Swedish Man Prison Sentence Increased For Telling Truth About Muslim Invaders

Swedish citizen who is Swedish, not foreign, is put in prison for tweeting ‘Many Muslim immigrants have no integrated into society.’  I keep pointing out: there is zero ‘free speech’ rights anywhere in Europe.  The EU is very brutal about debates: es ist verboten!  In England, for example, Tommy Robinson is being denied access to the internet and major news systems as the Soviet European State struggles to stop dissention within.


Street artist and provocateur Dan Park was originally jailed for three months after he tweeted that, “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people”.


Well, the Swedish communists didn’t beat him to death.  You can bet, they will in the near future.  All Muslim nations brutally abuse anyone including killing them, if a person irritates Muslims.


Park was also imprisoned for “race hatred” because he referred to Muslim migrants as “blattar”.  According to Wiktionary, ‘blattar’ means, “A person living in a Northern European country who is typically of Middle Eastern or North African descent. A wannabe gangster or immigrant who is not well integrated.”


One of the major goals of the very evil Democratic Party is openly stated by them: Kill the First Amendment!  They hate free speech.  Students on the far left demonstrate quite violently against free speech.


An appeals court in Malmo ruled against the previous district court ruling, which found him innocent of two of the seven charges, increasing Park’s prison sentence from three to four months.


So, in Sweden UNLIKE THE USA, if someone is found innocent in a lower court, the State can go to a higher court to get a conviction.  This is how communist Europe runs: there are zero civil rights.  I keep pointing this out, no one in the EU can sue for basic rights because no one has any, whatsoever.


15 year old boy brutally tortured and executed for posting on Whatsapp about politics.  Saudi Arabia has always been a very nasty totalitarian society.  It is even worse than Europe and Europe is being invaded by men who want the Saudi system there, too.  This is why it is highly dangerous now to discuss the Muslim invasion of Europe.  The Muslims have succeeded with the help of the Bilderberg gang, to outlaw even the smallest debate about all this.


Before making his ‘confession’, Abdulkareem, a Shiite Muslim who was 21 at the time of his execution, was reportedly brutally tortured. With his hands chained above his head, he was beaten and electrocuted. Amnesty International denounced his trial as a farce, since he was denied access to proper defense counsel.


All my long life, the US government consistently under both DNC and GOP has ignored obvious Saudi violence.  The Saudis can kill citizens of Europe and the USA with impunity, even attack us on 9/11 and kill thousands of citizens and then are assisted in escaping the US on private flights while all other aircraft was grounded.


Mujtaba al-Sweikat, was a teenager who was set to begin his studies at Western Michigan University when he was arrested for attending an anti-government protest.


This young lad was executed for protesting Saudi’s present dictator who gained power in a coup inside his royal family.


Then just 17 years old, Sweikat was badly beaten after his arrest, including being repeatedly bludgeoned on the soles of his feet before he “confessed” to crimes against the state.


Like many dictatorships, torture is OK.


Another young man, Munir al-Adam, was just 23, when he was arrested in 2012 at a government checkpoint. During his interrogation, his feet were so badly beaten that he was forced to crawl for days. After losing hearing in one of his ears, he was rendered completely deaf after the horrific torture.


My mom stormed out of Saudi Arabia while on a diplomatic mission when a lady she knew who lived in the Dutch compound for Dutch workers and their families, decided to cross a public road on a bike to the US diplomatic housing side and while doing this, was deliberately run over by the Saudi Morality Police and killed.


Kissinger covered up this story and requested my mother not make this a news story.  Much of what happens in the world never appears in news stories.  The creation of the internet has broken this open and this is why I roam the net, looking for news.  For example, nearly all news of the Yellow Vest uprising doesn’t make any news at all in mainstream media.


But I can access this via Russian media systems, for example.  Now on to the NYT to see some crazy news as the NYT goes anti-semitic while much of the staff and owners are Jews:

The NY Times didn’t apologize for anti-semitic cartoon of Netanyahu dog with blind Trump. . No one was fired for this, either. Omerta=dead silence.  Below is a Tucker Carlson debate with a ‘professor’ who is obnoxious and talks nonstop over him, discussing ‘free speech’ and why she and her communist buddies want to eliminate the First Amendment:

Here is today’s NY Times top stories about ‘news’ which is tilted so violently to the left, it is like the Titanic as it sank many years ago:

In more ways than one, he is heir to the DNC in that he never practices what he preaches, he is a predator who is a vampire sucking the blood of the lower class ‘minorities’ while living in palaces and he abuses little girls.

