Cold, Snow All Over Europe Wrecking Vineyards, Damaging Crops

It is snowing again in Europe in late April/May.  Snowing in England and France where this shouldn’t happen.  It is the third year in a row with cold, inclement weather deep into spring.  The last two years saw a 40% reduction in wine production due to late spring freezes. This is one of many reasons the French who live outside the cities are in full revolt against Macron who wants to make France colder.


It is below freezing in SPAIN and ITALY, too!  The Guardian is a ‘global warming’ freaky newspaper that wants to freeze England to death to protect polar bears.  But unlike the US media giants, they do print some real news still.  Imagine that.


During the weekend, an unusually cold Arctic outbreak for early May reached much of Europe. By Sunday morning, air temperatures had dropped below freezing as far south as northern Spain and Italy. The frost may have proved very damaging for wine-producing regions as grapevines are already in flower. Heavy snow affected Alpine regions and some violent thunderstorms were spawned in the Mediterranean as the cold air arrived.


This very stupid newspaper has no editorial comment about this news, it just presents it as ‘oh well.’  A bunch of climate hysterics who scream like school girls every time we have warm weather suddenly shrugs and says, ‘Oh well, it is snowing in May,’ as if this were normal.  I suppose these lunatics want this to be ‘normal.’

In Cemtral France, young people at a festival who believe we are all going to die due to heat are hammered by blizzard conditions this last weekend.


Around 30 people caught hypothermia at an unauthorized, outdoor techno music festival in central France this weekend after it was hit by a surprise snowstorm. Temperatures at the Teknival in Feniers, central France, unexpectedly plunged to -3 degrees Celsius (26.6 degrees Fahrenheit) overnight on Saturday and Sunday, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported. There were several centimeters of snow on the ground, the news agency reported.


HAHAHA.  These young people demanded it get much colder and like all demonic forces that love to toy with humans, their wish has been granted.  Of course, the global warmists are still yelling about us roasting to death.  But this is one fight they are doomed to lose over time.  Freezing to death is hard to ignore.

The last three years has been cold and reminds me of the mid-1970’s.


The reason Germanic tribes brewed beer was due to this being a ‘cold weather’ drink.  Wine requires global warming and flourished in the past during the Minoan and Roman and Medieval Warm Periods.  This simple fact eludes ‘scientists’ who are bent on convincing us, we are all roasting to death.


I noted during all the Yellow Vest marches that Paris has been quite cold and dreary this entire winter and so far, entire spring.  Here is what the clowns running Nasa have to say about this record cold:

As people are drowning, the Mississippi River is overflowing its banks, as Europe freezes in May, after it snowed several times in the Sahara Desert this last winter, etc. NASA is worried about it being too warm and dry!!!


Good grief to all hell.  Talk about utterly deranged.  Here is what they are screaming about during the last three days:

These jerks are frantically trying to wave away reality but one thing one cannot ignore is very cold weather.  Only insane people ignore the cold.  The rest of us feel the burn of ice quickly and do something about it.  Even today, the news feed is full of fake global warming news.


They can publish anything they want but it is increasingly difficult to convince people they are too hot when they are suffering from freezer burn.  In the last 22 hours, the NY Times is fretting about Bengal tigers (another one killed someone using the outhouse in India last night!) and how these tigers think it is too hot near the equator.


In December, the stumblebums running the National Geographic into the ground were yelling about how this el Nino year would be ‘the hottest, ever’ when it turns out to be ridiculously cold in the Northern Hemisphere.  It snowed this last week in the mountains around Los Angeles, for example and in hot Tucson, too!  Ouch.


No matter how insane people are, in the long run, reality always wins.



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13 responses to “Cold, Snow All Over Europe Wrecking Vineyards, Damaging Crops

  1. Moe

    But, but, but…Global Warming!!

    From Watts Up With That – Climate politics skeptical

  2. Moe

    From Streetwise Professor – The worst way to reduce CO2

    Excerpt: Heretofore the Germans have been the world’s leader in renewable idiocy, with their Energiewende debacle, which has raised power costs to among the world’s highest, and not led to decreases in CO2 emissions (due mainly to the intermittency problem mentioned above).

  3. AT

    Why is NASA hustling global warming studies to Congress for a few nickels when they could lobby and get billions, if not trillions, to develop real space stuff, were Apophis deemed to have a 1% chance or more of hitting the earth in 2029? Incompetence?

  4. Jim R

    It’s Karma — these political jerks making weather forecasts, and having no explanation for why they are wrong.

  5. They are paid to lie. The elites want to freeze the peasants. Too stupid to know why the revolts in the late 18th century happened (hint: it was very cold, crop failures, etc.).

  6. You guys are “deniers”. “Science”!!

  7. I want all warmists to visit my home where I can watch them freeze, for free.

  8. Tom W Harris

    It’s called arctic melting. Check into it.

  9. Ziff

    @ JMRJ , explain AGW theory to us , and what is backradiation ? ‘science’

  10. Lou

    Elaine, are you aware of why the Colorado shooting was scrubbed?

  11. Fred Mrozek

    On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 7:26 AM Culture of Life News wrote:

    > emsnews posted: ” It is snowing again in Europe in late April/May. > Snowing in England and France where this shouldn’t happen. It is the third > year in a row with cold, inclement weather deep into spring. The last two > years saw a 40% reduction in wine production due t” >

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