Terrorist Tries To Set Fire To National Archives, Boston Judge Arrested For Engineering Criminal Alien Escape

This story just made the Russian news and I get tons of real news out of Russia these days since mainstream media has gone belly-up for the most part.  The bomb was a dud, thankfully.  Meanwhile, DNC gangsters are letting criminals run riot all over the place while screaming for open borders so we can let in oodles of dangerous, violent illegal aliens.  Mexico just arrested over 400 criminals who were in the latest mob to push northwards so they can invade and take over our country and destroy it.


This insane judge released a DRUG DEALER who is an illegal alien to run free.  While in court, she decided to trick the government and let a vicious criminal run free again.  She ordered the ICE agent in the courtroom and then turned off the cameras to hide her crime and thus, broke multiple laws.


The Mass Attorney General is angry that the judge was suspended and facing jail time.  How dare the Feds enforce Federal laws!  Both the judge and the state attorney general are females just like the wretched Chicago female in charge of the judicial systems there.  These insane leftist females are identical to the ones in Sweden who have turned a once-law abiding country into a criminal hell hole.


These crazy females are enabling invaders.  In Europe, as more and more governments are taken over by weak females, a flood of angry men are allowed to enter and terrorize.  A psychiatrist should be called in to see why this is happening.


The illegal aliens are very bold now thanks to the crazy DNC gang and are planning to march in demand to drive illegally with no licenses.


While many of the marches are aimed at granting illegal immigrants the ability to obtain driver’s licenses, the campaigns in Georgia and Indiana are focused on “demanding the stop of arrests for driving without a license.”


The group is also demanding that they be able to leave the country and come back, despite the fact that they are not citizens and have no right to be here.


5 time deported dad returns to US and kills his child who he thinks is from another father.  Deportation doesn’t work when we have no border security.  Many businesses rely on illegal alien labor because this evades all sorts of rules and taxes and it is easy to fire them, too.  So businesses want illegal aliens.


Meanwhile, in crazy California, the SF supervisor seeks ‘new solutions’ to the filth and crime the DNC has produced via encouraging drug addicts to shoot up all over the city.


A marathon hearing on the scourge of open-air drug dealing in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, South of Market and Mid-Market neighborhoods Thursday raised more questions than it answered about the city’s fragmented, sputtering response to the problem.


HAHAHA.  These stupid, clueless SJW Democrats who are systematically destroying California: they can’t figure out the simplest things.  Instead, they plow forwards, straight off the cliff, all while screaming, ‘Why is this happening to me?’


I used to attend these sorts of meetings years ago in NYC before we arrested a bunch of DNC criminal politicians: always, they would claim they couldn’t stop crime!  Meanwhile, THEY were the criminals, too.  As I proved eventually and a bunch of them went to prison.


What role should police and prosecutors play? How much should the city invest in diversion programs that keep people out of jail? How many drug-treatment beds does the city need? And how can the city address what’s widely considered a root cause of the nation’s drug epidemic — systemic poverty?


HAHAHA…after whining about how to stop crime, they decided it was ‘systemic poverty.


“There are dozens of people selling drugs at any given hour, including around our parks and schools in the neighborhood,” Haney said. “I think each of the departments recognize that what we’re doing right now is not working.


“For each of them to be operating in their own silo is a failed strategy,” he continued. “We don’t currently have a comprehensive citywide strategy, where everyone is working together.”


HAHAHA.  Reminds me of Mayor Koch’s speech to me at a meeting, he showed me his hand and said, ‘This is the criminal justice system and each one is doing its own thing.’  And I took hold of his wrist and said, ‘No, it is an amputated hand and the fingers don’t work anymore.’


One of the police chiefs there laughed and Koch glared at me.  I then presented him with a paper a police chief and I cooked up about how to stop crime.  PS: it worked, we did it in Park Slope and it worked.  The mayor had zero interest in stopping crime, crime is the ‘steady state’ for the Democrats.  This is their power base, after all.


NY City mayor bans hotdogs in school and other food claiming that raising animals is making us roast to death…oh, it is going to snow here tomorrow and there is a blizzard north of my home, in Canada.


