Major Blizzard Hammers Western USA Again In Late May!

Pope Francis, a communist who has this bizarre ideology about making all people into poor peasants so they can then revolt…is pushing for freezing all of us to death because according to his ideology, we are actually going to roast to death which is insane.  It is getting colder and colder and we are now in a very dangerous cold cycle…the second time in my long life.


Here is an early May map from 2016 which was a much warmer year, it clearly show zero snow storms.  It did show thunderstorms in the Midwest just like this year.

Here is May 20. 2016: it is totally much, much warmer than this year. No snow at all, much less, snow from Arizona, California, Nevada and all over the Midwest!

Temperature maps show this, too:

Today, it is very cold, all the way to Mexico, freezes in the entire West, this is just amazingly cold now.

The video interview of Watts talking about global warming is from 2012 which was when it was a tad warmer than today.  The interviewer for PBS of course, believes we will all roast to death.

This fantasy of us roasting to death continues despite deep snow still in Europe and America in May.  Even today, in the Balkans, in the Alps, there are mountains of snow.  From last January:

Pope Francis recently called for global governance to fight climate change, asserting, “The nation state cannot be considered as an absolute.”


During an address to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Pope condemned “growing nationalism that neglects the common good” and called for more globalism.


He is a communist.  He wants total rule of the planet so he and his ilk can loot the rest of us.  The Church did a lot of looting over the centuries, it is infamous for this looting and taxing the poor.


“The nation state cannot be considered as an absolute, as an island with respect to the surrounding context,” he said, adding, “The nation state is no longer able to procure the common good of its populations alone.”


The Vatican is a ‘nation state’ of its own.  It makes up its own laws.  It has its own police.  The Pope lives in a palace where no one may enter without his permission.  Why hasn’t he handed all the Catholic powers to the UN???  EH???


Pope Francis said that a “special authority legally and concordantly constituted” was necessary to facilitate the implementation of new climate change policies.


This has a name: the BILDERBERG GANG.  They rule us ruthlessly and are engineering the present invasion of all NATO countries forcing them to take in hostile aliens.


He went on to demand that power be transferred from nation states to “intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.”


HAHAHA.  Arrest them all.  Arrest this Pope.


“This universal common good, in turn, must acquire a more pronounced juridical value at international level,” concluded Francis.


That is Pope talk for a new Spanish Inquisition which members of my distant relatives fled to the New World and armed themselves to fight off people like this crazy Pope.  This is so nauseating.


Note how this Pope like all his ilk on the liberal side, think non of these things will happen to him.  Nope, it is the enslavement of the rest of us, he dreams of today.


Now on to censoring people who obsess about Sandy Hook and other things and which is why Alex Jones is in court, angry parents of dead children are very pissed at these people for endlessly raging about whether or not children were slaughtered in that unfortunate school:

New policy allows it to shut down blogs of Sandy Hook deniers

WordPress had to ban these sites due to the court case that is ongoing.  The parents sued WordPress.


According to Google’s cache, his site hosted 9/11 “truther” content and claimed that Sandy Hook was a staged event. These are generally repugnant points of view to a large swath of people, but he’s correct in saying they weren’t views that had prohibited.


The update to’s policy follows a damning report from The NYT this week that explained on how the world’s largest blogging service has allowed Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists to remain online.


With little other recourse available to them, some Sandy Hook parents have used copyright law get images of their children removed from the web.


As The NYT explained, a Sandy Hook victim’s father, Leonard Pozner, filed copyright claims with a number of platforms, including, on images of his son Noah, a 6-year old victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Facebook, Amazon and Google complied with those requests. But WordPress responded with form letters that explained why the content could stay online.


So, it is a copyright issue. Boots Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Sites, Bans Malicious Publication of Unauthorized Images of Minors’s platform is distinct from social networks in that it is not a social media silo. It acts more as a host and cannot have one-off shutdowns of sites anytime there is a public outcry.


“ is much closer to being a common carrier than Facebook and other social media,” Dan Kennedy, associate professor at Northeastern University’s school of Journalism, said in response to the NYT article. “That difference really doesn’t get highlighted here.”


Self-hosted WordPress (.org) user and data journalist Matt Stiles also commented on the distinction, and followed up with me privately, identifying as “a free-speech sidewalk for the Internet.”


“ needs to make clear to the public that it’s a host, not a place that controls — through algorithms or other curation, and revenue — content,” Stiles said. “I am NOT a supporter of sites like this. I just want WordPress to thrive as an open-source tool and as an important paid host for web sites. I’m also worried about having to make arbitrary decisions about content. It’s tough to define hate speech. We know it when we see it, but I worry about censorship on private platforms.”


I hope WordPress doesn’t do a Facebook but then, suicidal businesses litter history like poop in San Francisco.  I have been censored on and off constantly during my very long life and expect this to continue to the bitter end.


Oh well.  This is also why I support the First and Second Amendments and have during my long life, too.  Stupid fake liberals want to eliminate both and mess with the voting, too, to gain more power.  Typical communists, then we only get to vote for one party just like in California.



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7 responses to “Major Blizzard Hammers Western USA Again In Late May!

  1. Kerry

    Sandy Hook looks suspicious.

    A picture of an alleged victim popped up AFTER the tragedy…taken with Obama no less.

    Click to access sh.pdf

    Mathis posts other questionable photos of the “event”. And THIS is why they want to suppress it via blogs and other sites. The story is falling apart and they need to hold onto it to push gun control.

  2. timothy carroll

    @ Kerry….The story is falling apart and they need to hold onto it to push gun control.

    Yep. (((They))) can only go so far while citizens are armed. See England and the rest of Europe to see how they will inflict chaos to destroy Western civilization totally. Make no mistake, the second they succeed in gun grabbing, the REAL enslavement begins.

  3. Lou

    Pete Buttigieg is vocal about climate change; he says it’s a national security threat and was one of the 400+ mayors who signed a pact to adhere to the Paris Accord after President Trump pulled out.

    Buttigieg is a strong advocate for stronger gun control laws, including a universal background checks and is against guns in schools. He’s a religious man and has spoken out against the extreme right’s claim over Christianity. He believes Christianity aligns more so with the democratic party.

  4. KHS71

    Yea, Christianity aligns with pro abortion stances and a gay life style. Tell me another one. The only reason he was elected is because it was South Bend, a very left wing area with Notre Dame University and many left wing school employees virtue signaling each other that they are tolerate and inclusive. State wide I doubt he could win. Indiana has a tendency for vote Republican.

  5. AT

    Buttigieg, an unfortunate sounding last name for a first openly gay Presidential Candidate.

  6. Jim R

    Get ready for more roasting this summer —

  7. Jim R

    Hmm, for some reason that comment didn’t show up under ‘recent comments’, after I searched for a relevant-tagged thread to post it in.

    What I was saying was, due to the phreatic eruption of Taal volcano in the Philippines, you may expect more ‘interesting’ weather this coming spring and summer.

    It’s almost as if nature does not care about us puny little humans.

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