Black Dallas DA Decides Criminals Can Steal Up To $750, No Arrests, No Fines

As Californians flee the huge mess they made in California, the mess spreads across the nation.  One hot spot for crazy leftist lunacy is in Texas: Dallas.  There, the new mayor is a black man who, like all similar mayors of cities run by blacks, has decided crime is OK and he now has given the green light to looting stores by announcing no one will be arrested if they steal less than $750 worth of goods.  This open invitation to looting stores has a very bad end, I witnessed this in NYC when Mayor Beame said that looting and burning the city during a blackout was OK and no one was going to jail for committing vast, hideous crimes leaving huge hunks of the city a pile of smoking ruins.


The resulting crime wave was epic after the 1977 blackout and I had to organize civilian patrols to fight the massive crime wave.  The looting/burning ended just one block away from my brownstone building, for example.  Well, as blacks and Hispanics migrate into cities and drive away taxpaying citizens, these places all follow the same formula: more and more money for criminals to live there, subsidizing them, while they loot everyone and steal everything and kill each other in the process.


The DNC powerbase is 80% based on these collapsing cities.  They all end up filthy and bankrupt.  I remember when NYC was very filthy and quite bankrupt.  The Republicans (and arresting a large number of DNC criminals) fixed NYC and now the criminal class is running it again and it is collapsing again, bit by bit.

Yes, as I keep pointing out, a huge number of the ‘refugees’ invading Europe and North America are violent criminals.  The DNC is directly responsible for forcing our borders to be open to invaders and we pay the price of this with crime and chaos and collapsing schools.

Black students who are recruited by liberal schools for ‘diversity’ are on the warpath to destroy civilization and egg on liberal young people into joining in this venture to reduce civilization into wreck and ruin.  White students think cussing and swearing is the proper way to discuss political issues.  Black students imagine this is smart and healthy chatter.

Everything today has to be based on race and gender.  At this point in time, in the STEM fields, Asian people are now being discriminated against for being too smart.  Eventually, Asian immigrants who mostly vote for the Democrats, will figure out they are now the target of black/Hispanic rage.

Kaitlin sent a cease and desist to the liberal publication, The Rocket, after their failure to retract their libel about her being a Nazi.  Our schools are run by cynical adults who want to have a communist revolution.


I went to school back in the 1960’s with these clowns who now run the lunatic schools today.  They don’t prepare students for living in a civilization, they destroy the brains of students. Students leave school swearing, obnoxious, violent, stupid, ignorant fools who are then told to destroy civilization.


And we subsidize these schools for barbarian destruction.  Isn’t this utterly ironic?



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8 responses to “Black Dallas DA Decides Criminals Can Steal Up To $750, No Arrests, No Fines

  1. Lou

    Here, in California, the upper limit is $950.00
    ‘they’–Blacks n Browns and the new citizens and dreamers—
    can Rent a storage unit and hit a couple Best Buy stores every day for electronics.
    Then sell everything on eBay or Craig’s list.

  2. Petruchio

    ” The DNC is directly responsible for forcing our borders to be open to invaders and we pay the price of this with crime and chaos and collapsing schools.” And this is all the result of the DNC selling out their Traditional Voting base, the Working Class voters. Billy Boy Clinton started it by chasing after the Big Money Interests, just like the Republicans. The GOP has an advantage there so the DNC had to create a Voter Base. They found one in Illegals. All you have to do with them to get their votes is to give them freebies. Let them commit crimes and get away with it. This will backfire on them because, eventually it will doom the Democrat Party. But they will do a lot of damage before it’s over.

  3. Moe

    Too bad these DNC run cities didn’t have more liberal gun laws: store owners could just shoot the thieves then.

    Ahhh, where’s justice when you need it…

  4. Dennis Roe

    We’re the new Rome, rotting from the inside, overrun from the outside, overruled by lunatics and traitors.

  5. Lou

    The Mayor of Baltimore made the City buy her children’s books. Never trust anyone who has anything to do with
    Who was the Baltimorean Black Female who told the police to back off to let the protesters blow off steam by destroying and looting businesses? Was that the previous mayor or the police chief?
    A City fallen to the Dark Forces.
    Both her houses raided by the FBI yesterday, now she’s on the run, a fugitive.
    Baltimore is emerging as the biggest sh#thole city in the US, rivaling even Camden, NJ. Some of the storie

  6. MAYOR BEAME of NYC infamy did this way back in 1977. He let the looters run riot all summer after the black out riots.

    This is how I began my political career there: trying to stop the open looting and destruction.

  7. Lou

    Was Birnbaum, I mean Beame, jew? damn right he was.

    In terms of black privilege, this might be the most amazing article I’ve ever read.
    Black perp arrested at least eight times. The police collect surveillance footage, DNA evidence, and an ID by his foster mother, regarding his various crimes, mainly car jacking, usually involving a gun, and yet he is never charged by the DA.
    He tossed a baby seat with a baby in it from a stolen car, left his DNA on the seat, a cup and some other object in the car and yet no charges. It’s almost like someone wants this guy to be preying on New Orleans.

  8. Fliridadandy

    Somebody should doxx the DA
    Then everybody could go to his house and car and help themselves to his stuff until he actually gets tired of it.
    What a dumbass!

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