Australian School Punishes Students For Not Wearing LGBT Colors


School Announces Tariff on Students Not Wearing Pro-LGBT Clothing

Like all movements, the LGBT movement continues to radicalize, politicise and imposing increasing demands on everyone causing the inevitable reaction in the opposite direction.  Women’s rights, for example, turned into women oppressing, attacking and abusing men and shoving them out of power in a very vile way.  Pro-immigration is leading to high crime and social collapse.  The same happened to black civil rights which turned into black privileges and now the trans/gay sexual community is doing the exact same mistakes which will have the same results.  And this is the entire powerbase of the DNC.


This story out of Australia which is very ‘liberal’ like Canada shows us how liberals, when in power, enforce their social whims via using state powers and hostile methodologies.  The worst case of this in history is Mad Madame Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ which nearly annihilated the Chinese people via starvation and violent abuse.  North Korea is another horrible example of this.  So is the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia which really did nearly kill everyone, totally.


These many examples show us that all of civilization and vanish in a flash when flash mobs of deranged leftists run riot.  They are hamfisted whenever they get power.  I supported gay/trans rights since 1968 and have a trans child in my own family but watching the push to enforce trans/gay acceptance via brute force is suicidal as well as very stupid.


Radicals within the movement want to do really nasty stuff like rape little children openly.  I was part of the hippie movement of the 1960’s and then had to denounce it and move against it by 1977 when the dire results were painfully obvious to anyone with a brain.  People do stupid things and I was often very stupid, too, in the past and may be in the future.  But what I do know from watching the world happen is…people like to take anything good and turn it into something hideous due to being increasingly extreme.


The document above was produced by full adults.  The kiddies didn’t write this, adults wrote this.  It even says students who don’t wear the LBGT badges or colors will be punished and fined double.  Also, any student who is ‘out of uniform’ during this Mad Madame Mao event will be ‘chased until they pay up’, too!


Literally, I presume since all Maoists literally do what they say they will do and I take them very seriously because of this.  As news of this hideous school threat spread, the school had a serious backlash.  So they decided to…LIE.  Yes, they pretended everyone was stupid and couldn’t understand plain English threats.

HAHAHA.  Sorry, we all saw, in print, the exact words used and they were easy to understand as a threat.  The entire letter was a demand everyone pay up to this fund, like it or not.  It was draconian.  It was like so many ‘volunteer’ junk put out by communists and it is a clue that the communists have embraced LGBT goals not out of love but as a tool to be used to destroy society and have a ‘revolution’.


Worse, this was on ‘Mental Health Day’ no less!  Note from the photos that the students thought this was ‘dress like a crazy hippie’ day.


Communism has a very dark, bloody history about how they treat gays…much closer to Muslim rules for gays…off the roof.  It is infuriating watching the LGBT community embrace two deadly enemies that anyone with a brain and a smidgen of history can easily see is suicidal.  Lies are told about all this, too.  ‘That is the past, now communists and Muslims embrace LGBT people,’ is the biggest lie in history.


Another big lie is, illegal aliens are good for us: Trump notifies US businesses that 50,000 companies are hiring illegal aliens using  fake SS IDs.


The move is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan, who in 1986 signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act that put the onus on employers by making the act of knowingly hiring undocumented people a criminal offense.  Since March, the Social Security Administration has mailed out “no-match letters” to more than 570,000 employers, telling them of the mismatched information on their employers.


This is the DNC voter base in a nutshell.  They hope to rule us all using hostile populations that hate our country.  I have noted in the past that the present invasion of our southern border is by people waving foreign flags, cussing us in a foreign language and demanding we let them in so they can loot us.  This is utterly insane and has happened in history…the end result will be a collapse of our civilization which the left has been trying desperately to collapse for years.


Note how, when the crazy communists take over a country, they systematically destroy it.  They can’t help themselves.  Radicalism leads to brainless reactions and rage.  It is, in short, insanity.



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4 responses to “Australian School Punishes Students For Not Wearing LGBT Colors

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine: you need to finish the story on Madame Mao. Madame Mao committed suicide in her cell because the Chinese were gonna hang her. That was HER end. I believe the REAL lesson going on here with the LGBTQ crowd and the DNC is this: a tiny minority of people can wield a GREAT deal of power–IF they are unopposed. And, it doesn’t matter how many of these people there are. What’s important is the amount of damage they can do before they are stopped.

  2. KHS71

    Look at the bright side, this was Mental Health Day. Are they admitting that being Gay is a mental disease?

  3. Lou

    Those who Elaine was so in league with [the left] have shown their true COLORS.

    I found this and thought that you might enjoy,

    ‘Murican tax slaves paid for that nice border wall in Israel while the jews in ‘Murica tell them they can’t have a wall of their own.
    Trump didn’t even ask them nicely for permission to build one.
    Maybe if he promised the contract to an Israeli construction company???? I thought he was a deal maker.

  4. Lou

    Schools–Elaine hasnt posted about the modified SATs.
    Giving the negros and browns a little luv.
    I mean it couldnt be IQ is genetic, could it?

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