Japan Abe Surrenders To Trump, Will Bring US Auto Jobs Home

Just one year ago, the arrogant Japanese leaders told Trump they would not negotiate trade with him, they want one way business as does China.  Well, it now appears the Japanese are surrendering.  Recently, Abe has been secretly visiting Trump’s golf resort in Florida, playing with him and it now appears, this is where they negotiated a trade deal that brings US auto jobs home again.  Naturally, mainstream media won’t report any of this, they are utterly unable to report much of anything, anymore.


President Donald Trump revealed at a Saturday night rally in Wisconsin that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told him earlier that Japanese auto manufacturers are investing $40 billion in U.S. manufacturing facilities.


“Prime Minister [Shinzo] Abe, we’re negotiating trade deals because every country has been ripping us off for years, and I really like the prime minister, he’s a friend of mine, but I said, ‘Mr. prime minister, we gotta do something’,” the president told the crowd of thousands. “For so many decades we’ve been losing tens of billions of dollars to China, and Japan, and India, and name any country and we lost, but we’re not losing anymore.”


Most deals are made this way.  All businesses on the planet earth knows that the real deals come from schmoozing.  Then the actual paperwork is hammered out at meetings.  But coming to a basic agreement usually is done socially.  This is a fact of life, how reality works.


“By the way, he started by saying he’s putting $40 billion into the United States for new car factories,” President Trump said, summarizing Abe’s commitment. “Toyota is coming in with $14 billion dollars. Many, many companies are coming in. And they’re coming in, frankly, to Michigan. They’re coming back, they want to be back, to Ohio, to Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and what’s the name of this special place – it’s called Wisconsin.”


Abe isn’t doing this to be nice, he was forced to do this.  For two years, he was very arrogant and refused to negotiate.  But now he has seen the light and won the recent election and will now be ready to negotiate honestly.


“So they’ll be investing shortly and it’s started already, $40 billion with a b, $40 billion dollars, and it’ll be a lot more than that,” Trump said. He added, “The poverty rate for Wisconsin families has reached the lowest rate in 22 years. The unemployment rate for Wisconsin workers has reached historic lows, has never been this low before, ever, ever, ever. Think of that.”


Trump had to play hardball in order to get us to this point in time.  All previous negotiations by the DNC and the GOP elites failed because starting with Reagan, they were all more interested in collecting bribes from the Japanese and Chinese, not negotiating for US citizens.  It took an independently wealthy President to say no to these bribes and notice how suddenly, negotiations are real and happen really fast, too.


The change in Abe from arrogant ruler sneering at us to fawning friend is due to arm twisting.  He saw that Trump is serious about the trade deficit and watching China being hammered, he decided to play ball and cooperate instead of being arrogant and nasty.  Good for him.  Japan is literally dying and can’t afford to be arrogant about anything, these days.


As the video above shows, US media and politicians were all scared of Trump’s hard negotiations.  The surrender monkeys in trade are all over the place, they see only one thing: surrender to foreign entities. I have called these monkey’s ‘traitors’ many times in the past.  This is the ‘open borders’ gang who have now nearly utterly destroyed Europe while Europe has tariffs still…against the US who pays billions to protect these creeps.


Global Automaker CEO John Bozzella makes threats against Trump in the above video.  Well, now these creeps are running, scared.  Jobs are returning at a rapid rate to the US just like they drained away rapidly under Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama.  Obama even sneered, these jobs will never come back.


I get emails from the Coalition for a Prosperous America.  They have a crummy website which I would improve if they hired me, but anyways, since they have no links to this story, I will use the email instead:


 Washington. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) has endorsed H.R. 764, the Reciprocal Trade Act (RTA) recently introduced by Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI). The RTA would expand the president’s ability to defend domestic US manufacturers and agricultural producers against foreign protectionism by raising individual product tariffs to match foreign tariff and non-tariff barriers.


Every time Trump tried doing this, the globalist traitors in Congress and mainstream media would howl with rage.


“We are pleased to support the efforts of Rep. Duffy and the Members of Congress who have co-sponsored this important legislation,” said CPA Chairman Dan DiMicco. “The Reciprocal Trade Act will provide much-needed leverage for President Trump as he confronts unfair trade. Congress should move swiftly to pass this bill.”


Yes, and this is why the GOP secret cabal leaders are against this bill: they are also traitors like the DNC.


Currently, US tariffs are the lowest in the world despite high trade barriers in other countries. The RTA would provide the president with leverage to compel reductions in foreign trade barriers by increasing US tariffs.


‘Free trade’ with partners who play ‘tariff trade’ is insanity.  I have yelled about this for years and years.  My sheep business was wrecked by these stupid one way trade deals.  These deals nearly destroyed our entire industrial base in less than 30 years.


The Reciprocal Trade Act specifies that, after appropriate consultations with Congress, the president can negotiate and enter into agreements committing foreign countries to lower their trade barriers. It also allows the president to impose reciprocal tariffs on countries that refuse to lower their tariffs and non-tariff barriers.


“We’re very supportive of the Reciprocal Trade Act,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of the CPA. “The executive branch should have as much leverage as possible to act when other nations take advantage of America’s wide-open consumer market while restricting access to their own market. Every country wants to sell into the US market, and that gives us negotiating strength. In the past, the United States unilaterally reduced tariffs with the expectation that other countries would do the same. But they have not. This bill would provide a strong tool to motivate reciprocity.”


I went to the NYT to see what that treasonous Bilderberg gang rag said about Trump’s speech about the trade deals and there was nothing:

The latest story was from six long months ago.  Not a peep about today.  This is typical: when Trump wins deals, the media shuts up and says nothing, desperately searching for negative ‘news’ to yap about instead.  Often, the ‘news’ is utterly fake, too.  Note how the NYT, one of the slimiest papers on earth, has a daily anti-Trump lead story but has utterly dropped the Russia/Trump collusion crap they pushed so very hard until the Mueller Report showed how this was all fake news.


