Ignoring Bilderberg Howls Of Rage, Trump Resumes Normal Diplomacy With Putin

Bill and Hillary and Obama’s plans for WWIII are going down the drain again!  Horrors!  HAHAHA.  The rage on the fascist left is epic now that Trump is resuming normal diplomatic relations with other nations.  They hate this greatly.  Unfortunately for some of the crazier Bilderberg gangsters, even Europe has backed off from starting WWIII with Russia over idiotic issues.  Now that Ukraine is run by a comic who wants fun, not WWIII, all plans to engulf the planet in mass murder is stopped.  I am happy.  The left is very unhappy, they have a long record of mass murder and are being thwarted.


The very evil crew at the very evil NY Times are in hysterics.  They also are losing steam now.  Note the head page today: the top story is about the murderous lunatics in Honduras who are being imported into the US to have gang battles here, too.  The secondary story is about Trump doing diplomacy in Russia.  The Washington Post, a very nasty paper, has no story about Trump or Putin on the front page which is amazing.  I am being sarcastic.


We see in the news now the real story about how the DNC worked with the FBI to frame Trump with the Steele Report which was a total fabrication peddled by a relative of mine…yikes.  We will now see a full investigation of how the DNC got this ‘report’ from England and who did what to whom with real FBI agents pursuing real prey.  The proverbial s..t is now hitting the proverbial f..n.  The NYT and WP will have to find something else to howl about.


Yelling about how we need open borders is backfiring very badly.  Denying the truth that we are being invaded mainly by people seeking to latch onto the welfare systems or become criminal gangs is harder and harder to do as citizens notice the rising chaos in DNC-run cities where most of these illegals go.  It is now very obvious that all the cities in California are terrible places to live now and getting worse by the hour and many are now going bankrupt, too.


The richer cities like San Francisco are literally in the toilet as armies of invaders poop all over the sidewalks, front yards and streets.

NYC is like this now, too.  Making cities uninhabitable seems to be the goal of all SJW schemes.  These infantile children are utterly reckless and don’t understand how all this leads to EPIDEMICS and mass deaths.  They really are this stupid.  But then, they go to insane festivals in the desert and other landscapes and make these filthy, too.


Speaking of unspeakable SJW lunatics: Fascistbook Zuckerberg Forced To Pay $5 Billion FTC Fine? Tech Giants Battle Citizens!

This story was going to be my headline today but news about Trump talking to Putin on the telephone (HAHAHA) became the top story in the last two hours so I put this story second or rather third after the poop story.


The above is from the Twitter page run by PJ Watson, one of the people who appear on Alex Jones shows online.  He has been removed with zero warning from Facebook.  The pretense of warning people before banning them has been dropped by all our techie giant jerks and now they simply are deleting anyone who displeases them and their SJW buddies.


Too stupid to see how all this will backfire, they have doubled down on being obnoxious but no surprise to me, they planned this out last year and are now doing it to stop elections in Europe and the US and South America, etc. which has seen conservatives and freedom lovers overthrowing SJW/Bilderberg regimes.



Before joining CR, Brookman served as policy director of the FTC’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation.  “The FTC is not equipped to deal with Facebook,” he says. “The FTC can stop some bad practices at the margins, but fundamentally they don’t have the power to rein in Facebook’s worst abuses.”


We do have a tool: consumer revolts! Word is now out and it is spreading despite mainstream Bilderberg gang news pretending all is well in Techland.  People are increasingly angry about being abused by Big Tech Tools.  They want to be in control of their online lives, not be enslaved by creeps who want to use and abuse us.


Consumer advocates are skeptical that the FTC, which would levy the multibillion-dollar fine, could compel Facebook to make meaningful changes in the way it handles consumer data.


Someone please tell the silly children who are college students despite being quite childish that Big Tech and the DNC are both trying to enslave them!  This is so obvious now.  Where are the ANTIFA demonstrations against Google, against Facebook, against Amazon.com?