The NYC Green New Deal “will cut purchases of red meat by 50 percent in its city-controlled facilities such as hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities.”  The Green New Deal also looks to make New York City “car-free” by 2050.


Welcome to Mad Madame Mao land.


When Mayor de Blasio signed New York City’s crazy Green New Deal into law, he reiterated Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s outrageous and untrue claim that “we only have 12 years” left to save the world from permanent climate change.


So, the DNC needs only 12 more years to destroy America.  I will note this.  The communists who run the British leftist paper, the Guardian, demands government seize all oil companies and gas companies to stop global warming.  And this is the truth: CO2 is plant food and we know for a fact, at no time in the history of the planet earth did it roast to death when CO2 was 500 ppm or 2000 ppm.  We are in an ice age cycle for the last several million years.


This ‘global warming’ scam is all about communism.  All the solutions are communist ideological solutions that we know from the evil past leads to the deaths via starvation and cold of hundreds of millions of people.


Today, in France and England, silly young people are marching demanding high taxes on energy and thus, stop ‘global warming’.  I find this immensely funny since the Yellow Jacket marches are all about the proposed taxes that these young leftist students want so badly.  The entire point of these taxes is to starve the working classes and the poor while the wealthy continue to happily consume vast oceans of CO2 producing energy systems.


Last story of today: The San Francisco Chronicle, after whining about too many drug addicts turning the city into a poisonous cesspool, are whining about schools resegregating themselves after driving out nearly all ‘white’ children:


“Desegregation didn’t fail,” Orfield said. “There’s a lot of evidence to show that, on average, it improved conditions for students of color, did not harm students who are white and improved race relations. What’s happened is that people have given up in many places because barriers to doing it have been raised, and the help to do it has been eliminated.


This idiot belongs in an insane asylum.  But then, California was utterly insane when I gave up and fled back in 1970 and is ten times crazier now.  Desegregation has destroyed our major cities.  White families had to flee the chaos.  I fled it.  Schools in the cities collapsed due to violent, disruptive, out of control black and now Hispanic students.


Literally, it was suicidal to sent a small, young white child to a school that was more than 30% ‘minority’ due to the homicidal violence of the ‘minority’ students.  Asian schools were not violent, Jewish schools were not violent, Catholic schools were not violent.


Integrated state-run schools became utterly violent and totally useless.  Thus: white flight.


“It’s very sad,” he said. “We have never had separate but equal schools in any city on any scale in U.S. history.”


I have seen this close up: if students run riot, teachers flee the schools, too.  Give the staff the power to impose their will on students and viola: schools become civil and run well.  I grew up in schools where teachers could hit you.  Children learn very quickly to not irritate teachers too much.


Every ‘solution’ to every problem created by liberals just makes things worse.  They can’t figure this out.  They think, if only they can run all systems all the time, then these will work.  California is nearly totally run by leftists and it is on the brink of disaster now.  It is physically dangerous to live there.  Ditto, NYC and other places.


I helped fix the NYC crime situation (arrest Democrats) and my buddy, Giuliani, crushed crime.  Now, it is back and getting worse by the hour and the liberals scream for more failed solutions.  Fun to watch from the outside.


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37 responses to “Terrorist Tries To Set Fire To National Archives, Boston Judge Arrested For Engineering Criminal Alien Escape

  1. Yellow Vest protests bigger than ever, even has a marching band with a tuba, too.

  2. Jim R

    The Essence Of Evil: Sex With Children Has Become Big Business In America
    by Tyler Durden
    Sat, 04/27/2019 – 00:05

    The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old.

  3. https://kdvr.com/2019/04/26/video-shows-a-semitrailer-out-of-control-in-mountains-ahead-of-fiery-i-70-crash/
    Click the link above to see the killer truck in Colorado refusing to use the runaway truck off ramp. Also, the driver was a Mexican who lives in Texas.

  4. Lou

    Deportation doesn’t work when we have no border security.

    –That should be obvious, but to many, it is not.

