X-Rated Crossdressers In Library With Children, Strip For Toronto Mayor

Something very insane is happening, alas.  I have a daughter who, for medical reasons (she was born not fully male) had surgery to become a woman.  But what we have running out of control are full males who pretend to be women, running riot, they want open sex and child sex and have been pushing hard to be called ‘women’ when they aren’t even surgically emasculated!  These sex fiends now are being courted by liberal politicians with disgusting results.


I am very much against child rape.  I was raped as a child and the psychological and physical damage lasts a lifetime.  The Democrats in America and liberals in Canada as well as Europe and Australia, etc. are all embracing men who dress up as female prostitutes who then go out in public, stripping and doing sex stuff normally seen in brothels and strip joints, in schools and in the streets.

This ‘Sunday Drag Brunch’ in a ‘bookstore’  is typical example.  This was done on a Sunday morning!  Most sex shows are at night.  I used to work as a stripper in college, it was good money.  No one was allowed to touch me nor me, them.  Today, stripping is all about climbing on customers and having them do sex stuff, it is very dirty.

This happened in front of children!!!  The mayor stuck money up the butt of this man pretending to be a female sex prostitute.  The money thing is all about paying for sex.  So, on a Sunday morning, the mayor and a bunch of sex fiend men entertained small children by re-enacting what goes on at night in dirty sex strip joints.


This is today’s ‘liberalism’?  Yup.  It certainly is.  Here is the mayor yesterday:

So, he spent Sunday, a Christian day, having sex stuff with male strippers in front of small children and then on Thursday, ran off to a Mosque to play footsie with Muslims who intend to eventually kill him because he is a dirty heathen?  He is ‘celebrating Ramadan’????


What the hell?  Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Christian Sunday by doing sex stuff with men pretending to be ‘women’ in the grossest caricature of exaggerated sex and then praise Muslims the same week for being very religious???  This is utter insanity and in a nutshell, is exactly what is causing mental illness with the entire left across the planet.


These things don’t match!  This is naked hatred of Christians and embracing Muslims who hate liberals.  All liberals are doing this, uniformly now.  But it is crashing, too.  In Congress, for example, the Muslim ladies are being condemned by fellow liberals for being…anti-Israel!


It’s OK to be anti-Christian but not anti-Jewish.


Toronto legalized stuffing money into crotches in 2012.


Exotic dancers and patrons would be allowed to touch one another at Toronto strip joints if council adopts recommendations contained in a new report.


But the permitted contact would not be much sexier than a handshake.

Tim Labrinos, the executive director of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada, is planning to ask for a one-month delay so that the language can be clarified to ban only “sexual” physical contact – a change he said would permit dancers to perch harmlessly on clients’ knees.


We call this ‘the camel’s nose into the tent.’  This means the camel will then go all the way.  Well, after solemnly promising the ‘touching’ would be mere ‘shaking of hands’ it devolved into doing trashy sex stuff in public, in front of children, in the morning . of Mother’s Day and the mainstream media didn’t report this.


This news arrived on the internet via alternative media which the Silicon Valley bosses want to annihilate.  They don’t want real news nor what comes out of real news.


A new staff report, released Monday, suggests the municipal government’s strict no-touch rule be changed to ensure that “innocuous contact” does not land strippers or strip-club patrons in legal trouble.


It recommends the blanket prohibition be replaced with new language that says, “an entertainer is not permitted to touch, sit, or rest on, or make any physical contact with the covered, partially covered, or uncovered breasts, buttocks, genital, pubic, anal and perineal areas of a patron or any other person.”


Once this change was passed, looking all innocent, within less than five years, openly performing the dirtiest sex acts rife with prostitution, in public, in front of children was considered OK by politicians and mainstream media.


I got this news via alternative news services which I patrol daily.  The difference between these news sites which have usually graphic, full evidence, and fake news run by the Bilderberg gang which talks about stuff but doesn’t show anything, is stark.  The fake news is also censoring news that doesn’t fit their sick agendas.


Councillors will not be treated to any exotic demonstrations at their meeting this week, Mr. Labrinos said.  “We had talked about demonstrating a private dance, a lap dance or something, but I think we’re fine. We just need a little tweaking [of the bylaw,]” he said.


This ‘tweek’ became a ‘twerk’.


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8 responses to “X-Rated Crossdressers In Library With Children, Strip For Toronto Mayor

  1. Melponeme_k

    We have been accepting the degraded and debauched behavior of transgendered males since at least the beginning of mass entertainment. We have all given tacit approval to these people. As far as the elites are concerned what is the difference if it is in your face in public on Mother’s day or on the TV/Film screen?

    Everyone has to learn that we are not helpless beings. We all come to this reality with all the strength and tools to build a good world. But we allowed a small group to tell us all to sit back on our muffins and let them do the work. We become complacent lotus eaters and passively watch whatever this small group pushes into our faces.

    That isn’t saying that the small group in charge is free from fault. They are drunk on the power we have given them. They spend all their time simultaneously hating us for making them do all the work and craving for us to give more power.

    Obviously this can’t go on much longer. We are all going to have grow up, accept what we have done and take back our approval.

  2. Petruchio

    Here’s a direct quotte from ‘Hizzoner’ himself, the Mayor of Toronto: “A wonderful evening in Aga Khan Park with members of Toronto’s Ismaili community as we mark the end of 11th day of #Ramadan by breaking today’s fast with an Iftar meal.” Absolutely astonishing! I mean that seriously. Can you imagine the Mayor going to a Christian Church and then Tweeti about what a great Sermon the Christian Pastor gave about Motherhood?? The Media would have torn him to shreds for bringing Religion into the Public View. But observing Ramadan and having a wonderful Ilfar meal is perfectly OK! This just swerves as further proof–not that more is needed–that the folks preaching “tolerance” and “equality” are really about the destruction of Western Culture and Morals. What Mel says in comment #1 here is correct; we, the Masses MUST push back and REFUSE to accept what these Western hating Radicals want to force on the rest of us. “We’re all going to have to grow up…” Mel says. I would put it this way. We are going to have to get off our collective asses and fight back.

  3. Petruchio

    Ooops! quoting Mel I meant to say: ” We are all going to have grow up, accept what we have done and take back our approval.” My bad.

  4. AT

    When your entire political class consists of quislings secretly working against their own people, who have been specifically vetted to be sure they have enough blackmail dirt so they won’t turn on their true masters, then you end up with politicians who all have serious character flaws.

  5. I was the focus point of a conspiracy by leftist politicians in NYC to destroy me which was ruined when Giuliani tapped my phone and then got permission to tap THEIR phones and thus, learned how politicians plot to destroy people or intimidate people, etc.

    This, in 1980.

    I keep saying, we can stop this business.

  6. AT

    Only Hoover’s FBI dedicated more of its manpower to collecting blackmail on people in power than our political class does amongst itself today, and his organization was playing catch-up. It’s like their second job, in both parties, from top to bottom, right after walking their neighborhood.

  7. Moe

    Lightfoot sworn in as Chicago mayor.


    Yup, another black, lesbian mayor: nowhere to go but up for Chicago. (sarc)

  8. lou

    7–Better than ‘Ctown should be the most diverse city’ Rahm. Rahms dad was a terrorist.

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