HAHAHA.  The NYT Jewish reporter writes an editorial that looks like something Hitler would write.

And then there is this racist story written by at least one Jewish guy and someone out of Africa who is the ‘black front person’ and it is all about how evil people are who move into neighborhoods, integrating these.


The communists at the NY Times and other Bilderberg media systems hate integration.  The entire DNC voter base depends on moving illegal aliens and blacks into former manufacturing cities and then using them to harvest votes for DNC members.  This way, they can rule the world via killing US cities.


This devastating process has wrecked some of the greatest cities on earth.  Any attempts at fixing this is ferociously opposed by ‘liberal’ Democrats who have thrown aside the veil of ‘moderate’ to embrace outright class warfare and race mongering of the worst sort.


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23 responses to “Swedish Man Prison Sentence Increased For Telling Truth About Muslim Invaders

  1. Petruchio

    “Below is a Tucker Carlson debate with a ‘professor’ who is obnoxious and talks nonstop over him,…” AND…..she is JEWISH. I cite Henry Ford’s comment about: “Wherever you find the Sowers of Social Discord…there you will find the Jew, hard at work.”. Tucker Carlson should not back down from when this Prof kept talking over him.

  2. timothy carroll


    You beat me to the punch. Anytime I see one of these loud mouth “folks”, I look for their last names. Sure enuf……….

    Loud mouth, opinionated, talk-over-you…….JEWS. There is a reason they’ve been thrown out, violently at times, from any Christian country FOOL enough to allow them in. They will be the ultimate destruction of the White, Christian, race. And understand…..THAT is and always has been, their ULTIMATE GOAL.

  3. honeybagder don't care

    Last time I checked, the Skull and Bones wasn’t founded by Jews. Your own negative emotions are being used to control you. Let the hate flow through you. . .

    Regarding Lisa Feldman Barrett, if she wants to argue that it is reasonable to not invite specifically Milo Yiannopoulos (she mentions him as an example in the op-ed that was the subject of the Carlson interview) to speak at a university for whatever reason, that’s fair enough.

    But her “speech as violence” spiel is disturbing to say the least. For example, there is neuroscience that supports an argument that freewill itself is an illusion! But would she advocate incorporating that concept that into any system of justice?

    She also invokes the idea that a “reasonable person” standard can work to determine who gets to be the arbiter of what speech is permitted because there is a “reasonable person” standard that exists in law. While that is true, the “reasonable person” she refers to is strictly hypothetical. No knowledgeable person would ever argue that such a person even exists, let alone possesses qualifications to determine what speech should be allowed.

  4. Melponeme_k

    “Last time I checked, the Skull and Bones wasn’t founded by Jews.”

    The elites as they are now are composed of Jews and Crypto-Jews. Most of the “WASPS” are Crypto-Jews. It’s in their own self symbol. The WASP. The ruling class of Phoenician/Canaanite Jews used the BEE or the WASP as their symbol. Look at portraits of the ruling class, you’ll see a lot of Bee and WASP symbolism.

    These Jews believe that they have created this world. But its formation has gone wrong. We, non-Jews, are considered wisps of their thoughts. Most Jews (not all) believe we are not souled people but GOLEMS. That is why the ruling class can do what they do to society. They don’t believe it is exists. They believe it is their laboratory and they can destroy and rebuild continuously.

    They believe it is their right to rule. And we are lesser beings created only to serve them. Whether or not this is real Judaism or some crazy sect like Sabbatean-Frankism, I don’t know. But this is the fact of the matter.

    Again, not all Jewish people believe this craziness. They are trying to stop the insane ones.

  5. Petruchio

    @#2 timothy carroll: well said. You know, it’s amazing how many times it actually IS true that these Social agitators are in fact, JEWISH. It is not just a stereotype.

  6. timothy carroll


    If what you say is indeed correct, these are some incredibly patient, prescient, “folks”. Maybe they do use “Jews” as their beard, but if one is to observe patterns, those who profess themselves to be “Hebrew”, “Jews”, etc., are always the ones behind what we know to be eternal evil.