  5. Lou

    Elaine, do you know about the killing of the Bologna family, in San Francisco, on Thanksgiving day? Maybe write about Newsome and how he enabled that.

  6. Petruchio

    “This idiot belongs in an insane asylum.” The truth is, the person who claims Segregation didn’t fail, etc. etc. knows FULL WELL that segregation did fail. It failed because segregation was started as a Hate Crime against White people. It is absolutely insane to think that just by putting ignorant Races in with Whites and thinking everything will get better is a proven failure. And, segregation was NEVER about improving Minorities. It was about Destruction. No Freedom of Choice for White people I guess.

  7. AT

    Bipolar narratives are starting to create huge and unresolved conflicts of law between the feds and the states:

    State Sanctuary cities vs federal harboring and obstruction of justice

    State sanctioned marijuana stores vs federal “war on drugs” distribution, money laundering, etc.

    Right now these glaring conflicts of law are simply being ignored by both the feds and the states. In the past, the SJC and the feds have usually asserted primacy. Ultimately it is more important for a legitimate and functional republic that they are just resolved.

  8. AT

    This is how civil wars can start.

  9. Moe

    @8 AT

    A “…legitimate and functional republic…” would require states to reassert their sovereignty and cut themselves off of the Fed. Gov. teat.

  10. Mewswithaview

    Look over there a bear. Oldest trick in the book that mayor who banned hot dogs is simply distracting the public from his (and his wifes) crimes.

  11. AT

    @10 Moe

    I don’t disagree the feds have overstepped the Constitutional mandates of federalism. Ideally, the states should reassert some of that sovereignty. But, just passing conflicting laws ad hoc and letting them lay around is not the way to do it.

    For example, if Colorado really wanted to eliminate federal supremacy in food and drug regulation, say, on the basis that it constitutes constitutional overreach into an area expressly reserved for the states under the tenth amendment. . .well, they could go ahead and declare that and set up their own FDA and call it the only law that applies to drugs in their state, etc. Rather than just pretending to legalize one narcotic that is very much still illegal under federal law.

    On the other hand, trying to exert state control over immigration and citizenship is a total loser given the division of state and federal sovereignty in the Constitution. So, we see the feds playing their hand a little stronger in immigration, perhaps? If only it were that well reasoned. I bet they also made a phone call to the MA governor to be sure he wouldn’t call out the national guard and the state police. But ultimately, this smacks of a pissing contest between an ICE officer and a wacky judge, which would be just more jackassery. . .

  12. wc

    I read a short article in the NY Post about Johnny Rotten having the NERVE to complain about homeless people on his property, throwing rocks at his windows and putting up tents on his land. He wants the POLICE to help him!!! AN ANARCHIST is complaining about anarchy!A hater of the police and law and order!! haha. Reap what you sow. PRICELESS. LOL.

  13. Moe

    @10 AT

    Agreed, I too blame all parties for their divergence from the Constitution.

    I’m fond of stating that there are three sets of laws in America. There’s the set of statutes for you and me, the laws for big business, the state and its minions (meaning they get a pass on just about everything) and for the elite that truly run the country there are no laws.

  14. AT


    The angry critics missed the other thing about the cartoon besides anti-semitism: it’s the Queen’s corgi.

  15. Zeke

    It’s not just the yellow vests in France or Brexiteers in U.K. Tomorrow is a big election in Spain. (Which is, OF COURSE, a democracy with only a limited, constitutional, moderator role for the king.)

    “……the question of whether they will be able to form a government hangs in the balance.”


    “These elections will be unparalleled; for the first time in the history of Spanish democracy, the political parties are heading for a coalition government,…..”

    The above is provided to help educate some nut job troll who contends Spain is ruled by a king – and is not a democracy with limited constitutional role for monarchy. LOL.

  16. AT

    Limited constitutional role? The King of Spain is immune from all laws. Nothing can happen without his countersignature in any branch of government. He can choose not to call the legislature in which case it is dis-powered from doing or saying anything. He is the supreme commander of the military. He declares war. He appoints the President, you moron. . . shall I go on? Why don’t you read their constitution?

