Special Prosecutor Will Now Go After Obama/Clinton Gangsters

Well, the shoe is now officially on the other foot.  The DNC gang and the agents overseas who are all Bilderberg co-conspirators from Obama to Hillary and on down will now be fully investigated by a real investigation team, not a political cover up co-conspirator machine.  The DNC is sweating bullets so they want to impeach Trump which is deliciously insane.


Here is CBS talking about this information:

Mainstream fake news is in hysterics now, the DNC is screeching about impeaching Trump based on nothing:

Bill Barr assigned a special prosecutor to go after the DNC conspirators.  It is now official and there is nothing the DNC can do to stop this investigation.  They no longer control the FBI, the CIA or the Senate and the Supreme Court.  Now on to other news: The racist leftists are busy attacking yet another child.  They have this thing about attacking children who are disobedient and have a will of their own instead of being fools for the SJW gang.

They learn nothing from reality biting.  Everyone at the top of the DNC/Bilderberg/SJW pyramid is being systematically lined up and sued by a 16 year old boy and his army of lawyers so the leftist media giants double down and attack…an even younger child?  HAHAHA.


They are suicidal.  This 14 year old has a million fans online so of course, the adults running all systems are going to attack her with as much venom as possible.  This child may end up very rich, too.


Meanwhile, the insane left is screaming at us that we will all roast to death while record cold locks down huge hunks of the planet earth including my own place which just avoided another blizzard by a few miles to the north:


And it is raining in the Southwest which nearly always is very dry from March to July.


Over the past several days, a large upper-level low brought some rounds of heavy downpours to parts of the Southwest that do not typically see much in the way of rain in May. That may not be the last gasp of rain, as more appears to be on the way later this week.

Here are some rainfall stats from the past several days:

Las Vegas – 0.71 of an inch from Thursday into Friday, which already makes it the fifth wettest May on record.

San Diego – 0.40 of an inch for the month, which is triple the average for the month. Unlike Las Vegas, San Diego does occasionally have rainy spells in May. The city received 2.39 inches in May 2015.

Tucson – 1.21 inches from Saturday into Sunday, more than five times the normal for the month. It is currently the second-wettest May on record, behind only the 1.34 inches recorded in 1931.

Snow levels could drop as low as 6,000 or 7,000 feet for a time, which could introduce the opportunity for accumulating snow in some of the higher terrain.

So, another big Pacific storm will hit the entire West Coast again?  This, during the Dry Season.  I recall recently the insane government of insane California said with certainty, it will be forever dry.  Then the heavens opened up and rained and rained and rained some more.


I think the Gods do this to amuse themselves.  Silly humans.  Worrying about warm weather when super cold weather is wreaking havoc is particularly funny to the Gods who control our weather, more or less.


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8 responses to “Special Prosecutor Will Now Go After Obama/Clinton Gangsters

  1. Moe

    From Lame Cherry: Barr’s Reaper

    Excerpt: “This is honestly the biggest case in United States history and this is a US Attorney who is up for the job. I would not want to have been thinking I had Obama’s above the law pass as this US Attorney is above reproach as William Barr’s Grim Reaper.”


  2. Moe

    Moar Ben Garrison

  3. AT

    “Bilderbergers” were not Obama’s co-conspirators with Trump surveillance and Russophobia. That was GCHQ and a broken FISA and five eyes system.

    You’re blaming the choir for the sermon.

  4. tio

    AT, one of the many joys of the five eyes system (how nice this has entered general parlance btw) was the circumvention of domestic spying legislation for each ‘eye’. Granted this is now merely a fig leaf, but this arrangement is a very long standing one and a sort of go-to default. So it didn’t surprise me in the least when Mr Steele got the finger. If you are still confused as to the dynamics of the relationship between the US and UK I could refer you to another, more infamous, ‘dodgy dossier’ that perfectly explains everything.

  5. Since WWII, the Deep State structure ties all of Europe and lots of other places like Japan, for example, into a big Mega State. The people who control this State via the media, the courts and ‘elections’ until very recently, were people who were all participants in bi-annually meeting in secrecy in meetings run by THE BILDERBERG GANG.

    Capeesh? Thank you.

  6. AT

    One individual (the queen of *take your pick*) is the head of state and absolute unremovsble commander in chief of militaries comprising 20% of the world’s land mass. . . And four of the five eyes since those are military intelligence agencies. . . And a former ruler of the old world order. . . Who graciously tossed us the keys to the “new” world order empire for saving Western Europe from the jaws of a steamrolling Soviet victory in WWII. . . Then your bilderbergers suddenly appear to run strategy, seemingly, and somehow the “new” world order looks a lot more like a series of old world fights.

    Yeah sure, your Bilderbergers club are traitors in a sense that they are leading the nation without acting in its best interests. But they are also dupes in the sense that they believe they are running an empire, when in many instances they are standing in as proxies for ancient gripes and battles between old world powers. It’s like believing Churchill could declare war without the assent of his monarch.

    They are scapegoats and tools, that much is certain. Because, if they were smart enough to actually have taken the power, and decided to do so in an unconstitutional, illegitimate way, using an unsustainable global economic model based on monetary expansion and resource wasting, while espousing globalism over nationalism but never consolidating substantial military force under, say, the UN. . . Well then even a fool would know they needed a proxy, scapegoat and patsy, and we would be looking at some other club whilst your Bilderbergers remained in the shadows. Lol. Capeech?

    A rational American empire would have taken Venezuela long before the litany of failed states and monstrous dictatorships in the Middle East. That fight is really the old fight between England and Russia. Your Bilderbergers have been busy shoring up other people’s foreign entanglements while a truly American new world order would have shored up its own Monroe Doctrine first, not to mention the oil here, and then maybe the ME too.

  7. AT

    Tio, I get that the five eyes circumvents domestic spying rules, that kinda screws over the people. That’s the conventional wisdom hand wringing that’s been out there for decades without resolution.

    My point is it’s a helluva lopsided deal for the US: If the other four military intelligence agencies are all commanded by the same person (their collective queen), then they were all already “sharing” anyhow, even if only at the level of the command briefing.

    What’s more, if you were running a gang of patsies and parasites, to control a giant proxy, and to take the fall for you if that proxy collapses or turns round, then you would need to get a mainline to its intel.

  8. Jim R

    I saw an article the other day reporting that Durham had concluded his investigation without bringing any charges, and had never even interviewed many of the likely witnesses.

    SSDD . .

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