    No other race in history is more closely linked to evil, treachery, mendacity, cunning, treason than that of the “Jews”. We have no other means with which to identify them at this time. The “good” ones have, over time, consistently failed to point out the “bad” ones, since recorded history. So there’s that……

  7. honeybagder don't care


    I am curious if Elaine is going to call out this alternate reality as she does for others.

  8. timothy carroll


    Even more alarming to me, Pet, is the unusually large number of popular performers who are actors, singers, aka members of the “tribe”. Think Carole King, Barbara Streissand, Neil Diamond, etc. They were all positioned to be pivotal members of the mass media and entertainment. This same (((tribe))) systematically has taken control of our universities since the Thirties. They are displayed as what is “cool”, modern, moral, acceptable, etc. Hence we now get flagrant displays of sexual deviance, pedophilia, and promotion of homosexuality and abortion.

    So what Mel says is correct. What we have had before us as “talent” is what was forcibly put into place by the Marxists who took control of this country in full in 1913. They might have been pulling the strings prior to that, but they’ve been printing our money and controlling what we see and hear since that year.

    Think of it this way: Every dollar in your wallet, real or digital, is seen as an “Old Maid” card, that the rest of the world cannot wait to be rid of- backed by nothing but promises and threats. Check out RT if you doubt me on this. One day our currency will all have as much worth as a roll of toilet paper.

    And yes, their “controlling elite” were put into place by our Founders, who were Masonic members. But the real controllers usurped control in America in 1913. Thirty-five years later, after killing off and/or raping the majority European race in two drummed up wars, they cemented a permanent strong hold in the Meddle (sic) East, all funded by Uncle Sugar and The Bank of England. Ever since, the rest, for them, has all been gravy. Nice work if you can get it. 🙂

  9. timothy carroll

    Zionistas, Feminstas, Atheistas, OH MY!!!

  10. Ken

    Whenever I see such open attacks on Jews on this blog I feel badly for Elaine. Remember, she had a Jewish husband, and at least one of her children is half Jewish. All of these attacks must be personally painful to her.

  11. timothy carroll

    I think Elaine is made of tough, ruthless, European, Anglo stock. She has admitted, herself, that her Jewish husband’s family never considered her anything other than a shiksta (look it up), and she dismays the Jew’s gross preoccupation with racial supremacy. (Jeez, does ANYONE pay ATTENTION on this blog, other than Mel, Pet, Lou, and a few, scant others???????)

  12. AT

    They, the real rulers, want you to blame the Jews.

    Most religions are facilitatiros of rulers. Rulers, Foolers, Shooters and workers. Religions are in the foolers classification.
    In particular, The zionists mostly serve their national creators, the British. What’s worse, they willingly play the role of well deserved whipping boy, taking all the nasty jobs, because some of their Zionist tribal leaders want to create antisemitism in a backhanded way, to encourage a stick approach to bringing the rest of the diaspora back to Israel. They have their cake and eat it too.
    What’s particularly despicable is how this backfired with the Nazis, and yet they are still playing the same game. “I am just the grocery clerk” says Soros, who helped the Nazis confiscate property from fellow Jews in occupied territory in WWII.
    The “ruler” here is American blue bloods and British blue bloods (The Queen), not marxists, if you haven’t been keeping track of the last two world wars and the Cold War, or how MI6 can spy on our presidential candidates and interfere with our elections with impugnity, or how the British noble rothschilds can openly finance Hillary with impugnity.

  13. AT

    If they’re importing antisemitism along with immigration (in part) in order to encourage the remaining diaspora back to Israel, then it makes sense that they are stifling any type of resolution or protest.

    If you want the pot to boil over, you turn up the heat and hold down the lid.

  14. The Skull and Bones was launched by my family. The first person in my family to marry a Jew was ME. Yup.


    Anti semitism is stupid. Anti christian is stupid. Anti black is stupid. What is also stupid is people who also don’t understand history or sane systems. Chaos is very bad and we live now in increasing chaos with populations literally surging across the planet just like in ancient Rome, for example.

    This usually happens at the end of warm cycles: populations thrive during warm cycles and when cold cycles begin, people pick up things and begin moving elsewhere. History is full of this sort of thing.