  17. AT

    Skip to sections 62-64 and 99.

  18. Zeke

    “The Kingdom of Spain is a constitutional monarchy in which executive decisions are made by the Government. More specifically, the Spanish Constitution describes Spain’s form of government as “Monarquía parlamentaria,”[4] or parliamentary monarchy, in which the monarch acts as a moderator rather than a source of executory authority.”
    You’re an idiot. Asinine Troll.

  19. AT

    Political wiki articles are often politically skewed by interested parties, in order to curate your reality. I know this can be discombobulating for you.

    Click to access Spain_2011.pdf

    I’ll throw up Section 62 if you’re too lazy to click on the link:

    It is incumbent upon the King:  

    a. To sanction and promulgate the laws.• Approval of general legislation  

    b. To summon and dissolve the Cortes Generales and to call for elections under the terms provided for in the Constitution. • Dismissal of the legislature

    c. To call for a referendum in the cases provided for in the Constitution.• Referenda  

    d. To propose a candidate for President of the Government and, as the case may be, appoint him or her or remove him or her from office, as provided in the Constitution. • Head of government removal • Head of government selection  

    e. To appoint and dismiss members of the Government on the President of the Government’s proposal. • Cabinet removal • Cabinet selection  

    f. To issue the decrees approved in the Council of Ministers, to confer civil and military positions and award honours and distinctions in conformity with the law. • Head of state decree power • Selection of active-duty commanders  

    g. To be informed of the affairs of State and, for this purpose, to preside over the meetings of the Council of Ministers whenever, he sees fit, at the President of the Government’s request.  

    h. To exercise supreme command of the Armed Forces.• Designation of commander in chief  

    i. To exercise the right of clemency in accordance with the law, which may not authorize general pardons. • Power to pardon  

    j. To exercise the High Patronage of the Royal Academies.

  20. AT

    I guess it’s ok for the emperor to have no clothes if he makes himself invisible.

  21. Zeke

    Royalty in many countries have perfunctory duties. Some for ceremony; some for tradition. You’d have to look at the whole constitution, not just 1/62nd or whatever.
    Why do you think there is a national election tomorrow in Spain: an exercise in futility? The king is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes?
    Your contention is nonsensical. I’ll let the readers do their own Internet searches, follow tomorrow’s election and decide for themselves if – 1) Spain is ruled by a king or 2) Spain is a democracy with a limited constitutional role for the king.

  22. AT

    Read the rest of it yourself. I’m not going to post it all.

    These democratic elections are essentially designed to give people participation in government. As a practical matter, the Constitution as written actually balances every power of the people with a countersignature by the King. So, he can stop anything he really wants to, but obviously normally does not interfere. That way, his people are happier if they are heard and their wishes with respect to self-governance are upheld.

    But, the King has all nearly all executive power as the Constitution is currently written.

    He is the commander and chief of the military, not an elected official, nor is there any elected counterpart to that role. He has hiring/firing/and promotion veto authority over everyone in government. What’s more, Section 62 gives him the power to DISSOLVE the legislature tomorrow if he wants. He even selects who can be considered for President.

    If you see that as a limited role then you’re deluded.

  23. AT

    If you bother to read their Constitutions, most of these legacy Monarchies retain far more power than they pretend to wield. The obvious reason is survival; Monarchies that constantly wielded too much power got overthrown. That being said, the legacy Monarchies could if they chose to absolve themselves of executive power, but they’d rather keep it and pretend it’s not theirs. They’re now like chameleon democracies.

  24. Zeke

    If a person were to read only Article I of the US constitution, the US form of government might look like a dictatorship.
    You have to look at the other parts of the constitution also. You did not present the part of the constitution dealing with the duties and powers of the legislature. How convenient.
    Reading only Article I would give an obviously distorted picture.
    In other countries with royalty, the king or queen are presented with papers and maybe call for a government to be formed, etc. but those are essentially perfunctory roles.
    So, I guess you think that the queen of England (or Sweden or Netherlands, wherever) really runs the show and elections are some kind of feel good ruse on the population. And the entire populations of Britain, Denmark, wherever are deluded. Wow – they had everybody fooled – except you.

