Weekend Warriors Attack Global Warming And Trump And Fail Badly At Both

The NY Times had to apologize to Trump and Netanyahu after this cartoon appeared alongside an editorial by the war criminal, T. Friedman.  This man pushed hard for the illegal attack on Iraq, Libya and above all, Syria.  Friedman is a Zionist.  Below is his editorial that had the cartoon which was replaced with a photograph.

This Israeli wall loving Jewish pundit at the NY Times, the slimey T. Friedman is all for walls but ‘big doors’ to let in mobs of people ‘smart ways’ rather than chaos.  HAHAHA.  After people like myself mocked him for two years due to him being pro-wall when it comes to Jews locking out Palestinians, he has decided he wants a wall here, too.


There has to be a compromise. As David Frum put it in his smart essay on immigration this month in The Atlantic, “If liberals insist that only fascists will enforce borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals refuse to do.”


HAHAHA.  The Jews at the Atlantic now agree with the Jews at the NY Times: borders are necessary.  Whew.  Good thing we all get something of what Israel demands.  But Israel will not let in anyone from anywhere unless they can prove they are ‘echt Juden.’  That is, 100% pure Jewish not even halflings are allowed entry.


This is, next to Saudi Arabia, one of the most racist countries on earth.  And we give this place billions of dollars a year to run a racist state.  Now on to other interesting news: Florida will allow teachers to carry guns.  Good.  Since public schools are now utterly out of control, may as well have armed teachers.  There are countless videos online of students attacking staff and teachers with wild abandon.


Now, it is snowing in the Midwest and Northeast.  I had snow today.  It will be below freezing tonight and that will ruin my cherry blossoms which just barely began to bloom today.  Yikes.  Oh well, we do not have ‘global warming’ so of course, all the leftists are screaming about global warming even as Hudson Bay remains totally frozen.

Poor Attenborough: he thinks we are all going to roast to death. Seriously, he thinks that people who fly in jets all over the planet from the North Pole to South Pole, to all the continents and islands with film crews, making videos, is destroying the planet…wait!  He does this all the time!  He has flown more miles than 99% of the population of the earth aside from the people flying these jets!


I would suggest he commit suicide due to being really ashamed for destroying the planet with his endless travels.  He is 100% responsible for planetary deaths.  Every animal, plant or insect that dies is due directly to HIM screwing up the entire earth, flying all over the place.  Shame on him.  He is a horrible monster!!!!  He, himself, defined himself as a criminal, a creep.  I hope never to see him again.

This young girl is the new face of global warming hysteria.  She lives in dying Sweden which women are destroying by letting in millions of hostile aliens and these females are scared of…slightly warmer weather?  It is snowing again, outside, and a major blizzard is moving across the Midwest today.  It is almost May.  She has been hypnotized by creeps like Attenborough.


Frauds have taught this poor child living in the far north that she will die if it is -20 F in winter, that means she will roast to death.  So she has to be perpetual winter and that will ‘save the planet’.  Also, starving trees is a good thing, too.


HAHAHA,  Attenborough flies his own carcass and film crew all over the planet earth, destroying the ‘climate’ not to mention other things that create CO2.  I bet in another year, this little girl will do the same, all the global warmists absolutely refuse to do the right thing, they all want the rest of us to suffer, not themselves.


This global warming scam is now totally deranged.  Today, thousands of French marched against global warming solutions.  These solutions are for the Europeans living in the ‘cold zone’ of the planet as well as North Americans in the cold half of the continent should freeze and starve in order to cool down Brazil or the Congo.  This plan is insane and people are getting very angry about this as it gets colder and colder.


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8 responses to “Weekend Warriors Attack Global Warming And Trump And Fail Badly At Both

  1. AT

    Is Netanyahu the Queen’s corgi guiding a blind Trump in the cartoon?

  2. AT

    Seems like a fiery place they are headed?

  3. Lou

    PRETZEL LOGIC–makes 0 sense–Swedes want cold weather.

  4. Lou


    She obviously assumes someone is going to free her and put her in a nice jail cell. Why do we go along with these assumptions? Let her lay next to Mother Earth for a few days since she loves Her so much….

  5. OC

    It’s ok. If they are that stupid, they deserved to wind up working under Russia and China.

  6. Tom W Harris

    Zionism RRRRRRRRAWWWWWWXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tom W Harris

    Just to put it perspective:

  8. Moe

    EMS correctly identifies the NYT published cartoon above as Zionist. Apparently, not everyone sees it that way.

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency refers to the cartoon as “anti-Semitic” and then republishes it! Not hard to see the truth here: JTA relishes dominance of the US by the Jewish State, and is rubbing our noses in it.


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