NY Mayor Di Blasio Running For President: Pro-Crime, Pro-Chaos

When I arrived in NYC in 1975, it was run by very liberal Democrats and was rapidly devolving into utter chaos which then broke out seriously in 1977 with the summer blackout riots which saw entire hunks of the city looted and burned to the ground.  Crime ran rampant and I helped organize a group to do arrests, not patrols, ARRESTS and we arrested many stupid criminals.  Special Prosecutor Giuliani worked with me to get rid of the politicians and voila: when he became mayor, crime dropped to nearly nothing.  Imagine that!


We put the real criminals in jail or six feet under!  That worked like a charm.  But did liberals learn from their ugly mess they created?


Nope.  Not a thing.  My former neighbor, Di Blasio, took over and reinstated the insane rule that saw the city nearly totally destroyed and bankrupt.  So all the evils of the 1970’s are happening more and more.  Criminals know it is OK to attack citizens and are now relentlessly doing this.


The cure is simple: arrest Di Blasio!  Oh, he is now running for President, hoping to utterly destroy the USA.  It seems all the DNC candidates are vying with each other to see who will make the most destructive promises.


Off duty firefighter was nearly killed by a gang of black teenagers in Manhattan…and the mayor doesn’t give a hoot.  The gang of teenagers raised by welfare mommies and grandmoms are hunting down and abusing the elderly all over the city now.  Anyone trying to stop this will be openly beaten mercilessly by these delinquent monsters.


Here is a recent example also in Manhattan: The exact same thing happened in January in Manhattan: three black teens beat up a man who tried to protect an elderly couple buying food at McDonald’s!


On the evening of Saturday, Dec. 29, police say the three individuals, seen in photos provided by the NYPD, punched and kicked a 44-year-old man in the face and body at the McDonalds at 404 East 14th St.


Police say the altercation occurred when the victim reportedly intervened after seeing the individuals harassing an elderly couple in the fast-food restaurant.


When crime was very high many years ago, I could make arrests nearly every day, nearly all the criminals were black children from single parent households.  I knew all my black neighbors and the ones with intact families had nearly no problems with criminal children.


But the fatherless ones were a terror and still are.  It is worse now due to multi-generational lack of fathers.  The liberals hate fathers so nothing is done to fix all this.  Instead, they do the same mistakes over and over again, making things worse.


During the last few months, a gang of five black kids robbed other teens in Prospect Park, the huge park next to my former brownstone in Brooklyn, NY.  I used to patrol Prospect Park in summer.  We would go into the park with staves and walk behind the bushes.  Young thugs would crouch in the bushes to ambush joggers.  We would ‘bushwhack them’ from the behind, causing them to lurch out of the greenery and into the running paths.


The city got mad at us and we said, ‘start patrolling’ and I worked hard to force the city to set up bike patrols in the park and then crime went down…duh.  Same with our patrols on the streets.  Over time, the city politicians, especially after a bunch of them went to prison, gave us better patrols and gave our cops better working conditions and we had a new DA and judges.  Voila: crime plummeted.

Today, the police ask neighborhoods to attend precinct meetings.  I got started at such a meeting.  At my first meeting, our group demanded the captain be removed.  Period.  We muscled the mayor and after a bit of a tussle (hahaha) he was kicked out and we got Captain Hill, a stellar man who eventually, under Giuliani, became the head cop in Manhattan.

Note the latest meeting in this community in Manhattan: mostly elderly white people.  When we took over the 78th Precinct, I was only 29 years old and most of us were quite young back then.  Our meetings there were loud and heavily attended.


These people are begging for help which will not come.  Why?  HAHAHA…THEY voted for this!  THEY hate Trump!  They hated Giuliani who was mean.  They hate the Republican Party and wish is would go away!


A trial in the Bronx: A Hispanic immigrant gang mistook a Hispanic kid for someone they wanted to kill and so they beat him to death in a store in the Bronx, they are now on trial for this horrible crime.  The kids on trial cry on the stand where they have to talk about what big shots they were when they were running around the city, committing crimes, killing people.

The mother of the dead child actually says, ‘They should kill the RIGHT PERSON’!!!  She is OK with gangs running wild.  Typical, of course.  And I bet, if she voted, she votes straight DNC, too.