  25. honeybagder don't care

    “It’s very sad. We have never had separate but equal schools in any city on any scale in U.S. history.”

    ~Gary Orfield, co-director of the
    Civil Rights Project at UCLA

    Actually, the lower court in Brown found that the segregated schools in Topeka were in fact equal. That’s precisely how the whole mess ended up in the Supreme Court at all; because otherwise the lower court would have just ordered Topeka to come into compliance with the “separate but equal” doctrine that was the law at the time.

  26. AT

    No Zeke, read the rest of it.

  27. AT

    Yes Zeke, many of the other legacy Monarchies are similar in this regard.

  28. AT

    No Zeke, many people are swayed by something called propaganda; Monarchs were its original pioneers you know? Anyhow, only one place in the Spanish Constitution mentions “moderator” and it is not elaborated on.

  29. AT

    Section 99 is another fun one. Only the King nominates the candidate(s) for President, and if one is not approved he nominates more, if he wants. After two months, if the legislature hasn’t approved one of his nominees, then, he dissolves both houses and calls for new elections.

    Hooray for democracy.

  30. AT

    Section 63: The King appoints all the ambassadors.

  31. AT

    You know Zeke, I’ve spent a little extra time on this, re-learning what I already knew, in part because you accused me of lying or being a troll. (By the way, calling someone a troll is a fairly bold move considering how many trolls hail from your tribe.) Ultimately though, you are not man enough to admit when you are wrong?

  32. Zeke

    That applies to you. You can never admit you are wrong.
    I used to think you were just stupid but now I’ve got to add crazy to that.
    Because it’s crazy to believe that the emperor runs the show in Japan, the king in Spain, the Queen in Britain, etc. – and all the democratic elections are just a charade to make people feel they have some control.
    And it’s all hidden in plain sight. If only the Spaniards had read their own constitution, they too would realize they’ll be wasting their time voting tomorrow.
    I’ll leave it up to readers to do their own searches and come to their own conclusions.
    (I have no tribal connections or membership. You’ll probably feel at home with Trekkies or other fantasy groups. To each his own.)

  33. AT

    Look Zeke, any political system where one hereditary individual controls the ability to go to war, or is the supreme commander of all the military, (never mind even more executive or dictatorial powers), is not a democratic system. Are you an idiot?

  34. AT

    And, you know what tribe.

  35. Zeke

    No, but you’ve shown that you are.
    You should really tell the Spanish people not to vote tomorrow because their votes are meaningless and they’re wasting their time.
    Had you revealed in your first post that the government of Spain remained unchanged because, in your opinion, all power resides in the king, I probably would not have responded at all. I would have just written you off as a nut job. According to you, after the train bombings and lying about the source, and the government was voted out of office – the real government did not change because the king was still there. Well, that’s whacky. And you’ve got to explain yourself because almost no one would think that you had that in mind.
    You’re entitled to your opinion, whacky as it is. But do everyone a favor and say that. Otherwise, it just sounds like a denial that the government was voted out of office. But in your mind, despite the election, the government did not change because the king was still there.
    At least that clarifies your position, what’s going on in your mind, wrong as it may be.
    (I have no tribal affiliations, connections, membership …… whatsoever. Without qualifications.)
    Next time, don’t assume that a reader knows you are harboring in your mind some personal theory about monarchies being the real rulers and democratic elections being sham feel good exercises. How is someone supposed to know that’s what you’re thinking. You’re entitled to your opinion no matter how whacky. But you have to say that. Otherwise it comes across as you denying historical fact.

  36. The Spanish people are in OPEN REVOLT now. This is because their ‘democracy’ isn’t representing them at all. The history of democracy in Spain is very short: it rarely happens.

    The English have a system that also prevents direct representation. The population centers which have been set into motion to suck in more and more immigrants have swamped the systems so that the native population is now under sustained attack and Brexit was born outside of London due to ‘white flight’.

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