New Conservative Austrian Government Makes Deal With Putin

They met in Beijing and had ‘open lines’ for the last year as Putin pulls yet another diplomatic coup in the EU which is a collapsing organization.  ‘Austria is a key Russian partner in economics in Europe,’ said Putin, enjoying every word he uttered.  HAHAHA.  I predicted this would happen.  The Bilderberg gang’s grip on EU politics is collapsing and their insane attempts at starting WWIII is also collapsing.


There is now a Russian/Austrian trade cooperation being built now while the EU leaders desperately try to keep Russia out of the EU.  HAHAHA.  Putin knows he can’t do even the most basic diplomacy with the US thanks to mainstream media and the DNC and the cold warriors in the RNC all fighting with Trump when he just says ‘Hello’ to Putin.


Putin reminds Europe who is providing a huge hunk of energy to keep the EU people safe and warm.  He asks all of Europe to join in cooperation with Russia on all issues.  ‘Cultural and humanitarians ties’ are being built between Austria and Russia.  Any look at the map of Europe shows how Austria is dead center with everything.


Even the ancient Romans recognized this and when Attila the Hun moved against what became Austria, he carried off a German princess who poisoned him and thus, killed him, stopping that invasion.


Austria stopped the Turkish invasion of Europe 1600 years later, for example.  Other EU nations will now join this new union.


HISTORY: the Austrian representative at this press conference is now telling Putin, Austrain museums will now return all things stolen by the NAZIS.  Wow.  Ahem.  Well.  I am, on my father’s side, half Austrian and half Bavarian.  The Meinel family lives in both borders deep in the Alps.


Mittenwald is the Home Base, it is German for ‘in the middle.’  HAHAHA.  Renown for building violins, violas and cellos, my family sat on the frontier of medieval kingdoms run by sometimes lunatics like King Ludwig of Bavaria.  Must be why my great grandfather hiked over to the New World during the Gold Rush.


He found a living painting landscapes in California, instead.


I hiked around Austria, meeting family members there, back in 1968.  I literally hiked around in order to enjoy the amazing beauties of the Alps in springtime.


Back to this diplomacy which is something Austria always did: interactions with Russia.  This was due to the shape of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Now for some humor: the NY Times, founding member of the Bilderberg gang, is already utterly freaked out about Putin pulling Hungary into his orbit just a year and a half ago:



HAHAHA.  Yes, Putin is very triumphant now.


Putin mentions today how Russia wants to deal with the Iranian business about missiles, etc.  He also mentions oil markets and how the US has good exports now, producing enough to export.  He talks about how Russia is involved with Boeing and the US needs to talk to him about the Boeing mess, with computers attacking the pilots of the planes and crashing them deliberately.


NATO is folding its tents, too.  News from Russia:

Russia is clear about not wanting war in Iran.  The murderous Bilderberg gang wants wars nearly everywhere there is oil.




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6 responses to “New Conservative Austrian Government Makes Deal With Putin

  1. AT

    We are exporting refined products from imported crude. We are not energy independent. It’s an accounting ruse. We accumulate crude beyond our needs here as a byproduct of jiggerring prices lower. Delivering into low bids in Cushing, for example. Then it gets refined and some gets exported.

  2. AT

    It’s interesting to consider that the vast majority of people are descended from many very successful folks throughout history. Obviously, the very unsuccessful died out.

    It’s also interesting to consider that now, after the hockey stick population growth that mirrors oil production, there are more people alive than have ever lived. In other words, if every living person were assigned a skeleton from history, we wouldn’t have enough to go around.

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  4. Petruchio

    Austria is like a snowball the size of a baseball on top of a hill. As it rolls down the hill the snowball gets bigger and bigger. And goes down the hill faster. To keep the analogy going, at the bottom of the hill is the US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency. This snowball is gonna be the size of a large boulder when it hits the USD. That will signal the end of the US Dollars status. The Bilderbergers are gonna be outta business.

  5. Wrong. Austria (I have been there, my father’s family is from there) is a PIVOT POINT in Europe.

  6. Tom W Harris

    Let’s dance!

    Oogah booga!

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