Alien Invaders Take Over Paris Airport Demanding Entry

Illegal aliens in Paris mob airport, demanding to be allowed to live in France forever as the invasion of Europe continues.


It is interesting watching the destruction of Europe.  This is exactly how the Roman Empire collapsed.  The Western Empire couldn’t stop invaders while the Eastern Empire fought ferocious battles to stop invaders who then directed their energies towards the Western Empire.  Attila the Hun, anyone?


Many of these invaders hate civilization.  They are coming in for the goodies and bringing the baddies.  Here is a fine example of this sort of baddie:

These invaders are demanding a race war, too.  The Muslims are demanding privileges and a religious war, too.  There are civilized Muslims who don’t want this just like there were civilized barbarians in the Roman Empire who wanted the status quo to survive.


But they were overwhelmed by their cousins who wanted to loot the place and so voila: Rome, itself, was entirely looted, nearly utterly destroyed, 90% of the population, gone.


It lay in ruins for a very long, long time with the Church eking out a precarious toehold in the middle of all that fallen marble.


Black rap ‘artists’ love to make videos of them killing and raping white people.  They also join hands with radical leftist white kiddies who have little intelligence who demand that black men be allowed to snap and snarl nothing but cuss words while the rest of us have to be very, very careful of telling the wrong jokes or saying words that upset insane radical leftist feelings.


This lunacy is pushed and promoted and exploited for profits by the elites who control Hollywood and mass media systems.  They diligently spread all this garbage everywhere while censoring the news and punishing anyone who breaks a long series of rules that apply only to people based on political standing, not uniformly.


No one on the right can cuss or talk about raping white women, or threaten to kill children based on race or sex but SJW pets who are black can do all this openly and proudly.


This double standard is leading to a paradoxical end product: the ‘sane’ and ‘polite’ people who don’t cuss nor talk about raping or killing women and children will triumph over these lunatics who are screaming at the top of their lungs, their homicidal/suicidal intentions.


The discipline that the conservatives must practice due to hysterical leftist media and business giants howling with rage whenever one transgresses SJW ideology will backfire on the SJW gang.  Already, we can easily portray them all as uncivilized and even outright evil.


I do note here that the videos I watched today while thinking about all this, the ads on these videos that were made by Madison Avenue SJW lunatics all show black people, for example, as polite, smart and with loving fathers who are now nearly by an 80% margin, are missing in the broken black families.


This make-believe world clashes with reality and it shows also that Madison Avenue knows that ‘good’ families sell goods while violent, nasty families drive away even black customers.


Click here to see how Glenn Hills Middle School teacher, Akenga Smith (pictured in burgundy), of Georgia, has been placed on paid administrative leave after he was caught on video shoving a student into a desk before wrestling him to the floor.


The video shows the child in Jr. High defying his teacher who is a black male, the man then takes him by the shoulder and shoves the child who is pushing him, away.  The child falls down.

As a child in school in the 1950’s, I find this just disturbing.  We never dared do these sorts of things when children because…teachers could and did HIT us, and hard if we gave them too much trouble.  Many of my teachers were born around or even before 1900.


Today, students not only lay hands on teachers all the time, they literally knock them out, for example.


The student’s grandfather, Todd Simmons, told the station that ‘a man doesn’t put his hands on a child, I don’t care what the situation was about’.  Other officials said Smith should have gotten outside help by using their ‘panic buttons’.


Note how today, the teachers, not the out of control students, has to leave the classroom and summon ‘help’ which is also helpless since even they cannot touch the children lest they, too, be charged and fired.


I will note in all the videos of black kids fighting teachers, the screeching and yelling of other students is deafening.  Another sign of out of control children, this is now considered normal.


A student who invaded a classroom to argue with a teacher was forced back towards the door where he fell down:


Jueliyan Williams said the teacher told him he was supposed to move into a different classroom for a history class. Jueliyan said the teacher grabbed his phone away from him so forcefully the case broke.


When he went to the teacher’s classroom between classes and asked for the phone back, the teacher refused to give it to him, he said.


Students recorded the incident on their phones. At one point in the video, you can see Jueliyan standing with his arms crossed in front of the teacher.


Different school, different children and teacher but identical in all other ways including the deafening screeching of the out of control children.  The school was egged into having a special meeting to discuss the ‘violence of TEACHERS’.  Naturally, they told everyone that students could do as they please so everyone has to follow new rules which leads to schools in utter chaos.


The father of the boy who was shoved in the video left the meeting early. Tremond Williams said the meeting at the middle school didn’t include an apology. Williams and other parents spoke to KIRO 7 as they were driving out; everyone felt like the schools mishandled some aspect of the incident.


Williams made it clear why he was not staying for the entire meeting, “It didn’t address my child being assaulted so that’s why I’m leaving early.


His ‘child’ will become tomorrow’s violent criminal.


“If this were anyone else’s kid I’d probably walk out too, because they’re too worried about their ..the legal part of it,” Williams said.


Diana Schlachter said that the school in some cases wasn’t following its own rules, “They’re not enforcing policy and so it’s driving these teachers to this point where our children are being assaulted.”


