Get Woke/Go Broke: Leftists Double Down On Going Bankrupt

To my greatest astonishment, the NY Times has an anti-Zuckerberg story!  The NY Times is OK with censorship even with censoring and punishing white males for making OK signs with the hand but they have suddenly decided to report the real news yesterday…I am astonished.  This happens on occasion.  Not enough, but on occasion.


The NY Times still claims that fellow Bilderberg buddy, Mark Zuckerberg is a ‘good guy’ while not reporting the truth that  he attends secret Bilderberg meetings and makes deals with elites and other internet controllers to take over the world and enforce SJW policies via force and using communist tools like suppression of free speech and military power.


The NY Times is one of the founding members of that international gang way back to right after WWII.  So the reporter (sic) should include this very important information since the beginning of Facebook and Google, etc. colluding to ban and destroy political opponents was conspired upon exactly one year ago at a secret Bilderberg meeting in Virginia.


The latest target in Europe is Sargon who is running for office now and so has been slated for total elimination online.  Tommy Robinson is also being eliminated, too.  All opposition to ‘mainstream’ parties are being systematically wiped off of the internet deliberately in an online coup by elites.

Here is another EU group who is now being slated for elimination from the public, a music group who did a very harsh video combining the idea of Nazi extermination camps being used to destroy opponents of the New World Order which Bush Sr. boasted about many years ago.


Yes, Bush Sr. joyfully announced ‘we are in a New World Order’ back when the Soviet Union fell.  The video below is full of disturbing imagery.  In less than two months it had over 42 million views:

Here is a short list of all the news stories (sic) freaking out about the use of Nazi death camps as images:

Meanwhile, in Britain, the destruction of the British people by invaders continues:

So, as conservative sites are being deleted and people punished with prison time in Europe for posting ‘anti-Muslim’ stuff, the British courts let outright terrorists to run riot, deliberately.  You can’t say a thing against Muslims in England now, not even report the real news anymore, and you are banned or imprisoned.


Meanwhile, Muslims can attack churches, commit mass murder, attack cops in London, openly and the State doesn’t lift a finger.  This is called ‘an invasion’ and it is utterly hostile and openly talking about enslaving or murdering the entire native population of England and this is OK with the lunatics who run the place with ruthless tactics.


Meanwhile, here in the US where the SJW gang wants to have a coup, they continue to control everything on the internet.  The latest outrage is this news: the patriotic Navy Seal who exposed the Nathan Phillip’s fake military records showing he is a liar, has been eliminated by Zuckerberg’s SJW Neo-Nazi gang.


The mainstream media attacked a very young white male student who visited DC wearing a MAGA hat.  They peddled Mr. Phillip’s obvious lies about how he was a Navy Seal during the Vietnam war.  The real Navy Seal who proved this to be a blatant lie is now being banned from the SJW internet systems.


All this banning of people, lying about reality and goofy SJW lunacy is hammering many businesses that indulge in this sort of nasty garbage.  Disney is a total SJW nightmare operation now and is losing money here, there and everywhere:

One comment to the above video:


I don’t usually celebrate when people lose their jobs because they’re probably the bread earner for their family. However, I do enjoy watching these parasites (journalists) getting fired. They relish in attacking fans and gamers so now let them reap their just reward.


Yes, this is how reality boomerangs.  Disney is losing loot all over the place, the last systems still operational as profitable are the Disney parks and Marvel movies.  Only Marvel is deep into going ‘woke’ right now and will soon be oozing red ink, too.  Disney has dealt with this by doubling down on the ‘women are good/white males are evil’ business and soon will face bankruptcy.


Soros is busy trying to prop up all this by handing out billions of loot to losing businesses that attack white males.  This is really funny, seriously.  Even he can’t do this forever, this is rapidly bankrupting him!  Boycotts work.


Seeing all this, the Chicago Cubs corporation decided to get woke and go broke, too!  They hunted down, using detectives, to discover who that scamp of a white dude was who made the 150 year old OK sign with his hand at a baseball game.  They then ejected him for LIFE, ordering him and anyone else to never, ever make an OK hand sign in public, ever again!


This is insane and yet very, very funny since now, baseball fans can join football fans (huge overlap here) to attack their favorite sports!


This has to be the stupidest SJW action, ever.  All attempts at wiping out all traces of white males is going to end violently with many dead leftists.  Desperate to disarm white males, the leftists use the excuse of high crime rates in all (with NO exception) DNC run cities to demand all people disarm.  This way, we have no crime (ahem, look at Europe terrorized by aliens attacking relentlessly!).


Meanwhile, leftists are going literally insane.  One very sad case is Tim Pool:


He was a far left radical who did the Occupy Wall Street event, he worked for Vice and is a founding member of it and then was kicked out due to being rational instead of SJW insane and he realized this week when his leftist buddies confronted him for being sane, that he is losing all his loser friends so…and I predicted this at his own website two weeks ago…instead of telling them all to jump in the lake, he ran away and is rejoining them.


He is going to denounce his own ability to report reality and retreat into fantasies of communal life.  He is a single male and his buddies are single, too, I believe.  He interviews one here who is a big loser.  They think they are smart, being ‘natural’ aka, uncivilized and uncouth and they think ‘joining nature’ is beautiful yet these clowns destroy everything in their paths.


