  All these were mainly on the west side of Greenland.  Ocean currents rule when it comes to Greenland ice conditions.


The Gulf Stream’s flow makes a huge difference and this is an El Nino winter so the usual El Nino conditions prevail.  Overall, Greenland’s ice sheet has been building up higher in the interior as winters get harsher.


What ‘global warmists’ do is ‘cherry picking.’  They ignore important incoming data and focus only on data that confirms their nutty belief that we are roasting to death.  All contrary information is swept aside as either ‘weather, not climate’ or simply denied entirely.


This way, they feel they can make maps showing my part of the planet as ‘super warm’ when we are actually having ‘yo yo’ weather with cold plunges that go below freezing and then a warm wave followed immediately by very cold weather, for example.  This isn’t ‘warming’ but rather ‘el Nino’ conditions.

This satellite image shows the ‘super warming’ going on in Hudson Bay: it is ferociously cold right now!!!  Far from ‘melting’ is it rock hard cold!  Note how the NE USA is cool, too and it is nearly May.  My daffodils poked out of the ground in the last seven days.  Not a sign of ‘super warm.’

According to today’s temperature maps, Antarctica is freezing up again, southeast Greenland is much colder and stopped melting again and Siberia is still seeing very cold climate conditions, too.

SE Asian seas are a hot spot right now, the Gulf Stream isn’t hot at all and it looks like the western shore of Alaska, like during all Ice Ages, is warm and the southeastern coast is very cold.  Lying about Ice Ages is now rampant and it just shocks me how far ‘science’ has fallen since my childhood.


And as always, these climate fear mongers refuse to talk about our Local Star, the Sun.  I am all for all global warmists to cease using all energy systems they claim, are making us ‘hotter’.  But they won’t do this, they continue merrily burning fossil fuels at a mad rate, they just want the rest of us to freeze to death, not themselves.


More news today:

Muslims are attacking Europe nonstop now.  Mostly in little ways but we know another massive massacre like we just saw in Sri Lanka will happen, inevitably.


More than 20 people were injured at a church in Germany after mass panic ensued when a ‘mentally confused’ Somali stormed into an Easter service, shouting and throwing stones.


Two dozen people were treated for injuries, including four hospitalised with minor injuries after the 36-year-old suspect burst into St Paul’s Church in Munich at 9.30 pm Saturday, about an hour into the Easter Vigil of its Croatian Catholic community.


Local media said there was chaos when many of the approximately 500 people at the service were caught in a stampede to the church’s exit, with eyewitnesses recalling their terror as the intruder reportedly shouted and pelted stones.


The invading Somalia was not ‘confused.’  He was deliberately attacking ‘Christians’ and succeeded in harming them.  None of these terrorists are ‘confused.’  They certainly are ‘motivated’ as well as ‘violent’.


Like the weather, liberals lie about nearly everything now.  This is just amazing to watch.  And their solutions to all these things they fear involves doing grave harm to the rest of us.





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14 responses to “A Very Cold Spring Causes Liberals To Scream About Roasting To Death In New York

  1. Moe

    From WUWT

    The question is how does the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) determine that an increase in atmospheric CO2 causes an increase in global temperature? The answer is they assumed it was the case and confirmed it by increasing CO2 levels in their computer climate models and the temperature went up. Science must overlook the fact that they wrote the computer code that told the computer to increase temperature with a CO2 increase. Science must ask if that sequence is confirmed by empirical evidence? Some scientists did that and found the empirical evidence showed it was not true. Why isn’t this central to all debate about anthropogenic global warming?


  2. Funniest global warming video today, made by some young students, no less:

  3. Ziff

    ‘anomaly’ maps

  4. Lou

    It is also where the Vikings did not build communities during the Medieval Warm Period years. All these were mainly on the west side of Greenland. Ocean currents rule when it comes to Greenland ice conditions.
    / Interesting. Fake facts from maps.
    Elaine sees a clearer picture. BUT the bigger picture is planned depopulation.

  5. Moe

    From Unz:

    Fifty Years of Apocalyptic Global Warming Predictions and Why People Believe Them


  6. AT



    “The Russian Navy’s largest submarine designed to operate nuclear-tipped underwater drones, considered by experts to be a “retaliatory weapon,” was set afloat in Russia’s White Sea, according to the Ministry of Defense. ”

    Ridiculous. Attacking cities and ports from underwater using tsunamis in a delayed “mutual assured destruction” strategy is probably not what this system is best suited for.

    Russians will field 4 fleet tenders in the next few years, each commanding a task force of 6-8 nuclear powered drones with warheads from 2-100 megatons each.

    Looks to me more like an underwater area denial capability, like NIKE missiles that can hover on station: unlimited loiter and bigger bang for the buck underwater pressure wave. What’s more the drones can jam or spoof submarines to protect the carrier or other subs.

    I would assess this as a first strike boomer killer, with the most potency against regional nuclear superpowers with only a few boomers.

  7. lou

    off topic–Scientist of the year. child porn, NXIVM, Epstein and CERN,

  8. Lou

    Free film screening–The Film


    From coastal cities to America’s heartland, Paris to Pittsburgh celebrates how Americans are demanding and developing real solutions in the face of climate change.

    And as the weather grows more deadly and destructive, they aren’t waiting on Washington

  9. shawntoh


    Wait. I’m the one who is “confused”, like our friend, Dez with Black Flag–


  10. Climate hysteria is old hat. Humans have done this fretting for the entire time we have lived on this planet. This is due to the earth oscillating between nice and warm and bitter cold cycles. The cold cycles are the killer cycles, not the warm cycles.

    Why people can’t figure this out is interesting. Hot is uncomfortable, cold kills.

  11. Lou

    Why people can’t figure this out is interesting.

    The people didnt live during an Ice Age, thats all.

  12. While wearing coats in Paris, global warmist kiddies in college march for colder weather today. HAHAHA. Meanwhile, workers marched for 24 weeks demanding an end to the global warming taxes on energy.

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