Note how this white lady dances around the real issue here which is disrespectful children causing chaos in schools to the point that no one is learning anything, anymore.  No mention of teachers being assaulted, either.


As parents left Monday’s special meeting they admitted that the video — a teacher grabbing a student and shoving him to the floor — is exactly what not to do in a tense moment.


You can bet your booties, these parents who are mainly grandparents or moms (no dads) push and shove each other and the children around all the time.  I used to live in the ghetto and saw this first hand, constantly.


Raoul Fernandez wonders why the incident played out so violently between a teacher and student, “Security should have been more involved with this not the teacher to make the decisions a call like that.” 


HAHAHA…black parents want the COPS to dish out basic discipline in schools, eh?  And they whine about the cops, too.  They don’t want anyone to discipline the kiddies due to being undisciplined, themselves.  This is third generation of people going to ‘liberal’ DNC-designed schools that teach chaos.

Note in the above video, the young black male teacher cusses and fights like the kiddies.

Note that kids of all races are now violent in school.  Calling security doesn’t work, either:

Note how defiant the young men are, preparing for a life in prison.  They cuss and argue, nonstop.  The cop watches and does nothing.

In this out of control classroom, a security guard tries to stop a mob battle and fails, utterly.  Here is the end result of all this:

It is utterly ridiculous.  And it all begins at birth, when one is born into chaos and broken families, dependent upon the State for everything.



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7 responses to “Alien Invaders Take Over Paris Airport Demanding Entry

  1. timothy carroll

    This lunacy is pushed and promoted and exploited for profits by the (((elites))) who control Hollywood and mass media systems.
    (((They )))diligently spread all this garbage everywhere while censoring the news and punishing anyone who breaks a long series of rules that apply only to people based on political standing, not uniformly.

    There. Fixed it for ya………

  2. timothy carroll

    There is a series on tee vee called “When humans have gone”, describing cities that decay without human activity. What we are now seeing/observing is the prequel to “When white people have gone”. Enjoy it and thrive on it, blacks and browns! The world is all yours. Of course the (((controllers))) will continue to watch from afar with huge amusement as you EAT EACH OTHER ALIVE. Yeah, we finul be rid ob dos awfal white folk! Gnome sane?

  3. timothy carroll

    And here’s little Soph, explaining how it all went down.

  4. shawntoh


    Speaking of the west coast, I thought you might find this interesting…

    Btw, I am NOT a lawyer and CANNOT give legal advice. Always be sure to check with a certified lawyer before leaving–anywhere(!), and even stepping outside your door these days. Anyway–

    I’m afraid to inform you we have more bad news from the Western front, but NOT the weather front as this has been a very usually cold spring here in the Pacific NW, and no, we are not roasting here either, as some people would like us to believe, and you are not that, Elaine–

    However, if you are a news reporter right there on the scene, watch out, whether or not you are reporting about the weather, I would be prepared to be assaulted by ICE protesters nearby and, hey, they can get away with it in a “sanctuary city”–

    Doesn’t anyone remember the FIRST Amendment? I guess I might be getting nostalgic–so–

    As Mr. Zimmerman would note, I don’t have to be a “weatherman” either to figure that one out–Well, well, well–

    Don’t believe me, check this out–

    “Jury acquits ICE protester accused of assaulting Portland news cameraman…”

    How are things down in Berserkley*, CA, lately?

    Gee, folks, we haven’t heard much from there, I note, must be a slow news day, I’m sure–who knows? As for anyone reading this, I say to you–



  5. Petruchio

    Note the underlying Double Standard in the Public Schools as described here. That’s where the REAL problem lies. Teacher hitting Student? Teacher terminated. Student hits Teacher(s)? It was the Teachers fault. Ignore/brush under the rug. The folks running the schools know FULL WELL that this is completely destructive to the Learning Process. That’s why they do it! The resulting “product” of this kind of “education” system is inevitable. Throw in absentee Parents who insist their child is gifted and deserves all “A'” in their studies. And so the Child Monsters become Adult Monsters who think the World exists just for them. Destroy the Education system is all part of the Elites Plan to control of the ‘soiled masses’. An ignorant population is easier to control/destroy. This is also why our “Educators” fight the development of Critical Thinking skills tooth, fang and claw. An educated population can and will fight back; the Elites don’t want that. The Elites know they lose Wars against the Masses IF the masses are aware and fight back.

  6. timothy carroll


    As a former teacher, I can add to the toxic brew that Pet describes. Everybody gets a trophy because, Heaven forfend, someone’s feelings might get hurt if he/she loses. I personally saw the communist writing on the wall when they came out with the Common Core Curriculum, which, believe it or not, says that 2 + 2 = 5 if the student can defend that as an answer. We now have a generation of young people who actively demand the government control their entire lives from birth to death. Equality of outcome and guaranteed income for all, “free” healthcare, etc. This has a very nasty outcome.

  7. Zeke

    A nearby urban high school had gone to two shifts due to overcrowding. Lunch period was eliminated to help accommodate the two shifts. Plus, I suspect the added (or real) advantage was not having so many students in the same room – with eating utensils, forks, spoons, and knives.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the forest:

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