This was all created by one party and one party only: the Democrats.  They made this all possible, they engineered all of this, they want this, they are proud as they destroy cities and guess who votes for this: the DNC ‘minorities’ (sic) and SJW whites who hate Trump.


They are, in short, getting exactly what they deserve: hell.  And death…this is a life and death matter.  If voters are this stupid, this pig-headed, this utterly clueless about Life In General, they richly deserve their ugly final fates.  Eventually, the looters and raiders will set their neighborhood to the torch and loot everything, openly.


This is the ultimate fate of all DNC cities.  Trust me on this.


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16 responses to “NY Mayor Di Blasio Running For President: Pro-Crime, Pro-Chaos

  1. BLM female denied bail calls for killing all white people.

  2. Lou

    1–Like South Africa.

  3. AT

    Here’s a simple cost effective new law that eliminates 90% of all crime in America.

    Anyone convicted of any misdemeanor or felony crime must reapply for social security disability or any other government program they may have had.

  4. Petruchio

    Sometimes to see how bad things are you have to look for what is not there, not what is actually going on. What is missing with the issue in this topic of DNC run wild Cities and the folks in charge? If the GOP were a REAL Opposition Party, they could have a field day with the Dems of today. Think of the TV ads the Republicans could run tearing in to the Democrats. Think of the TV soundbites you would hear from Republicans. Of course, the MSM doesn’t do much to help. They actually work to help the DNC by not exposing all the sh#t the Dems pull. There’s never any accountability from the Pols or the MSM.

  5. Melponeme_k


    NYC and the borough governments are so corrupt it is almost beyond hope. The voting districts are structured to favor Jews, minorities and illegal aliens. They have by far the most voting power and almost always vote democrat party.

    If the districts were fair, the city would be consistently Republican/Conservative.

    The reason for DiBlasio’s win was that he ran on a platform where he would not sell public land to be developed. During Bloomberg’s reign, he would sell public land (mainly old library sites) to his friends ULTRA CHEAP which they would then turn around and flip for mega millions. This angered a lot of people and is one big reason why DiBlasio won.

    Of course, he didn’t change any of the policies and public land on prime real estate sites is still being sold.

  6. timothy carroll

    @#5 Mel,

    Thanks for the “on the ground” report. Jeezus, the only way we ever find out what is really going on is on sites like this and reporters like you.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 mel: Don’t you ever wonder WHY Blacks can’t seem to figure out that the Democrats HATE them? And that the Dems are using the Black vote for cynical means? Time and again the DNC crowd–who are secretly racists–the Dems never deliver on anything that would genuinely help Blacks. I know Blacks get the Freebies in the current system, but can’t Blacks figure out that the Dems are giving them racial poison? It never ceases to amaze me that something so obvious is not visible to Blacks.

  8. Melponeme_k


    Why don’t blacks realize that the Democrat party is racist?

    1) First of all there are some black people who know this and always have. But they are very few and far between. They are not able to reach the numbers of people to influence. And not only are they up against general ignorance, they are also fighting against other smart black people who are venal enough to game the system! Yes, there are educated black people who are aligned with the powers and very much LIKE TO HOLD DOWN THE REST OF THEIR CULTURE!

    2) Then it is a matter of education. The Welfare system is designed to stop upward movement. It punishes people who seek to move outward. It rewards people to stay where they are and not improve. In relation to education, why make the effort? You can be on a lifetime of dole if you have a couple of children.

    The average welfare “salary” in NYC was about 40,000 a year just a short time ago.

    If you are a lifetime recipient from cradle to grave, what could push you out? Especially if you are not that intelligent? Black and Hispanics both have an average IQ of about 90. The only way they could break the 100 line is to willingly enter the race and start expanding their own learning opportunities. Education and IQ grows on prior education and IQ. It will naturally become a part of relationship selection bumping up the numbers with each generation. Welfare interferes with that process because it just encourages procreation by any and all means. Welfare victims are selecting mates based on nothing more than how good they look. Looking good doesn’t always mean thinking efficiently or obtaining good life planning skills. Then Welfare punishes them again by discouraging marriage.

    So now, the culture is collapsing downward not only in social mobility but in intelligence.

