You Tube Attacks Users, Ban Millions…Lost $70 BILLION As System Erodes

I hate You Tube.  I hate Google.  Google has messed around with how they run their systems to make us all disappear and voila: millions and millions of people vanished.  I hope Google goes bankrupt.  Why?  They wanted to kill the Golden Goose which was our own content.  These SJW clowns always lose money.  They take over a system and it goes bankrupt.  To hell with them all.


You Tube was a wonderful concept.  It also allowed people to talk to each other directly.  Because of this great success, the Bilderberg gang lost a tremendous amount of power.  So…they began in Europe by putting in prison anyone posting anything the elites want banned.


There are no rules, it is just, a person even pointing out a statistical, proven fact on You Tube in Sweden, can be arrested and put in prison for ‘anti-Muslim’ activities.  These rich men and women who conspire to rule us in a draconian fashion have taken over Europe but their grip there is failing as voters vote for anti-Bilderberg parties.


Today, it is May First in Europe, a revolutionary date.  I was in Strasbourg, France on May First, 1968 when the entire country erupted in revolt and de Gaulle called out the troops and the tanks and I saw these and ran to the Rhine and threw myself into the river and being an excellent swimmer, swam to Germany to tell students there what was happening in France.  By August, I was arrested and deported from Germany.  HAHAHA.


WELL…we are in a New Revolt and it isn’t the extreme left which has gone insane worrying about roasting to death due to ‘global warming’ and demanding we all return to the Dark Ages, the dynamic force at work is on the right, not the left.

You Tube and Google are desperate to get rid of all dissent to the leftist ‘we are going to roast to death’ community.  Candidates running on the conservative side are being harassed and abused by Google censors who hate anyone with a brain.  These mindless idiots hired by Google in Seattle where four people were killed by a Google crane falling on them when the crew stupidly decided to take it down when the wind was blowing really hard, a stupid choice indeed.

Streets next to that noxious business were not redirected during the disassembly of this crane.  Instead, the fools running that insane city, all Democrats and all very leftist, let traffic flow right next to this dangerous procedure.  I am amazed by this, when I did dangerous construction work and I did some of this in the past, in NYC and NJ, we got the police to shut the street next to where we were working to protect people from accidents.


Google is going to be sued to high heaven by the families who lost beloved members due to this utter stupidity.  5 companies are now being investigated by authorities.


While L&I investigates the companies working at the site, the City of Seattle answered questions Monday about why nearby Mercer Street, one of the city’s busiest arterials, was open to traffic as crews took apart the crane.


The busiest street!  This is where one wants to close the street even more, not less!


As Seattle has become the nation’s crane capital, the machines have signaled the city’s rapid growth and, often, interruptions to Seattleites’ daily commutes.


So, to stop this ‘interruption’ stuff, they simply decided to kill people, instead!


Last spring, in the same area where the crane fell Saturday, orange traffic cones blocked a lane of eastbound Mercer Street near the intersection with Fairview Avenue North due to a nearby hotel construction project. Last week, a block of University Street was set to be closed for another tower crane removal, according to SDOT.


This is why I am saying, Seattle as well as companies are going to be sued.  Seattle chose to do this stupid thing.  They had prior warning this could happen on the exact street, it was blocked off.  Instead of doing that, they chose to let the traffic flow.  Control of traffic is a city responsibility.


When completing heavy work like disassembling a crane, construction companies can apply to the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) for permits to close nearby streets.


But SDOT’s focus is largely on minimizing traffic impacts, and department officials indicated broad deference to construction companies to decide how many streets need to be closed to safely take down a crane or do other work.


And this, in a nutshell, is why Google and the voters of the Seattle government are all going to be sued and the plaintiffs will all win and this will be settled out of court and the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill and it is all the fault of a bunch of insane, stupid, annoying liberals who are careless and outright evil.


Google is in a downward spiral.  Desperate to make money, they killed the Golden Goose.  Their search engine stinks now, they are pandering to the rich and powerful and punishing the poor and weak.  They hate people and love elites and attend all the Bilderberg meetings and met exactly one year ago to plot how to destroy all access to the internet by citizens in Europe and America so they can rule us as draconian creeps with no one allowed to say anything.


I own my own site here and pay money for this, $99 s year.  I do this so I have control over my own content.  My position on Google has collapsed due to no longer appearing in searches by topic no matter how I post things.  Once upon a time, I was easy to find online.  Now, it is nearly impossible and this is thanks to Google censoring the entire internet.


I am not the only one, millions and millions of people are being censored now.  It is very hard to find alternative information of any sort.  This is disgusting.  And it is funny, at the same time.  Killing the Golden Goose will kill Google.


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11 responses to “You Tube Attacks Users, Ban Millions…Lost $70 BILLION As System Erodes

  1. Moe

    @1 EMS

    “I own my own site here and pay money for this, $99 s year. ”

    Ain’t gonna last Elaine, They’ll find a way to cut you out.

  2. They are content with making me disappear on Google. This is how these clowns operate. Too stupid to figure out, in the long run, their business model leads to less and less money for them.

  3. Moe

    @2 EMS

    Yeah, on reflection I came to that conclusion too. Your response beat me to it.

  4. Lou

    2–Unless the CIA gives them a printing press.
    I read J Bircher stuff. It claims in 1940s, US did that for USSR. Gave them a USA printing press to print bonds or greenbacks.

  5. Lou

    Amazon continues its expansion.

  6. Melponeme_k

    All of these companies are supported by Tax revenue. The Military and CIA absolutely infests this area because it is a part of their Operation Chaos project to bamboozle the public.

    They got a little behind the 8 ball because they kept focusing on film/tv and a sizeable portion of the public switching to internet only caught them by surprise. This has led to why they are just banning wide sections of internet. If they had been ahead of the game, we would have barely noticed them nudging us into our corrals.

    They are now working tirelessly to create “Everyday People” (More like Everyday Trannies) channels to compete with regular people. They need mouthpieces to push their social engineering.

  7. ken cordray

    Youtube also bans users without warning or reason so that you cannot comment on or like videos. If you follow anything other than cat videos and pro-Hillary, Democratic SJW people. You will find yourself unable to participate on youtube anymore.No warning just a virtual beheading. Hence am moving away from the to other platforms like many I know that aren’t SJW types.They are killing free speech 😦

  8. Yes, they are killing the Golden Goose. Look at entertainment systems: pushing people away is a great way to go bankrupt.

  9. Lou

    8–Jews let in Muslims. Jews have what I call a ‘suicide gene.’

  10. All civilized humans have this ‘gene’.

  11. lou

    10–Other tribes have less of it, imo.

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