“Ideally, Facebook would be prevented from tracking what users do off Facebook—that’s the biggest privacy problem with the platform. But I doubt the FTC thinks they have the legal capacity to enjoin Facebook from doing that,” says Justin Brookman, director of privacy and technology policy for Consumer Reports. “More realistically, the [FTC] order will just order more controls around sharing the personal data of users with third-party apps, which is what led to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.”


The bad press around Facebook is growing.  It is now a mean meme.  ‘Fascistbook’ is the new name for this evil entity which seeks to spy on customers and with no permission, use information gathered to exploit or have them ARRESTED.  Post something, anything on Facebook that Merkel or May don’t like and the cops come pounding at the door.  Forget being banned, you are ARRESTED.


Facebook is a trap.  It has honey to attract the bees and then it snaps shut and you are in jail.  It is evil.  And this message will eventually get into everyone’s heads, it is inevitable.  Word leaks out despite efforts to not report the news by Bilderberg media giants.  Who are, incidentally, increasingly unpopular with people seeking information.


Interestingly, some conservatives are OK with Facebook and Twitter and Google banning people for no good reasons due to these being ‘capitalist entities’ which is crazy but funny, too.


Conservatives took to Twitter to defend those affected by the ban, particularly Watson, who was the only conservative among those blacklisted to still have a Twitter account, and whose content is considered “relatively tame” by many mainstream conservatives who view this recent blacklisting as an advancing normality involving censorship perpetrated by Silicon Valley overlords.


Many ‘conservatives’ are way out of touch with harsh reality.  No, monopolies enforced by interlocking relationships (many tech companies share the same board of directors!!!) and ‘insider’ deals are illicit and destructive as we can plainly see today.  They have to be regulated by outside entities.  For example, companies cannot conspire to refuse services or hiring of say, black people.  Duh.


Conspiring to eliminate all people of the wrong ideology from accessing banks or information systems entirely is Naziism.  Here is something interesting, too: Google hires only SJW lunatics who are now attacking Google for being ‘sexist’ due to hiring white/Asian males to run the systems of that idiotic business.

So, there is sex stuff going on at Google?  HAHAHA.  Oh, the mercy.  Meanwhile, the Bilderberg gang’s coup attempt on Trump entangled Roger Stone, a conservative.  He is being persecuted by the Mueller gang even today after their coup folded and died.  Of course, they want to keep his lawyers from seeing all the garbage they did:


So, they want this news to die and the Bilderberg gang won’t publish this news but we still have some small access to the internet to spread real news.  This is all so ridiculous but then, my very first big job in life was to work with the Berkeley Barb to publish my cartoons way back in 1968.  Things don’t seem to change much.




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19 responses to “Ignoring Bilderberg Howls Of Rage, Trump Resumes Normal Diplomacy With Putin

  1. HUGE anti-Macron demonstrations today!

  2. Click here to see pro-Assange demonstrators in London.

  3. Petruchio

    I have read that a large segment of the SJW crowd are College age, 20-somethings who still reside with their parents. This makes sense. Once people have to pay all their own bills and see how hard it is, they tend to change their opinions about importing non English speaking peoples and giving them all sorts of Social Welfare bennies.

  4. Jim R

    “Now that Ukraine is run by a comic who wants fun, not WWIII, all plans..”

    I don’t think the Ukraine is out of the woods just yet. Apparently this ‘comedian’ is bankrolled by the Jewish Nazi Kolomoisky. And, it is not yet known to what extent he ‘runs’ the country. Most of the real orders will probably still come from the US Embassy in Kiev.

    Still, it’s a good thing for the old crook to be relieved of duty. . .

  5. AT

    If the Steele report were a “complete fabrication” then Putin wouldn’t have had folks executed over it! Never mind that a fake report would have been derogatory. Besides the peeing hookers, Trump himself comes away from the Steel report squeaky clean. What’s more, some of the Russian contacts noted in the report are the same contacts that underpinned the GCHQ “five eyes” spying on Trump, a British surveillance warrant that Obama specifically asked GCHQ to continue. Do you suppose such a high level request wouldn’t be briefed to the British Commander in Chief, the Queen?