    Beginning a path of upward independence would require these people to take on discomfort and struggle. To get off the guaranteed 40 to 45 thousand a year and take subsistence level jobs that pay far less. Most can’t do it. Not unless they are forced.

    So they cling to the democrat party who promise basic benefits and income. That is all they want and couldn’t care less about the rest.

  9. Ken

    As I have mentioned in the past on this blog, through “a series of unfortunate events” my brothers and I ended up living in an all black area of Detroit when we were growing up. We were almost the only white children in our schools.

    Most of the children in the schools were little better than animals. Crude, stupid, violent, uncivilized and prone to criminal activity. In short, they embodied all of the negative stereotypes about blacks.

    But a handful were very nice, decent people. They moved out of the ghetto, along with my brothers and me, and we all went to college and became productive members of society. Every one of these successful black students, 100%, had one thing in common. They had a father living in their home. One was an only child. One was part of a family with 11 children. Most fell in the middle. But all had a father in the home.

    They were ridiculed unmercifully by the other blacks in the school for “acting white.” Looking back, I suspect that this was because all of the other black kids blamed “whitey” for their personal failures. To listen to them they would all be rich and famous if only “whitey” was not holding them down. The successful black kids undermined this excuse, since if they could make it out of the ghetto, then “whitey” was not an excuse for black failures.

    This resulted in a very sad and peculiar situation. Blacks actively encouraged all blacks to be failures. Trying to better one’s self was derided as “acting white” and tremendous social pressure was applied to not “act white.” Successful blacks destroyed the excuse of the majority of blacks, and showed that their failures were their own fault. So they were undermined every step of the way.

    This is totally contrary to other minorities. In those other groups, successful members are held up as role models. Children are encouraged to be like them. Not in the black community.

  10. Petruchio

    OK, we have detailed the problems with the Black community in general and Black students–if you can call them that-in particular. So where does this lead to? Where is the bottom? Is there a bottom? Will Blacks EVER wake up? For example, will Black women ever stop having babies out of wedlock? Can it get worse fir Blacks?

  11. Melponeme_k


    Changing Welfare, as it is structured now, would do most of the work. Believe me, people will think carefully about having children if there is no guaranteed money coming in for them.

    However the intellectual and behavioral changes won’t be seen until after the welfare generations are passed on. So that would mean anywhere from 50 to 100 years.

    What the elites are planning is to totally destroy welfare when they want to pull the trigger on it. Then have the welfare masses go insane with rage, riot, then be taken out.

    They are on a plan to destruction no matter how you look at it. And the elites are racist and dangerous. Blacks and other minorities should study the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”. That is the situation they are in right now.

    The Powers always tell us what they are doing. If all of us are too lazy, ignorant or not smart enough to understand their messages…that fault is all on us.

  12. I should write a long piece about the ‘liberals’ in Europe and US and other first world nations is to destroy marriages and diss males and at the same time, be in this alliance with MUSLIM MARRIED MEN who have an agenda of oppressing women and building male-supporting families!

    Guess who will win power in this game?

  13. Petruchio

    @#11 mel: And where do Blacks riot and destroy? Their own neighborhoods!! I have always thought that if you just left the Black Community to rebuild themselves ON THEIR OWN DIME that would force Blacks to learn a lesson. The lesson is that NOBODY is going to give them handouts!! Until the Black Community figures out that the Government is NEVER gonna help them, Blacks as a group are DOOMED.

  14. Petruchio

    @#12 Elaine: The scenario you describe makes no sense until you understand that the Feminist movement, #MeToo and other Cultural Marxist entities are really about attacking White males and Western Culture. Women in Saudi Arabia are BEHEADED in Public for adultery and THIS is what they want for the West??!! No the main driver for all these issues like unrestricted illegal immigration is a deep bitter hatred of Whites, especially white males and Western norms and values. These people promoting this should be shot at. This really is, imho a War. There will be winners and losers and so being on the winning side is#1 in importance.

  15. And…white males only have to say, ‘Allah akbar’ and voila: they will be in power. The left is too stupid to figure this out.

  16. Moe

    As further evidence of the ongoing destruction of western civilization, I present David Allan Coe singing ‘The Perfect Country And Western Song’ You Never Even Call Me By My Name

    (Paradoxically, I actually like this song: that’s my weird sense of humor).

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