  15. Tom W Harris

    “Most of the “WASPS” are Crypto-Jews.”

    Yeah, right.

  16. Lou

    Tim, thank you. I have faced Elaines harsh criticism, quite a bit.
    However I have enjoyed her blog, for 6? years.

    ‘Anti semitism’ isnt always stupid. The term is used as push back by Jews, when faced with opposition to their aggression’s.

    “Even though hundreds of death threats called into Jewish centers last year were shown to be carried out by an Israeli-American teenager living in Israel, the House just voted 402-2 in favor of the “Combating Anti-Semitism Act of 2017” to expand hate crime laws and penalties against “religiously affiliated institutions.”

    The only two congressmen to vote against the act were libertarian republicans Justin Amash and Thomas Massie who have actual principles and care about the Constitution.

    The Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council on Monday praised the passage of the bill”


    LOOK AT THEIR GIFT–world wide socialism planned,

    The main authors of Communist filth were jews such as Marx, Trotsky and Lenin. 140 million people were murdered due to their far left writings. This is not widely known as the jew domination of the Soviet Union is kept a secret. Instead we have non stop Hitler Channel documentaries about the evil Nazis. The rare Soviet documentaries never mention the word jew, except sometimes for Trotsky as he is so obviously a hook-nosed Semite.

    The jews have written the Hate Crime laws for all Western countries, who have adopted them without a whimper.

    The UK better start building hundreds of new jails ASAP.

  17. Lou

    15–more of yr stupidity. He called Stalin [himself a puppet of them] Uncle Joe and gave half of Europe to the Jews, oops, I mean the USSR.

  18. Lou

    8–‘The Melting Pot’ -a term and play for us from you know who.
    Amazing how many early 1900s ‘tin pan alley’ songsters were them.
    Xmas [non religious holiday songs] songs from them, again.
    Dreaming of a white Xmas, etc.

    I enclose a link. Randy Newman [high born -lib-tribe] had a song in the 1970s, ‘Baltimore’

    Baltimore Leftists Escaping Their Failed Utopia Now Recruiting 3rd World Migrants To Fill The Void

  19. Melponeme_k

    Churchill was Jewish through the Jerome American bloodline of his mother. The majority of his power came from that area.

    Click to access hitler2.pdf

    Miles Mathis finds an awful lot just through genealogy. These people LOVE to crow about who they are related to who and then inadvertently give away just how inbred they are are in life. Mathis was the one who found out that the TRIVIAL PURSUIT game broke the news that Hitler spent time in Liverpool with Aristocratic relatives (British) while studying art. This was probably the main reason why they played up the Beatles’ connection to Liverpool in the 60s. They had to hide the Hitler connection.

    Click to access hiller.pdf

    Incidentally the Beatles is an occult reference. Think the SCARAB Beatle. Another insect the elite love to drape themselves with along with BEES and WASPS.

  20. Tom W Harris

    Whatever, Lulu.

  21. honeybagder don't care

    What’s also stupid are former ruling families’ personal histories professing how great things were under their rule when obviously things were great for the ruling families themselves.

  22. AT

    Skull and Bones was founded by opium smugglers and traders who were anglophiles. They had become fantastically wealthy piggy backing off the British barred Turkey to China opium trade during a time when England was immensely profiting from the India to China opium trade (20% of the empire’s gross revenue by 1850).

    This was the Russell Trading company, namesake of a co-founder and source of seed money for the Russell Trust Association, which funds Skull and Bones today.

    The second wildly profitable opium smuggler at Russell Trading was a Mayflower Blueblood by the name of Warren Delano, the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    And now we have the “Five Sisters” and “Five Eyes” where one of them is US and the other four have the same head of state, the Queen of England, who is also the same commander and chief of all their armed forces (and their intelligence agencies). LOL

  23. AT

    Ironic that the Brits lost America by pissing off a wealthy smuggler named John Adams and won it back again working with opium smugglers.

    Also illustrates nicely how power follows money.

    What’s concerning about the whole five sisters business is that nowadays almost all the new money that is aggregating into pools of monied interests is in the internet and high tech industries like FANG which have formed a symbiotic financial and intelligence sharing relationship with those intelligence agencies.

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