Feminists Self Destruct: DNC Supports Idea Men Are Identical To Women

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative  organization, had a panel of women athletes who are scared and upset about the new rules that let men pretend to be ‘women’ for a few months via taking some pills, and then utterly destroy women in sports since men are physically much stronger, faster and at the top ranks, smarter than women.  At the same time, women’s rights women are now allied with anti-feminist Muslims, white-hating black radicals and others who really, really hate or want to enslave and destroy…white WOMEN.  This is utterly insane and very sad, too.


I was an actual women’s rights pioneer, myself.  I was the first high school girl to sue to be allowed into ‘boy’s’ classes like Shop and Mechanics and other classes.  I also wanted to play some ‘boy’s’ sports and did this with the Olympics Committee, demonstrating that women could fight rapier as well as with ‘whip sticks’ in fencing.


Alas, when I did a flying lunge at my boyfriend at the time who was a gold medalist, I threw my back out, proving women are too weak!  Even worse, I found out I was pregnant while still in school!


I kept the baby and left academia.  I am writing all this to show that I was all for changes in sports going back to the 1960’s.  Today, all those changes and more have happened and women athletes are not happy with the results.


That is, at the same time movies and dogma are screeching at girls that girls are no different than boys and that girls are just as good as boys at everything, real life is now showing that girls are weaker, dumber and slower than boys.  This is due to evolution.


Denying the reality of evolution is impossible.  Genetic females will now cease to exist in sports.  There is no way around this reality.  Since the DNC has a huge white female support base, these females will have to live with the reality that they invited the wolves into their homes and will now pay the price.

Here is a sad example of soon-to-be-history female athlete dissing Trump and the entire notion of ‘patriotism’:


Rapinoe proudly sang ‘Born in the USA’ into a microphone after scoring a decisive point in a 3-0 win vs. Colombia during a FIFA World Cup qualifying match in 2011.


Over the span of eight years, however, the outspoken athlete, part of the beloved 2015 women’s World Cup-winning team, has gone from patriotic national champion to US cultural critic, becoming as famous for her activism on and off the field as she is for her electrifying play and once-plentiful charismatic displays of love for her country.


Women on the left have been allowed to be obnoxiously nasty about sex stuff for quite a while and will now have to bite the bullet or rather, die due to being gunned down by their own allies and ‘supporters’.


Their naked hatred is going to bite back, badly, over time.


I did ‘men’s work’ all my long life and know very well what it entails.  It is dangerous and hard and I had to work at at the gym to maintain my prime muscle strength so I could do a man’s work.  I appreciate the efforts of men, civilization was built by them.  And they are now being defamed by communist females who hate them for this and wish to destroy all that they built over time.


NY City pulled back from the brink of total destruction since 1977.  I played a role in all that and the best thing I did was to agree to have Special Prosecutor, Giuliani, tap my phone!  HAHAHA.  Many arrests and one suicide by DNC gangsters due to that one move!


Well, the City was rebuilt and thrived and now is run by a former neighbor of mine, De Blasio.  He is a communist and is systematically destroying the City all over again.  He held a rally in Trump Tower to talk about how he is going to tax all the Manhattan towers for being ‘global warming’ machines.


Today, is it near freezing in NYC due to global warming, in mid-May!  Since global warming stopped a number of years ago, the leftist communists renamed our climate as ‘changing’ instead which is true: it is getting colder quite fast.

The ‘green deal’ is to deindustrialize America all over again.  The DNC deindustrialized us already with the huge help of globalist Republicans in the past.  Trump then rose up with the support of US citizens alarmed at the mess being created by the Bilderberg gang and is now fighting back.


So the left is doubling down on the desire to deindustrialize America and freeze us to death.

Below is a young man at this strange event, as it unfolded:

The demented ‘we are roasting to death’ story is floundering due to harsh, cold reality.  Global warming has been used as a tool to oppress working class people which is why so many of these are now rising up in hot rage all over the planet.


We can see from all communist experiments like in Venezuela today, how workers are punished by communists once the communists gain all the physical power and disarm their victims who they then enslave, starve and kill.  It baffles me why anyone would follow that cult!  Just amazing.