Today, many media outfits are making fun of the NYT being a bunch of Nazi anti semites. HAHAHA.  The cartoon about Trump was made in Israel, by the way, by leftists.  The NYT said today, that one anonymous editor in the very Jewish office in NYC put the cartoon on the front page online.  They won’t say who this person is, of course, since ‘person’ implies ‘only one’ which is a lie.  I bet they saw the cartoon in Israel via the internet and thought it was so very funny, why now put it on a Jewish editorial shrieking about how evil Trump is and then smear him this way.


This backfired very badly which I find very satisfying since the NYT is the #1 Jewish publication to scream about ‘anti semitism’ all the time.


I want the NYT punished for this and I want all the ‘negotiators’ and presidents in the past arrested for treason.  They deliberately did not negotiate with foreign powers, they openly colluded with them to flood the US with imported goods.  Arrest them all, I say.


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10 responses to “Japan Abe Surrenders To Trump, Will Bring US Auto Jobs Home

  1. Ken

    This discussion regarding two-way international trade indirectly also applies to the recent push by China, Russia, Iran and others to remove the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. All of the proposals involve some sort of balancing of accounts on a monthly or periodic basis. This way, the countries involved make sure that they are trading roughly equivalent amounts of stuff with each other. Because the trade is conducted in each nation’s currency, or gold (but not dollars), it is important that any outflow of local currency or gold is matched by an equal inflow. Basically, the system harkens back to the early days when money was used to facilitate barter.

    This is all that the US is seeking. Balanced trade. These other countries can recognise the merit of this in setting up their new system to circumvent the dollar. If they would just apply this same logic to transactions with the US it would be similarly fair to everyone.

  2. Petruchio

    “These deals nearly destroyed our entire industrial base in less than 30 years.” That was no accidental consequence; destroying the USA’s Industrial base and its jobs was a Primary Objective. The Industrial PTB long ago decided to wage a War on the Working Class. Warren Buffett put it this way: “There was a Class War and WE won’. ‘WE’ being the financial Capitalists. Well not so fast there, Mr. Buffett. You aint seen no Class Warfare–yet. When people like Buffett and the other cheerleader types promoting outsourcing jobs from the USA start getting shot at, THEN there is a Class War. Now I do NOT advocate violence, but this IS the way these events in History evolve. The Elites never learn from History. They should study the French Revolution.

  3. Moe

    @2 Petruchio

    But, but, but…this time it’s different! 🙂

  4. AT

    Although I disagree with de-industrialization and unfair trade imbalances, there was a silver lining:
    (1) producers were kept happy while we printed fiat and debt, and jiggered exchange rates and oil prices, surreptitiously favoring the banking-consumer model of western wealth.
    (2) Now, as money printing collides with peak oil, de-industrialization and trade imbalances become a finely tuned machine for exporting the resulting inflation offshore first (until it finally washes back here).

    And of course, the navy ABGs keeps the sea lanes open for all this. The big problem is with the three letter agencies and the MIC continuing to create failed states and exploit resources. They seem to have decided on the failed state model simply because politicians lack the will to risk the political backlash of staffing an occupation with the bare minimum number of troops necessary to quell resistance in a timely manner: basically, that would be a platoon guarding every police station, plus reactionary companies in between. Conventional wisdom says they’re scared of a draft. Nevertheless, conquering nations asymmetrically without delivering the manpower to force submission to legitimacy again is not really that ethical. And, we’ve seen it go on for twenty years with no end in sight.

    Overall, a pitiful and unsustainable model, but there it is. To their credit, the globalists are spreading the blame for the future monetary and debt collapse to other powers a little bit with de-dollarization.

    Problem is the bad guy blame for foreign policy. Given its unsustainability, my greatest objection to this new world order is that now the US is playing the bad guy in all foreign relations. In comparison to the Commonwealth and the rest of NATO, the USA will stand amongst the wreckage of the post new world order as the unmitigated bad guy for all other nations, primarily based on our post 9/11 foreign policies. That’s the real problem with our foreign relations, not trade. When the Iranians and the Russians smell blood in the water and start seizing the moral high ground in their speeches, it’s clear we have a problem. And, Trump isn’t making any course corrections.

  5. shawntoh


    I clicked on the link to the Abe video and I admit that my Japanese language skills aren’t quite up to par. There is NO English subtitles function available–only “auto-generated” Japanese subtitles.

    No luck on finding any translations of the full text of Abe either so far and thus I note this excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek–

    “….Abe dragged his heels on bilateral talks in the hope that the U.S. would rejoin the TPP rather than press for a better deal. He only agreed to talks in September after Trump hit Japan’s steel and aluminium exports with punitive tariffs and threatened to impose levies of as much as 25 percent on all imported cars, including those made in Japan…”

    SOURCE: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-25/what-s-at-stake-and-at-risk-in-u-s-japan-trade-talks-quicktake


  6. Yes, Trump playing tit for tat wins. Duh.

  7. He is independently rich so he can’t be bribed.

  8. lou

    7–It is ‘wont’. The Clintons are billionaires [hidden accounts] and they are ez to bribe.
    Show them the money and they dance.

  9. EVERY PENNY of Clinton wealth is bribes. They were never independently wealthy. Not even slightly. Never ran a business like Trump or me, for that matter. Lou, you have to wake up and learn to figure out the obvious better.

  10. Lou

    9–Cocaine, Blood bank, Murder, Child trafficking are not bribes.

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