    The real story is that our secrecy laws and the “five eyes” system are broken, having effectively legalized Watergate. Our secrecy laws need to comport with both the Fourth Amendment and informed democratic process, not simply mental gymnastics tailored to the expediency of the intelligence community and politicians avoiding accountability. The farcical “masking” program and FISA don’t cut it, for starters. Even more ridiculous is the fact that four of the five “eyes” in intelligence “sharing” all belong to one individual: the head of state and commander in chief of all four of our “partners” is really just one chameleon pretending to be four democracies, the Queen of England. . . and Australia, and New Zealand, and Canada. And “four eyes” is spying on our Presidential campaign while interfering in the election in favor of whoever she deems the least Russia friendly candidate. Holy shit; talk about a pathological fear of Russia after screwing the Germans into attacking them in WWII.

    Russia never burned our capital.

  6. AT

    Here is a copy of the letter from Obama to GCHQ, in case anyone hasn’t seen it.

  7. Mow

    @5 AT

    Sorry for being obtuse, but what did you mean by this comment: “If the Steele report were a “complete fabrication” then Putin wouldn’t have had folks executed over it! “

  8. AT

    @8 Mow

    Putin told Trump some of the MI6 Russia desk assets were identified and executed based on the Steele dossier.

  9. AT

    All Russia-Gate roads lead to London.

  10. AT is making up stuff.

  11. melponeme_k

    The beginning of Mueller and crowd’s end was hauling the elderly Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stone out of their house, dressed only in their nightclothing, by SWAT teams. They told all the media outfits, probably hoping one of them would collapse during the stress of it all.

    This is why they continue to go after him. He has moral right on his side and they know it.

    I’m sure he’ll get his hands on that report.

  12. Moe

    Slightly OT, here’s an article from Deputy Editor Tom Slater of ‘Spiked’ on Trump’s visit to Britain, titled “Why The British Loathe The Donald’. Slater reveals himself as a snobbish hypocrite while purporting to expose his elite countrymen of the same.

    The Comments section is enlightening in exposing Slater as a poseur. (Aside: at least Spiked permits comments).


  13. Nearly all publications have ended any interactions with readers. The few that do are very heavily censored. For example, the WP allows comments but 50% of the former commentators are now gone. This censorship is now nearly universal. There are very few remaining outfits that allow comments.

  14. Zeke

    Thank you, Elaine, for being a holdout.

    (And I disagree with site’s msg. maybe about 40% of time. [never got on the Trump Train; not a ‘Trumptard’ but like Ann Coulter says: Gotta stay with him because he’s the only one that “gets it” re. Immigration. Until someone decent arrives on the scene who “gets it”, gotta reluctantly stay with that putrid mess. he carries a lot of toxic baggage. But without enforceable borders we don’t even have a country.] not verbatim quote – but the sense of her recent remarks on TV interview.) Could have been interview on “Firing Line” TV show.

  15. The perfect is the greatest danger for the real. You use what works. Anyone who is even better than Trump will be killed. You have to be rich enough to have significant physical protections.

  16. AT


    Please, correct the facts. I can assure you I am not “making things up.” I may be wrong, as might we all, but I have a basis for every statement. Lol.

    You don’t need to be “rich enough to have physical protections” in order to be President. And, if that is your apologia for your unwavering support for a man who has chickened out of his whole campaign, then it is pathetic. Anyone “perfect” stuck in that death trap office could personally hand-pick his own protectors, not just amongst secret service, but operators and spies.

  17. AT

    “All RussiaGate roads lead to London” was the quote.

    Here’s another road: Stefan Halper leads to London (as well as some ridiculous “club” hookup contracts for worthless plagiarised reports for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the US DOD to sustain his worthless self.). Lol.

  18. AT, an incoherent rant…look, you can live in a world where raw power doesn’t function but I live in the real world where real power is quite…real. I have had assassination attempts against me in the past, I have had people SHOOT GUNS at me, just for example, not to mention other adventures.

    Unlike you, I am highly aware of the real world and real danger. My parents as well as I have been in very serious dangers in the past. We somehow have survived…so far.

    Trump is out front there, in daily danger. He holds huge rallies unlike his opponents who are quite fearful of danger. He is very brave. You can’t see it due to your ideology. I can see it, plain as day.

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