England’s Daily Mail Deliberately Lies About Tommy Robinson Victims Attacked By Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

Violence breaks out at Tommy Robinson campaign event as masked supporters clash with crowds shouting ‘racist scum’, bricks are thrown and police cars are damaged in Oldham is the Daily Mail’s fake headline about an event I watched in full, online.  Very slyly, the Daily Mail wrote the headline about Muslims and ANTIFA attacking innocent Tommy supporters in order to make Tommy look bad.

This is Tommy’s own video showing he was there throughout this attack on citizens, it shows how the police refused to protect anyone and shows how these attackers were NOT from the neighborhood but were marched in from far away by the cops.


‘Masked supporters (connecting these two words with the previous ‘Tommy Robinson’) clash with crowds shouting ‘racist scum’ (again, these were the Muslims, not Tommy supporters) ‘bricks are thrown (deliberately not saying who threw these).  The Daily Mail does note but provides no links to this:


Footage posted to Twitter shows violence between Tommy Robinson supporters and counter-demonstrators:


Naturally, this is all utterly false news here.  I watched the videos.  The brick brack throwing was entirely on the Muslim/Antifa side of the street.  The Daily Mail’s attempts at character assassination and blatant lying is on par with all of the elites playing this game.  They think they can openly lie about reality even as it is proven lies.


Just repeat these lies over and over again is the methodology.  Unfortunately, Tommy Robinson can’t sue them for false reporting.  I wish I could have done this in the past, too.

Both sides of the demonstration reported to have thrown objects at each other including bricks and bottles:


Note how they use the weasel word ‘reported’ here.  In the USA, when a gang of black radicals abused and cussed at school children waiting for a bus in DC last month, there were plenty of videos of the ‘Indian’ man joining these blacks to bang a drum in the face of one young lad who was then accused, falsely, by the entire mainstream media machine, of being a ‘nasty racist.’


This child became very distressed by this and his life and his family’s lives were endangered as gangs of lunatics on the left started their death threats.  Now, this child will be a billionaire as all his lawsuits against these fake news systems runs to conclusion.  Good for him!


Note the photo illustrating this fake news today: those are ANTIFA members supporting the Muslims who were attacking Tommy supporters.  Even the video put up by Daily Mail editors clearly shows the ANTIFA/Muslim gang marching TOWARDS the Tommy voters, throwing bricks at them.


It also looks like they threw bricks at windows of homes there.  Not one of these obvious rioters were arrested.  Not a soul.  Tommy is arrested and imprisoned for talking in public about a trail of Muslim gang rapists who attack girls and enslave them.


But throwing bricks at people’s windows and cars?  Nope.  That, evidently, is legal in Europe but only if Muslims and ANTIFA do it.

Here. a gang of Muslims assault a British native.  The police stood nearby and did nothing.


A separate live video shared on YouTube by Danny Tommo, an associate of Robinson, appeared to show the clashes from the other perspective. In the clip, he claims bricks are being thrown at his group.


I will note here that the Daily Mail did print the truth except for the words ‘appeared to show’ which makes it look like this claim is doubtful.  That is ridiculous.  He didn’t merely ‘claims’ the bricks were thrown, he ‘asserted’ this.  Below is another amazing photo with a ridiculous caption:

It says that Tommy is campaigning there but doesn’t use his present name, it uses his earlier name.  This is a discourtesy, if any male turns female and changes their names, the mainstream media demands we all ‘honor’ this change.  Lots of people change names, I have done it more than once.


The photo above clashes with the caption since one would presume, with the caption, that these people are Tommy supporters when they are obviously ANTIFA and Muslim terrorists attacking Tommy Robinson.

This photo is misrepresented, too.  A Muslim is attacking a citizen of England, knocking him down while the cop gives a tap on the arm of the attacker.  The Muslim jumped into a garden to attack a man who was fleeing him.  The police did NOT arrest this attacker, either.  They merely asked them to stop.


In DNC run cities like Seattle in the US, we have seen conservatives march to a place and give speeches peacefully, ANTIFA violently attacks, like in England, when they attack, the cops stand down.  Then the victims are blamed for all this.


This is ridiculous.

Robinson was due to make an appearance in Limeside as he campaigns for the European elections, in which he is standing as a candidate for the North West – Voting in the election takes place on Thursday, while counting starts on Sunday May 26.


It is unclear whether he was present during the trouble.


HAHAHA.  I went to Tommy’s webpage and lo and behold, there are videos showing everything from beginning to end.  And it is perfectly clear, he was there.  Like in the US, the Labour party on the left has decided to side with violent aliens:


Jim McMahon, Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton, tweeted about seeing the town used for ‘hate and division’.


The shadow local government minister wrote: ‘It’s horrible to see our town being used for hate and division when our own future is a shared one, long after the circus has left town.


The radical Muslims and ANTIFA both want to destroy civilization.  They hate their neighbors and make is very clear, they want them dead or driven out.


Alongside the words, he posted a video, adding: ‘We don’t need people, coming to our town, trying to divide us for their own political agenda.  ‘We need to come together and be the best Oldham we can be.’


And Labour’s political agenda is now to encourage invaders, support them and unleash them violently on citizens.  Sounds familiar!  This isn’t ‘bringing together’ anyone.  It is called ‘an invasion’.  Just 30 years ago, British citizens whose families lived there for generations, lived there.


Now, many have fled.  Just like in our major cities.  Make life hell via crime and abuse and voila: the citizens flee.

One last thing: note the man with the ‘Police/evidence gatherer’ who was there.  He is facing the foreign invaders and their ANTIFA buddies.  Note how he found no reasons to charge any of these violent men with anything.


This is a sample of comments to this insane article.  Nearly everyone commenting noticed the many lies and evasions and deliberate misreporting of the news.  The news (sic) media has limited time to lie about everything, all the time.  Below is an important comment posted by a citizen of England:

The BBC refused to report any news in their own country.  It is totally run by far leftists, many of whom are females who hate the British people.


Eventually, this blows up in their own faces.  Hiding obvious reality is not so easy which is why the giant corporations doing this are pushing very hard to kill off all interactions with the internet and thus resume one-way information sharing aka: propaganda production.



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3 responses to “England’s Daily Mail Deliberately Lies About Tommy Robinson Victims Attacked By Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

  1. AT

    The most likely reason for the police to sit and watch is if they too understood that both sides were controlled opposition and that the whole thing was staged. Stand down except to be there to make sure the lower level hotheads and true believers don’t get carried away and start killing each other.

  2. Lou


    It’s the same thing as when Tommy Robinson was arrested for video documenting the court hearings of Pakistani rape gang members.

    The immigrants have special rights!
    No European immigrants ever were given these kinds of rights, benefits, and freedoms.

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