US House Democrats Vote Unanimously To Destroy All Girl’s Sports In Schools

Congress decided to destroy women’s sports utterly and totally.  The era of ‘women’s sports’ has been historically extremely short.  It began when feminists of the late 19th century demanded this, my own grandmother, Hanna Pettit, being one who made the news back then, 100 years later, our 21st century feminists stabbed it good and dead yesterday.  RIP, women’s sports.  It is now officially dead.


All House Democrats plus 8 GOP Vote To Eliminate All Biological Girls From Sports:


The Democratically controlled House of Representatives voted Friday 236-173 in favor of the Equality Act, which would require schools to include male athletes who identify as transgender girls on female sports teams.


Eight Republicans crossed party lines to vote for the bill, which had unanimous Democratic support.  The bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “sexual orientation and gender identity” protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law.


Not just sports is up for destruction, all scholarships based on skill sets that men do better than women are going, too.  Jobs: ditto…’women’ who are really men will land all the good jobs.  This will teach modern feminists a sharp lesson: we are NOT better than men, we aren’t even ‘identical’ as men nor ‘just as good’ as men.  Biology can’t be ignored here.


Frankly, I worked mainly with men all my long life and did ‘men’s work’ so I have a front seat view of all this and I know that most women would not like doing what I enjoyed doing.  They want privileges so they can be ‘women’ without the harsh work it takes to compete with men in many fields.


Republican Florida Rep. Greg Steube introduced a last-minute amendment to the bill that would have preserved Title IX’s protections of female athletic teams, but Democrats rejected it.


And thus dies a movement to have women participate in sports started by my own grandmother and other brave Victorian ladies, she was a woman who made national news when she swam Lake Geneva.  Women were supposed to not be able to swim long distances back before 1900.


I pushed for girls to play hardball like boys.  To this day, women have to play ‘softball’ which isn’t ‘soft’ at all, it is big and hard as a rock!  I find it very frustrating, hitting ‘softballs.’  I petitioned for girl’s hardball way back in 1965 while still in high school.


What is happening now is the utter destruction of all women’s sports except for perhaps the uneven parallel bars in gymnastics.  You can’t do that with balls.  But all other sports will seen nearly no women winners from now on.  The floodgates are now totally open.  Any man taking some pills for a brief while, can compete against much weaker, smaller females and win easily.


And it will all die.  But then, all sports, male and female, are under attack from SJW lunatics and the Bilderberg gang bosses.


When I was young and strong and very athletic, I participated in a number of sports including some with boys and as an adult, I did hardcore sports like medieval warfare while in full metal armor, mainly with men.  Very, very few females can compete at top levels with any men.  We are weaker and generally, smaller with slower reflexes and all this is due to evolution: women produced babies and men killed.


This yin/yang aspect of the reality of all nature is what the Real Rulers want to erase so they can control world populations.  When men and women hate each other, they don’t form families or communities, they end up vaporized like say, Japan.


I fear that the tool being used in all this is to make men weaker and dumber so they will not overwhelm women when competing.  This, too, is insane, stupid and destructive and guess who isn’t doing any of this?  MUSLIMS!


They will welcome the elimination of women from sports.  Very stupid feminists do not understand history at all.  I, personally, knew real feminists from the 19th century who were friends with my grandmother. They were all, like my grandmother, scientists who learned their skills when women didn’t study science at top universities.  They wrote books and did research that was daring and difficult.


My grandmother and godmother both were superb mountain climbers, they worked deep in the mountains of California and Chile, for example, as did my mother and I grew up climbing mountains with all of them along with my sisters.  The death of feminism will be as swift as the rise.

Modern feminists went fishing for privileges and hooked a giant killer shark that is now thrashing about, knocking them into the seas to be eaten by the rest of the sharks.   The Senate will kill this bill but we are on a knife’s edge here.  Extreme leftist radicals delight in destroying civilizations and they are tirelessly working at this.


