England Cops Confiscate Spoons As ‘Dangerous Weapons’

After allowing an absolute flood of hostile aliens into Europe, the Bilderberg solution is to disarm citizens.  England is leading the way: today, they are even confiscating spoons as ‘dangerous weapons’!  HAHAHA.  Below are some comments about this spoonerific horror by very funny Brits who should now know this is why you have to have a First and Second Amendment.  Our right to write and our right to fight is all about our Republic.


Below is a collection of jokes mainly by bitter Brits who use humor whenever their Rulers go nuttier than squirrels:


First they came for the Spoons Then they came for the Bowls Now they are taking me into Custardy.

Got to get ahead of those darn cereal killers!

Ahh the benefits of 3rd world diversity that necessitates the confiscation of eating utensils.

“what are you gonna do next, ban spoons” Wasn’t a literal request.

Don’t complain about the spoon problem. People at Taco Bell have a 7 day waiting period for background checks if they want a spork.

“DROP the SPOON, DROP the SPOON”! “but I’m eating my pudding” “TAKE HIM OUT BOYS”

You’ve got a Loisence for that Potato Peeler m8?!!!🇬🇧

What about cheese graters and a garlic press? They’re every bit as dangerous as spoons, forks, knives, and spatulas. London police must do more to protect the citizenry from dangerous chefs.

I blame the Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. “I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon!” – The Sheriff of Nottingham


Soph is this 14 year old young lady who is now being censored by You Tube and Facebook who allow children to be turned into sex strippers by sick mothers and Converse even hired a boy turned into a female stripper by his mommy, as their representative.  Whereas girls mocking the far left SJW lunatics is punished.


She is immensely funny, she is very well spoken, she is smart.  She reminds me of myself when I was that age.  I hope no one tries to assassinate her.  People tried to kill me when I was a teenager because I was so annoying.

Today, if anyone invades England, the entire population would have to surrender faster than the French during WWII.  Now on to the climate: our ruling elites who are systematically enslaving us, tell us we are all going to roast to death even as we freeze our asses.  Below are this week’s news about our increasingly cold weather:

Yikes.  Note how in previous springs, the chart shows growth springing higher and higher starting in very early April.  This year it began nearly three weeks later and then flatlined totally.  YIKES.  Farmers are freaking out.


Meanwhile, the Bilderberg gang is shrieking that we will burn to death due to excessive heat.  They are adamant about this.  More bad news:

300 yaks trapped by snow starve to death

My parents were one of the first Americans to enter Sikkim.  They became friends with the King there who gave me this big bronze statue of Pegasus, the Royal Celestial Horse who sits next to my computer here in my office.  Then the King was overthrown and there was chaos.  Well, yaks are the backbone of farming.


In these very high mountains, the wooly yaks are transportation (just like my ox team) and plow the fields and provide this very thick, creamy milk (which tastes funny to us) and lots and lots of wool.  They are very valuable to the peasants there, high in the mountains.


Late spring and cool weather is delaying planting of crops:


Spring and its typical green growth arrived later than usual in much of the U.S., save for parts of the South, thanks to a stubborn weather pattern that most noticeably affected parts of the central and southern Plains, Northwest and northern New England.


Spring was more than 10 days later than usual in those areas, according to data from The USA National Phenology Network, which tracks the physical arrival of spring by looking at when leaves and other growth appears and blooms.  This was the latest arrival of spring in 38 years of records for parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. Portions of Washington and Oregon also saw the latest spring start on record.


In two days, snow, rain, sleet and cold waves will plunge the entire West all the way to Mexico into wintery weather and it will be colder up where I am, too.  Rats.  Arizona will be much colder than normal, wow.  May is usually quite hot there.




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2 responses to “England Cops Confiscate Spoons As ‘Dangerous Weapons’

  1. Zeke

    “our ruling elites who are systematically enslaving us …. ”
    yes …. agreed.
    – swamping the population with illegal aliens to demoralize and cause in-fighting among ourselves, and draining nat’l. resources, etc.
    – persistently lowering the value of what wage earners earn (the fiat currency) exacerbating the wealth and income gap between us and the our ruling elites.
    – increasing “homelessness”.
    (both shelterless – living rough and camping on the streets, under overpasses, etc. and homeless – SRO and other time limited term lease shelter arrangements of the shelter insecure, renters, etc.)
    – collude internationally thru the various “central banks” to enforce the debt slavery of the working class. Debt is advantageous to our asset heavy elites but enslaving to those relying on their (health and stamina limited) labor (a declining resource) for survival.
    – as they gather in Davos, flying in their airline sized private jets, or Jackson Hole or wherever the next traveling Bilderberg confab is held – they have a “let them eat cake” attitude toward the 99.99% of the world.
    There must be a reckoning of the vermin elite. Hopefully for them, it won’t be a Marie Antoinette type ending.

  2. AT

    A hammer is far more dangerous than a spoon. One head bonk knock out.

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