Ever see the end result of any occupation by young leftists?  Looks like Hiroshima after it was nuked.  In particular, they destroy ‘nature’.  Too stupid to see their own garbage, literally, they merrily march onwards, off a cliff.  I am sad to see poor Tim destroy his own business this way, 99% of his audience and 100% of his financial support comes from young people who are conservatives.


He is kicking them all to the curb now.  What is really creepy is, he correctly reported how being crazy leftists is fatal!  Yet, he, himself, has to lemming up and join fellow lemmings off the same cliff!!!  How sad.


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13 responses to “Get Woke/Go Broke: Leftists Double Down On Going Bankrupt

  1. Petruchio

    Criticizing Zuckerberg is a calculated move by the NYT; they haven’t changed one little bit. They know how much heat Zuckerberg has been getting and have decided to use it to their advantage. Once in awhile these bozos who run the MSM throw one of their own under the bus. This allows them to tell everybody that they are totally UN biased; they criticize everyone. Yeah right.

  2. Zeke

    “According to its most recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the average revenue per user in 2017 was $20.21.”

    I remember in high school biology class a poster telling us how much our bodies were ‘worth’ in the chemicals and minerals they contained. The amount was something like $1 or $2 and change.
    More current assays are all over the place.

    Facebook doesn’t allow pseudonymous membership because it guarantees it’s clients real data on the real ‘you’ as it sells you to it’s client advertisement companies.

    In a way, only in a way, its digital data slavery in which the real ‘you’ is sold to companies. ‘You’ are the commodity, broken down into its digital data components rather than chemical and mineral ones, that is put on the auction block. It’s what Cambridge Analytica and others so throughly mined. It’s the price paid to present flattering positive photos and stories of yourselves for others to admire. It’s the price of vanity.

    I’ve seen different figures for what you are ‘worth’ to Facebook but it just reminds me of high school biology class.

  3. timothy carroll

    OT: Finally, a country with a leader and citizens where it’s not only okay to be white, it’s friggin’ GREAT. And they are “white nationalists” quite unashamedly.

  4. kenogami

    @3 wrote:

    ” Finally, a country with a leader and citizens where it’s not only okay to be white, it’s friggin’ GREAT. And they are “white nationalists” quite unashamedly.”

    You are quite wrong. Putin and Russia are not white nationalists: they are Russian patriots.
    Putin has sent several extreme white nationalists in jail.

    Russia is a mosaic: There are 186 ethnic groups in Russia, each with its own culture and language; more than 20 have their own district or state. The only thing that Putin’s Russia require is that they be loyal to Russia and respect the laws of the land.

    Putin is intelligent enough to understand that to put the white Christian nationalists above the others would destroy the mosaic and destroy Russia with terrorism and civil wars; that is exactly what the evil Anglo-Zionist empire would like to do.

    Christian, Moslem and Buddhist Russians are all opposed to the sexual perversions and moral degeneracies of the West; thus they are hated by all the SJW morons.

  5. timothy carroll


    I’ll respect that. I don’t have a problem with other religions or ethnic groups, except maybe (((one))), which the Russians are still not rid of. The takeaway I get when viewing the clip I posted is that there are no n*gg*rs with their pants half way down their a@@ and everyone appears to take a certain degree of pride in how they look, dress, and act. Patriotism on full display. No taking a knee. Similar to America pre-1960, before the full-on assault by the (((tribe))) to take us down.

  6. Russia is very ‘mixed race’ empire like ours.

  7. Moe

    @6 EMS

    Ain’t no blacks in Russia. No Mexicans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Haitians, Cubans or Jamaicans either. The common denominator: either or both Negroid DNA or Native American DNA.

  8. timothy carroll


    Yes. The (((tribe))) ensured that in 1965, all consideration for immigration to America would be Third World. A fact that Elaine carefully tap dances around. Whites have been marked for extinction for over a hundred years, and most are gleefully unaware that the Jew has ratcheted up this destruction over the last 60 years.

    You could argue that the U.S. was very mixed race prior to 1965 in that the whites who made up the country were from England, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, and the like. Placing the Third World immigrants in the front of the line highlights the Jew’s plan for destroying the country that allowed them entry in the first place. It’s an old playbook they have used over the centuries and is why they always end up facing a violent end. They coddle there pets (brown, black, LGBQT) until their goals are achieved. Then they throw them under the bus along with the rest of the goys.

  9. timothy carroll

    ^”there” should be “their”. ^

  10. Lou

    8–It went on, earlier. ‘The New Colossus’ poem on the LIBERTY Statue.
    That the poetess wanted an all Jew Zion and a third world, huddled masses USA, well who dare mention that? Lets look at other areas, like,
    ‘The Melting Pot’–a play by a bagel. Circa 1900.

    yes, LBJ and Teddy ‘only 5000 will enter’ Kennedy were the front for Hart, Celler, Javits.

  11. timothy carroll


    True. As I said earlier, the Jew is, if nothing else, patient, in his relentless goal of destroying the goy. And we have nearly 535 Congress members who have prostituted themselves for Israel. Money printing has its advantages, a fact that Woodrow Wilson opened us up to in 1913.

  12. They also collect bribes from Saudi Arabia and China, too. It isn’t a ‘Jewish’ thing it is an overall money thing.

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