Once again, a crazy Hollywood ‘liberal’ female demands Trump be murdered violently:


She added, “Whenever I think about this and what he really deserves, I think, we should turn him over to the Saudis, his buddies. The same Saudis who got rid of that reporter. Maybe they could do the same for him.”


Later, during the “Overtime” segment, Lebowitz said, “I didn’t realize that I said it. … I regret saying it.”


She added, “I did not mean that, and I regret saying it. I regret that everyone misinterpreted it…they misinterpret everything. Why should they stop with me?”


After the Secret Service visited this vicious, bloody female, she whined about how she is, like Gollum in the LotR, ‘misunderstood and abused.’  We didn’t understand ‘the same Saudis who got RID of that reporter…’ she said…exactly that.


There is no escape.  All liberal ‘apologies’ are actually statements of being right, and the blame is placed on their victims who ‘misunderstand’ obvious calls for murder, assassination and rape.  We are to overlook all that because liberals are always good people, not bloody murderous Mad Madames.


Meanwhile, like all the previous weekends the last seven months, the Yellow Vest protests are happening right now in France:  As per usual, after three hours or more, the paramilitary troops attack the protesters who are, up until the attacks by military,  peaceful.

Naturally, this isn’t news in any mainstream media.  The ongoing revolt in France is studiously ignored by our elites who are terrified others will emulate these difficult, pesky Frenchies.


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7 responses to “US House Democrats Vote Unanimously To Destroy All Girl’s Sports In Schools

  1. AT

    Besides destroying women’s sports, what’s truly bizarre is that we will have two male leagues, one for all males and one just for feminine males.

  2. Lou

    Elaine, Fran Leibowitz was our / your ? neighbor, in Brooklyn.
    Did you ever meet her?
    her poem was published in the Union Street food coop news letter.

  3. Petruchio

    “This will teach modern feminists a sharp lesson: we are NOT better than men,…” Of course, the biggest lie the Feminist movement told women is that Women are equal to each other. The (Jewish) Feminist leaders told women that they can be whatever they want to be and that the ONLY obstacle to their Freedom was to blame Men for every single injustice in their lives. I can’t imagine any statement being more false. Set aside the gender differences for a second and focus on only Women. Some are smarter than other women. Some women can do certain jobs BETTER than other women. And when it comes to marriage, women most certainly are NOT all equal to each other. It’s hard t believe that most women can’t figure this out. When it comes to Dating and marriage it is MALES who pick their future wife. And the women with the nicest T and A, the best looking, the ones with the nicest looking bodies are ALWAYS gonna be more desirable than a Proud Career Woman who will lodge a sexual harassment complaint at the first chance. The Real tragedy is that a lot of women won’t figure this out umtil they are bitter Old Maid Cat Ladies. Very, very few Men want them then.

  4. John

    Muslims are a tool, a weapon (one of many) used by The Real Rulers to attack and destroy Western Civilization in order to, as you said, rule over it. They’re fine with the world being a smouldering ruin, so long as they get to imagine themselves as gods over it all. That’s why there is never any criticism of Islam or Muslims permitted in the corporate media.

  5. Except all empires doing this DIE. And do so in a most messy way, too.

  6. Duski

    It never ceases to amaze me what our elite thinks will happen. Or if they think these things will happen, why are they doing it? Which one is it: are they too drunk in their power thinking they can destroy middle class / western societies and still have power, or do they want to destroy it all even if they, too, lose it all?

    Don’t they read history or what? Are they just blinded by ideologue and tribal thinking? At least people are revolting in France, some eastern european countries are resisting and Britain voted for Brexit (although elite there so far stopped it).

    Interesting times.

  7. History, as taught by schools, are indoctrination. I read a lot of history books but much more importantly, I ‘turned the Wheel of History’ a couple of times and had a front seat view of how ‘history’ is made in the raw.

    It is VERY DANGEROUS to turn the Wheel of History, it is clear, ask anyone killed for doing this, it is a very, very long list going back thousands of years.

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