Full Scale Warfare In France As Macron Troops Attack Peaceful May Day Marchers

The battle begins at the 4 hour mark on the above video.  The police put up barriers on side streets then attacked the marchers in the middle.  It was a tactical error since no one could leave so marchers stood and fought back.  I suppose Macron is going to use this battle as proof he needs to attack.  I was in France on this very same day many years ago when de Gaulle attacked us with tanks.  He RESIGNED.


Macron is not long in power.  De Gaulle was a war hero and we made him step down.  Macron is a fussy, little man with Napoleon delusions.

It started when some ANTIFA students with a black swan float came down the street at about the 3 hour mark.  The paramilitary police then attacked them and a big fight ensued with the police capturing the black swan float.

I heard someone in the press mention this was an ANTIFA float.  I did see a flag of theirs, too, earlier.

Without exception, every single Yellow Vest/May Day marches this year became violent only when the paramilitary police attack peaceful marchers.  This is then reported by Bilderberg gangster media as ‘people riot against the State’ and not the reverse.  This is deliberate lying which doesn’t work since anyone with a brain can watch the very long Russian news videos to see how every time, the authorities start the riots.


Macron, just 5 days ago, offered more tax cuts to revive the economy and he hopes this will stop the protests…nope.


Macron’s non solution to all this is costing France dearly.  The economic cost will show up pretty soon as all the data comes in not that the media giants in Europe want to report any of this.  The blanket of silence is being shredded rapidly now that the weather is nice.  Last month’s stories about how the marches were smaller and weaker is now shown to be utter tosh today.  It is a mere 4 days since the previous march and it is the biggest one, yet.


Another, the fourth battle, the police attack marchers when they reach a park:

It is now a full scale warfare, live.  More will be added as this now open warfare in the streets of Paris continue today.



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11 responses to “Full Scale Warfare In France As Macron Troops Attack Peaceful May Day Marchers

  1. AT

    Macron’s twin “Obamacron” not doing so well in Venezuela either.

  2. Ken

    If Macron simply announced that the marchers were Christians, the 1 million Muslims in France would take care of the violence without the police having to do anything. Macron is playing this all wrong.

  3. AT

    If Macron called for muslims to attack Christians, his generals might blow his brains out.

  4. Moe

    @3 AT

    One can only hope…

  5. Moe

    From Off-Guardian: Tipping Point: The Gilets Jaunes are winning, what’s next?

    Excerpt: “Above all, Macron is guilty of being one of those stupid/intelligent middle class people; the sort neo-liberalism delights in providing for us in many guises: administrators, legacy media editors, heads of departments, councillors, politicians. He is bright, he is buffed, he has aspiration, he can speak fluently on subjects for hours, yet for all of that, every speech he makes simply inflames the situation. And this, coupled with his inability to convey a shred of empathy and his apparent lack of understanding concerning both politics and national history, reveal him to be nothing so much as a messenger boy for the rich and the powerful. Once again none of this escapes the French population.”


  6. AT


    Fantastic article. Agree with all but what it leaves out. Puppets for sure, but folks like Macron were vetted for their personality characteristics, or lack thereof, not just by monied interests, but by their state national security apparatus. Methods of an unsustainable model doled out to them so someone else could do the unsavory heavy lifting, and carry the blame. Recall Perkins reports in his book all the “economic hitmen” were vetted by the NSA. I hope the yellow vests get justice. But half of this is all a way of focusing blame whilst the ponzi money is still flowing and the MSM is still a puppet show.

  7. Moe

    @6 AT

    I do recall Perkins. I was living in Belize in 2008 and a week prior to the election my business partner and I bumped into an analyst who worked for Bechtel (i.e,, a bag man). We entered into conversation about the election. He was unable to restrain himself and opened his laptop and showed all his charts about the various parties, their platforms, popularity ratings, etc., and outcome predictions for every district. Bechtel’s goal of course, as readily revealed by our new-found confidant, was to buy the election and foist mega-projects on Belize that would earn huge profits for Bechtel but correspondingly catapult the country into unsustainable debt.

    His prognosis was borne out precisely and the winning UDP party not only won by his predicted number of seats but every district voted precisely as he predicted.

    I had only recently read Perkin’s book Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man and was astonished that he had enumerated so accurately the methodology and practice that we saw displayed so vividly by this operative. Scary sh*t.

  8. Moe

    @6 AT: Postscript

    That same month I was traveling throughout Belize (not a big task, the country is a postage stamp) and decided to stop overnight in the capital city, Belmopan. The capital’s population is a scant 7,000 and the most modern visitor accommodation at the time was a motel!

    I had supper in the establishment restaurant: a tall fellow sat next to me and started up a conversation. He was English and confided that he worked for the British Consul in Guatamala City and was traveling on official business.

    It didn’t take long to discern that he was pumping me for information regarding my activities and I finally clued in that he was a diplomatic operative, i.e., an agent.

    Once assured of my innocuousness, he reveled a bit more of his ‘unofficial’ duties related to smuggling, counterintelligence, and general information gathering. I ran into him again a few days later at The Radisson, Belize City’s premier hotel at the time. He was hobnobbing with government officials and influential and wealthty individuals. We exchanged pleasantries and he gave me a knowing grin. More scary sh*t…

  9. Moe, I used to do that for elections in NYC: do graphs, studies, polls, put this together. This is why the elites threatened to kill me and I got in with Giuliani and he tapped my phone.

    Anyone can collect information it is what you do with it that matters. The gentleman you met was working for elites seeking to loot a country. I was working for myself, to stop the looting.

    Good story, though. Yes, the guys who collect data are highly important and can also do this for horrible reasons.

  10. AT


    Nice; I guess if they’re not scared of you, you get confessions?
    Nowadays, the knowing grin (and the outsized use of magic numbers with dates and other things to signal the rest of the Borg) is more indicative of these operators being the ones who are scared of RICO laws, modern surveillance, etc. Times change, first as tragedy, then as farce.

  11. AT


    “The gentleman you met was working for elites seeking to loot a country.”

    Correction, the gentlemen was working for elites AND his respective government’s intelligence apparatus. The Brit probably has an Order of Merit hanging on his wall today. And, Bechtel has a long history of working hand and glove with the US intelligence community, from business projects to embedded spies.

    I understand the desperation to pin everything solely on “elites” for the sake of avoiding any risk for continuity of government when peak oil finally bites hard and the debt bubble implodes. Ultimately though the risk of implicating three letter agencies in failed policies is overblown; we have a domestically well regarded military. Coupled with the lack of movement towards obvious mitigation policies, the whole “exclusively blame the elites” meme boils down to self serving behavior by the only other part of our system that controls propaganda: the intelligence community.

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