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17 responses to “Feminists Self Destruct: DNC Supports Idea Men Are Identical To Women

  1. Moe

    After reading Elaines’ article, I’m suffering from cognitive dissonance. Can’t recall the last time I read an article in support of men, Caucasian men at that, that further described women as” “…weaker, dumber and slower than boys…”. Sure glad I didn’t say that. 🙂

    It;s that final item that I believe will break the back of the feminist/progressive crowd and the DNC. Female backlash (i.e, return to norm) will kill the DNC at the ballot box and also force a cultural transition to more traditional values. It’s gonna be bloody though and won’t occur without residual cultural overtones that are still socially inimical.

  2. timothy carroll

    One big reason for optimism is Generation Z (born in later ’90s to 2000s). This cohort is very conservative, pro-gun rights, and suspicious of Israel. The next 10 to 20 years ought to be very interesting for those of us around to witness it. Baby boomers, gen X, will be too old to fight these younger folk.

  3. Petruchio

    The biggest lie that the Feminist movement told WOMEN (not Men) is that Women are equal to each other. That’s just assumed in the push for getting women to be just like Men. Equal in jobs/careers, equal in the Military. Equal in marriage. Simple common sense makes anyone who applies some logic to the subject KNOWS Women are not equal to each other!! some women, like Elaine, can take on jobs like construction similar to what men do. ALOT of women could not do that! The education levels of women are vastly different. The feminist movement assumes that Education levels for women don’t mean a thing. The feminist movement, founded by SURPRISE!!! Jewish women, has really been about destroying Western core values, such as the Institution of Marriage. And Women didn’t want Careers until the Feminist movement told them they needed careers.

  4. Petruchio

    “Their naked hatred is going to bite back, badly, over time.” Yes it will. Women have NEVER won a physical violence contest against Men. Throughout history Men have always had their way with Women folk. All that has to happen for this to happen again is for Men to throw The Final Taboo out the window. The Final Taboo is that you do NOT physical attack/hit Women. I certainly do NOT advocate or want this to happen! But I believe that all the Hatred women’s froups like #MeToo and the Feminist movement make physical conflict towards women is going to happen. I do NOT advocate or desire this, but I do believe it will happen. And once it starts, it won’t end soon and it will be VERY bad news for Women. And of course, the Jewish folks who promoted all this will be cackling like crazed Hens.

  5. tio

    “It baffles me why anyone would follow that cult! Just amazing.”

    There is a lot of that going around at the moment. For example, your overlords enjoy full fat, unadulterated and undiluted ‘cultism’ in their agricultural sector. Which you subsidise, odd that. Personal takeaway? Economies are complex and can embrace as much nuanced thinking as makes sense for each sector. Same with society really, hang on a mo … mixed econo .. or something. I digress, HERESY! Burn the Warlock.

    @Pet, never get high on your own supply. Your humble correspondent is a Limey Bastard (TM) but it seems to me as though you are spot on, the DNC didn’t go anti – zioconlibneotard, no, it drank all of its Kool aid, to the last drop. Also, I sense anger in you young padawan, the antidote is being a Gentleman to all, think about it.

    Who in their right minds wants to watch wimmins sports? (Apart from beach volley ball and this also excludes ladies in sensible shoes) Forcing people to endure this spectacle? Smells like communism, I say .. bomb the bastards.

  6. Melponeme_k

    “Alas, when I did a flying lunge at my boyfriend at the time who was a gold medalist, I threw my back out, proving women are too weak! Even worse, I found out I was pregnant while still in school!”

    Men are built compact and powerful through the chest, spine and hips. They are practically all in one piece. This helps when they throwing, pushing and fighting. Everything is coming from their center of power in the solar plexis.

    Women’s power is in the hip area. It is needed for childbirth. The spine is flexible because it needs to stretch and contort to accommodate the weight of a baby. This means women will always be LOOSE.

    I’m not surprised your back gave out on you. Especially because your body was preparing to nurture an infant. It was stretching and loosening.

    I took fencing as well. I was good. But never, never, ever as fast or as powerful as the men. The only time I could score a point is if I positioned the younger guys in the eye line of younger prettier women. Then they got distracted. HAHAHAHAHA!

    If young women losing their own sports is what it takes to wake them up and leave the CIA controlled “Feminist” psy-op. Then so be it.

    People can wake up. I did.

