Trade War With China: The Customer Is Always Right

England joined the EU and saw nearly its entire industrial base, home of the Industrial Revolution, vanish.  In all first world countries run by traitors, ‘free trade’ is an excuse to loot, cheat and steal.  It has been used to stop ‘inflation’ via cheaper goods from foreign countries but this always fails since ‘inflation’ comes from governments creating too much ‘money’ and thus, cheapening the currencies.  So inflation continues as industries are forced to move to other countries.  Trump is trying to turn this around and this is hard work indeed.


Because…the Bilderberg gang is also the gang enforcing ‘free trade’ on everyone in the first place and they hate Trump for this, above all other things.  They very nearly deindustrialized the US, for example.  They tried very hard to mislead people to think ‘we don’t need industries’.


This, in turn, has caused nationalism to rise higher and higher as workers figure out that cheap goods are no good if one has no jobs except the cheapest jobs!  The battle in Britain being waged by the Brexit population is all about bringing back industrial jobs to England, for example.  This is being defeated by globalists who have the ‘left’ (sic) on their side, this ‘left’ demanding workers be kicked to the curb.


In France, workers are now in nearly full revolt and the government may fall due to this.  Macron has resorted to using military brute force like Venezuela’s dictator, to suppress workers.  The workers aren’t revolting in England right now mainly because there are few of these left.


I watch fun Brit TV shows about how the police operate to disarm people of even the smallest of knives, anything that might be a ‘weapon’ while at the same time, millions besiege housing authorities, demanding free housing while the proletariat desperately try to latch onto welfare systems while millions of aliens pour in, demanding government services.


Sounds familiar!  The US is in a trade war with the world.  We have NO ALLIES in this war, all our ‘allies’ are actually ‘rivals’.  They know this, we know this but the mainstream media doesn’t know anything, of course.  They mainly remain stupid, clueless and of course, this is deliberate, not accidental.


China decided to have open trade war now with US so…here we go!


Dow Jones Industrial Average futures dropped 497 points as of 6:47 a.m. ET which implied an opening decline of about 480 points. S&P 500 futures lost 1.7% and Nasdaq-100 Index futures dropped 2.2%.  China’s stock markets, meanwhile, fell sharply. The Shanghai Composite dropped 5.6% while the Shenzhen A Shares index plunged more than 7%.


This is, as I expected, hitting China harder than the US.  China can’t force us to buy their junk.  We are, right now, the customers.  And the customer is always right.  US businesses who moved to China are frantic to keep ‘free trade’ rolling because it makes them very, very rich while putting us deeper and deeper into debt.  They just don’t care.  They can’t see the end of this: annihilation of themselves as things collapse.


They imagine that places like California and New York City will roll onwards, forever, with no consequences even as these ‘liberal’ hell holes fall to pieces.  Here is what is happening to California, now that it is totally run by ‘Democrats’:


It’s the latest sign that Democrats’ growing majority in Sacramento doesn’t necessarily mean more unity. Democrats now hold about three-quarters of the Legislature’s seats—a margin that gives the party the potential for great power, but also makes it vulnerable to fracture under the weight of its ideological, geographic and socio-economic diversity.


Refusing to set a hearing for a bill isn’t the only way Dems are quietly killing Democratic legislation. Several progressive bills stalled this month because their authors knew they would fail in committee and so opted not to bring them up for a vote. They included measures to expand rent control, broaden data privacy protections and ban super-sized servings of soda.


Last year, they banned straws.  Now they are banning supersized sodas.  HAHAHA.  Note the meddlesomeness of all this.  These leftist lunatics want to have total control over everything while at the exact same time, prevent anyone from controlling important things like crime, discipline in schools, open filth on streets and sidewalks, etc.


I used to live in NYC and moved there back when the DNC ran the joint and it was a burned-out, crime raddled mess.  The place was also absolutely filthy.  Everything was literally collapsing and all the liberals just sat there, saying ‘rent control works’ and ‘I don’t see any filth’ (pigs don’t, of course) and ‘what crime’?


Arresting a bunch of these vicious politicians did move things along and we got to clean up some of their messes but they took over again and the city has resumed being destroyed, again.  But I don’t live there anymore.  Ha.

Video above: all DNC run cities run DNC/Teacher Union schools and all of these are utterly horrible, useless junk that can’t function as schools since the SJW gang has eliminated all forms of discipline.  The DNC is very anxious to keep a death grip on schools so anyone trying to circumvent liberal school policies has to be stopped:


As charter school advocates rallied en masse and California’s teachers’ unions flexed their political muscle, a cluster of bills that would dramatically curb the growth of charters in the state cleared the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday.


The DNC is also rigging elections in California by having ‘open ballots’ during PRIMARIES so people can flood into opposition parties and vote for candidates that the party supporters don’t want.  This stupid scheme will backfire in the end but liberals can’t imagine their own tools being turned against them.


A wave of high-profile teacher strikes this year in Los Angeles and Oakland put the spotlight on unions’ claim that the growth of charter schools, which are mostly nonunion, has financially stressed traditional public schools, siphoning enrollment and public funding.


They certainly don’t want any competition.  I had to move two times to escape unfixable schools.  In NYC I founded ‘Save Our Schools’ and failed due to the fact that when I had a second child enter school age, I couldn’t afford private schools and the public schools were a horror.


And following the strikes, Gov. Gavin Newsom, who won office with the support of organized labor, signed fast-tracked legislation that requires charter schools to follow the same open-meeting and conflict of interest laws as school districts. The new law and other charter restrictions had been vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown.


They want to force children to ‘integrate’ while at the same time, these same people pass rules and regulations that prevent schools from punishing black children.  So discipline in schools continue to collapse and mass murder, mass riots, mass defiance and all other lovely things are now so common, it barely makes any news at all which is also deliberate.


What is most disturbing is, all the DNC leaders live in safe enclaves and thus, don’t fear the chaos they are creating.  This is incredibly short sighted.  The mad mob will eventually find where these creeps live.


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5 responses to “Trade War With China: The Customer Is Always Right

  1. Petruchio

    “The battle in Britain being waged by the Brexit population is all about bringing back industrial jobs to England, for example.” Obviously stripping a Country of its Industrial Base makes that Country poorer. Wages go down. Tax Revenues go down, etc. But one really nasty outcome of eliminating a Country’s Industrial base is this: the ability to wage War. You can stockpile weapons, but over time, if the War lasts for any length of time, shortages ensue. Critical ones. A Nation’s sovereignty is out at Risk. Of course if you are a Globalist who wants a New World Order, a One World Government, this is a desirable outcome.

  2. Yes, note that GERMANY is very much still industrial. Germany won WWII long ago. Ditto, Japan.

  3. Suusi M-B

    Let us get one thing straight shall we.

    The de industrialisation of the UK has nothing to do with the EU what so ever.

    The de industrialisation of the UK stems back to the Thatcher government of 1979’s decision that only the service industries matter.

    Heavy industries went to the wall.

    This was hidden by encouraging house price inflation (which is excluded from the official inflation statistics) often running to 15% PA

    The other side to the equasion was globalisation. The city and government could not wait to ship jobs to China.

    The City is a gambling house that creates no wealth. It has far too much of a hold over government. It also has no interest in capitalisum.

    Only licenced monopolies.

    Now we are paying the piper.

  4. The de-industrialization of England began way back in around 1900.

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