The Great Purge: Silicon Valley Big Brothers Attack Humanity


Click here to see Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones discuss the gross 1984 style suppression of free speech:  Above is an example.  A parody site, for example, set up by a young man that made fun of AOC irritated these creepy internet hosts.  So,  Facebook removed this funny parody.  Facebook is run by SJW fascists who hate comedy above all things.  Mocking them gets them all very worked up.  The entire internet is being censored very heavily now by fake liberals who are really fascists and the Bilderberg gang cooperating with global dictators.


Twitter has permanently banned Jewish Trump supporter Mike Morrison for running a parody account that made fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


The account, @AOCPress, was banned despite it complying with all Twitter’s rules on parody accounts, including having the word “parody” in both its account name and biography.


The parody account was an embarrassment to AOC because it mainly posted gibberish that was almost identical to her actual statements. Morrison also had his own Twitter account with over 50,000 followers permanently removed.


Note how the regular account was destroyed along with the parody account.

The fascists who run these websites which are supposed to be used to communicate with each other are heavily censoring content now for political gain.  Posobiec has reported on all this, but even discussion about the suppression of users of the internet systems will soon be annihilated.


Anyone talking about any of this will be removed forever and everything erased.  It is just amazing, watching how California/NYC/West Coast young internet leaders turned into little Stalins.  They are utterly and totally evil and ever since joining the Bilderberg gang, are now nakedly exposed as tyrants.


Millions of people have been erased from the internet based on frivolous reasons.  Word is now out, Google’s motto now is  ‘do only evil’ and since becoming evil, has even changed their slogan because they know they are utterly evil.  Facebook is now Fascistbook.  Twitter is Tattle Tale.


Suckerberg of Facebook infamy is now blurring faces of people who it bans so if you appear on someone’s FB page and you are banned, your picture will be removed.  Alex Jones says his image has been erased from family pictures on Facebook, for example.


Credit card accounts of political opponents of the DNC/SJW gang are being cancelled, for example, without warning. This is political persecution and a number of victims of this New Stalinism are now suing.


All these censoring website owners are losing money due to this insanity.  They don’t care.  They hope to make money off of selling information and attention to corporate entities.  Only people hate corporations more and more as they are attacked by left wing website businesses.


Google, for example, is merely a collection of websites.  It’s entire business depends on people visiting their websites to do business or interact with each other.  Preventing people from doing both means Google will eventually and rather suddenly, die.


This is why they want to control this future via forbidding people from being on the internet, at all!


Mainstream media isn’t lying about me because they ‘depersoned’ me way back in 1969.  I am used to living in the shadows.  Since I barely exist online, I am accustomed to being anonymous.  Each time I changed my name, I would reappear in public in the news, etc.  As the elites figure out who I am, I vanish again.


PJW mentions people might commit suicide over this suppression: IT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY before the internet became anything big at all.  Reporters who suddenly find out they are banned for life for reporting the truth, they have killed themselves!  It is heartbreaking when this happens.


The censorship is spreading rapidly, here is another victim:


“I just got banned from Chase WePay. I was using them to sell tour tickets. I will have to use another payment processor,” Roosh tweeted a short time later.

Eventually, unless the fascist coup succeeds, the conservatives will build up better websites for all these places are mere websites, run by conservatives only.  But the fake liberals think, if they gain enough power, they can prevent any free speech which is why they are openly attacking the Constitution and demanding it be changed.


“Instagram and Chase Wepay banned me within 19 minutes of each other,” Roosh said in a follow-up tweet.


This is obviously coordinated by corporations who want very much to impose anti-capitalist systems whereby they get to do as they please while no competition is allowed.

The banning system is based on the Chinese system set up by the communists.  But then, the left is communist.  Liberals who denounce all this are banned alongside conservatives.  So liberals now have to choose: stay united with fascist communists or side with citizens who honor the Constitution?


This is a very big question.  Which side are you all on?  We know from Mad Madame Mao that women in particular, are very dangerous when they get fascist powers and can enforce their insanity on others.  Madame Mao was an actress!  Hollywood-type female: this should alarm us all.


The coordinated attack on anyone to the right of Mao is planned.  It is now enforced, all parties are doing this now in collusion.  The first test was Alex Jones who was banned nearly instantaneously by the elites, I was very angry about it but lots of foolish people said, ‘He asked for this’.


Well, evidently everyone is ‘asking for this’ now?  Right.  Talk about ignoring warnings. Now, the war against dissent is on and the liberals are on the side of Mao and Stalin and Hitler.


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11 responses to “The Great Purge: Silicon Valley Big Brothers Attack Humanity

  1. Ziff

    true, since i’ve been posting links @ this one is getting hidden

  2. Petruchio

    “Now, the war against dissent is on and the liberals are on the side of Mao and Stalin and Hitler.” I think the linchpin to unlocking this “Madame Mao” types is Congress. the Congress can reform–or NOT reform the Internet. The Congress could enforce the First Amendment, if it wanted to. This is all unlikely; it was a thoroughly corrupt Congress that allowed all of the Media Mergers starting in the 80’s so that today we have 96% of our Media owned by just 6 companies.

  3. Petruchio

    Did a quick search on Madame Mao. She was Chairman Mao’s 4th wife and she was also known by her real name: Jiang Qing. I watched the YouTube video titled “Madame Mao (Jiang Qing) flies into a rage.”. It’s a very short video so I won’t give any spoilers here. I just hope the current crop of “Madame Mao’s” meet a similar end.

  4. When she threw a snit at my dad when he was on a diplomatic mission in Beijing, he just told her to calm down and proceeded to unbolt his beds from the floor. This was the first action leading to her being overthrown.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Oh, we know why they banned AJ. They didn’t like him calling them, “Literal Vampire, Potbelly Goblins”. HAHAHA

  6. AT

    Never had a facebook account because I didn’t like the management or the model. Whenever something is free, you are the product.

  7. AT

    I started a twitter account once. After I set it up to follow a bunch of finance stuff, a bunch of hookers started following me so I quit.

    ELAINE: HAHAHA. ‘He got LOOT!’ They knew a real man when they see the money!

  8. Tom W Harris

    I don’t have any idea if this is related, but my Firefox browser vanished today, along with its supporting files. Very strange…

  9. Moe

    Paul Joseph Watson to sue Facebook for defamation after being falsely labeled a “dangerous” terrorist

  10. Firefox changed how they operate and were censoring people so I assume that the 4Chan guys pulled it down.

  11. The stupid Bilderberg gang forgets: even huge entities like Google are…websites!!! Just like me and you all. Easily eliminated.

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