  7. Moe

    To continue the meme ‘dumb women’, here’s AOC at her best (worst):

    – Cognitively challenged AOC says that being six weeks pregnant is no different than “missing your period”


    But as counterbalance, there’s this:

  8. tio

    Mirror, Mirror .. a couple of moonbats having an interesting chat.

  9. Petruchio

    @#5 tio: Thank you for the comments. Good points made. I think what is really important is to recognize and identify your Enemy. It’s a basic rule for winning a war, whether a military war or other type of war. You do not attack non Enemies. Very important. To do so creates exactly the kind of turmoil the REAL villains want! The Feminists have been waging a war against white males. Being a white male I take their hostility to heart. They have to be countered. It is a zero sum “game”. Anyways, when the US War Machine attacks Iran, that will start World War 3 so this topic is moot. ALWAYS be a Gentleman to non enemies. ALWAYS treat your Enemies as Enemies.

  10. Thanks to all the comments here. Make no mistake: women CAN fight ‘like men’ but the numbers who can are around..1%. It is hard work, being muscular and with a killer’s temperament. I had to fight to survive for years so I grew to enjoy fighting.

    This is very unusual. It is not normal at all. Nor is it GOOD. It is bad! Babies need females to nurture and love and toddlers are very demanding and noisy and difficult taking great care not to hurt them while raising them is a female skill.

    Turning women into fighters means destroying the ability to mother babies! I managed to raise two children but TOOK OFF WORK and even PLAY while they were very young! I had to ‘be feminine’ and I enjoyed this greatly, too.

    Young ladies today in schools are taught to hand of babies to strangers and interact rarely with them. Not even have them, they have to pay off the debts from school, first. This is destroying women in horrible ways. Not to mention the child abuse parts.

  11. tio


    I know of what I speak, think you have it bad? Try living here ..


    This doesn’t even come close to the reality of the place. I could tell you things that would make your toes curl, it really is a magnificent example of a lot of money spent prudently, over a long period of time, on a susceptible target audience. Anyhoo, I always step aside and open doors for that very rare occasion that I might hear a squeeked “Thank you”. Pity them, don’t hate them.

  12. And in England they have this Muslim invasion and I said in the past, the men of England will convert to Islam due to all this feminist lunacy. Right now, the left is also claiming hajibs are lovely and women should wear theses so I am assuming they, too, will be come Muslims in the future.


  13. Melponeme_k


    “I said in the past, the men of England will convert to Islam due to all this feminist lunacy.”

    That is the plan. That has always been the plan since the late 1800s. ALL of them wrote about it in their books from Crowley to Kalergy. That is why Queen Elizabeth II claims direct descendancy from the prophet Muhammad. Their crazy religion, whatever it may be, borrows a lot of Sufi mystical rituals.

    Always the plan. And they plan to destroy Islam. They can wait. They waited for many, many hundreds of years to kill off catholicism. They can wait just as long to kill off Islam.

    Unfortunately, we can’t wait.

  14. The Irish would say, literally killing Catholics….

  15. Lou

    Young ladies today in schools are taught to hand of babies to strangers and interact rarely with them. Not even have them, they have to pay off the debts from school, first. This is destroying women in horrible ways. Not to mention the child abuse parts.

    –The destruction of the middle class is happening in many ways. That the women have to work is something post 1970. Prior to that, 1 man worked 40 hours a week to support 4-5 [2+ 2 or 3]. At least in the middle class one income was enough.

  16. Moe

    New York Post: Men are afraid to mentor women after #MeToo

    Article lead-in: “Men are scared of women now.” Double entendre there, lending more support for the ‘women are equal’ movement and simultaneously depicting men as weak.

    Excerpt: “…60% of male managers report feeling “too nervous” about being accused of harassment to interact with women in “common workplace” activities such as mentoring, socializing and one-on-one meetings.”

    Wha…? Managers are nervous about receiving unfounded sexual harassment or sexual preference accusations that could end their career? Ya think?

    Of course the feminist advocate that reports this, Sheryl Sandberg, board member of Leanin.Org, is part of the problem. But Sandberg says it’s time for men to “step up” and “redefine what it means to be a good guy at work.”

    Yeah, Sheryl, it’s called ‘taking one for the team’ or more accurately, ‘putting your ass in the line-of-fire’.


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