Touche: Trump Counterattacks DNC Impeach Game By Releasing All Russia/Trump Investigation Information

HAHAHA…the left thought that if they howled about how secret documents prove Trump is a traitor, he slaps them and the DNC spooks who infiltrated all systems under Obama, in the face with the release of all the ‘secrets’.  I am all for this, I have exposed deep government secrets in the past when I revealed the truth about what happened at the Nazi rocket caves outside of Jena, Germany, at the end of WWII.  ‘Operations Paperclip’ still isn’t fully revealed even today!  Well, this move by Trump is wonderful.  Good for him.


What is very funny is how the stupid Democrats in the video above howl with rage.  Now they are complaining that the person revealing the DNC documents which were used to try to overturn a legal election and have a coup, is a person chosen by Trump.  The fact that the DNC gang is howling with rage about simply releasing the information proves that this was an attempted coup.


What is particularly funny is, the Bilderberg gangster media and the gang running the DNC is now screaming for secrecy when just three days ago, they were screaming about releasing all the documents.  This sudden switch is typical of despotic lunatics. Reality shifts like the wind changing direction with no warning.


So today’s trope for the leftist troops is, releasing information is now pure evil!  How dare anyone do this!  HAHAHA.  HAHAHA.  Whew.  I remember the Weathermen of the 1960s, that lunatic gang of terrorists: I used to joke that they switch their beliefs in unison, all the time.  You need a weathervane to tell which way their wind blew.

Soy-boy Marhan Manjoo wants no more men to run governments after seeing the many messes made by females in other allied countries which are sliding into a hellish future.  The NY Times has chosen to go ‘full evil’ now.  They are openly racist and sexist all the time.  They attack normal people.  Anyone who is married, has children and pays taxes and goes to church is now ‘evil’ and cross dressing males who parade little boys dressed like crossdressers, in gay bars, are good people.


In March 2018 article he published a column in the Times about a personal experiment in getting most of his news from print sources for two months.[13] The piece drew criticism from the Columbia Journalism Review[14] and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism[15]for the article’s assertion Manjoo had “unplugged from Twitter” for this period when in fact he continued to use the social media service daily. Manjoo felt his piece was sufficiently clear that he made exceptions to his “unplugged” policy, and The New York Times stood by the piece.[14] WNYC‘s On the Media removed a segment with Manjoo discussing the experiment.[16][17]


The above quote is from the NYT reporter’s Wikipedia page.  He is a far leftist SJW who the NYT protects even when it is revealed that he is a racist and sexist.  Yes, gays can be ‘sexists’ just like anyone else who judges people based on both race and sex.  The Civil Rights Act covers EVERYONE.  Of course, white males are denied the protections of the Civil Rights Act but slowly, the courts are now recognizing more and more that even white males have basic civil rights, too.


Manjoo is a fairly recent immigrant who wants to order us around.  He joins SJW demands that we eliminate all white males from positions of power, from jobs, from everything and have leftist foreign radical lunatics run our society…into the ground.  The NYT has become a treasonous organization now.  They collude with foreign powers and have since 1948 when they helped create the Bilderberg operation.

Here is a prime example of the Democrats doing their usual demonic best:

“Am I happy about it? Not even a little bit,” Trump said. “The lawyers have gone through it with a fine tooth comb. If there was a way to break that, I would have broken it in two seconds.”


Trump expressed surprise that Lindh had not even denounced his extremist views. He promised, however, that Lindh would be under close surveillance after he left prison.  “We’ll be watching him, we’ll be watching him closely,” he said.


Liberals want Tommy Robinson in prison for reporting on Muslim rapists of young girls but actual Muslim terrorists?  They are OK with a few months in jail and then let them go!  The liberals have this thing about radical Muslim terrorists and their buddies: they love these guys!  I have written about this suicidal nonsense in the past.


They really are bent on importing as many angry Muslim males as possible hoping this will destroy civilization, too stupid to figure out what will happen next.  If white males all suddenly decide, like this young man, to become Muslims, guess what will happen to all feminists, all crossdressers, all gays, all non-Muslims!  It is obvious.  All one has to do is look at existing Muslim nations, today.


The NY Times has gone totally insane at this point.  Here is a snippet of their top op-ed columnists who are all communists who hate civilization:

Obama pardoned radical leftists who were put in prison for violent crimes and who did this crimes in order to destroy democracy and impost Maoist dictatorships here.  The NY Times was OK with all this, when Obama did it.  They know all this and lie about all this, pretending that suddenly, Trump is doing something very bad.  Everything he does, they label ‘bad’.


It has been proven that much of what the present gang of gaggling goofballs are running for DNC candidates for President all said or did what Trump is saying and doing…in the recent past!  They all talked about stopping illegal aliens, for example.  They were lying in the past, of course.


To win votes, they would promise to stop illegal aliens and then sneaked them in hoping to have them vote for the DNC.  Today, the DNC is now the Illegal Alien Party and is openly howling for ‘open borders’ so they can import more voters.  To the very hour, they are lying about their intentions.


Because they won’t have open borders once they have a dictatorship.  No leftist regime in history has open borders, quite the contrary, they slam the door shut!  There is no example of a leftist country with open borders, ever.


I am increasingly amused at how Trump is causing the Bilderberg gang to side entirely with communists now.  The gang is howling about the trade battle with China, for example.  They want one way trade with a communist power!  The EU rulers are facing hell this weekend as the slaves are still allowed to vote and the vote for leaving the EU is growing greater and greater and the Bilderberg gang depends on the powers of the leftist control of the EU to keep power here in the US.


They are going off the cliff and good riddance to bad trash!



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21 responses to “Touche: Trump Counterattacks DNC Impeach Game By Releasing All Russia/Trump Investigation Information

  1. Zeke

    Disclosure is good.
    (with appropriate redactions of sources and methods).
    Release from prison of unreformed people who have taken up arms against the US just because their prison sentence term has expired is bad – even crazy or suicidal. wtf.

  2. hblinken

    what is your infatuation with this Tommy Robinson, he is disliked immensely, a Zionist shill under the pay of Mossad, he will be lucky to get even a 1k vote in the EU election

  3. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    Can’t stump the Trump.

  4. Ken

    Totally off topic, but related to the discussion about allowing massive third world immigration.

    A recent study has been widely reported in the press, showing that general IQ is declining in western countries with open borders and massive immigration. No other countries, just the western democracies.

    The decline is being attributed to the internet and video games, since any other explanation is politically incorrect. No proof of this is presented, except that the studies show that it is not just the general population that is getting dumber. Smart people are also having children who are not as smart as their parents.

    No one has pointed out the obvious, but politically incorrect, reason for this. So let me do so. The massive immigration of low IQ people, and the very large families of low IQ individuals promoted by the welfare system, has resulted in a general dilution of the gene pool.

    If the entire gene pool is dumber, then even smart people will be more likely to produce children with less intelligent partners. This is especially true since people (women in particular) are actively encouraged to date and have children with minorities in order to prove that they are not racist.

    The result is a general dumbing down of the population, even within families. You will not see this explanation reported or even discussed as a possibility in the press. Guaranteed.

  5. Jim R

    they’ll be shredding up a storm this weekend.

    I have long thought that Trump (or anyone with the authority to “get to the bottom” of this) needs to send a team of US Marshals to CIA + FBI headquarters and arrest everyone down to the janitorial staff. With orders to shoot anyone caught trying to delete or shred anything.

  6. Melponeme_k

    Lauren Southern’s new documentary on the European Illegal Alien crisis

  7. shawntoh


    Appreciate your usual excellent coverage of what’s going on.

    As you clearly pointed out, this is a neo–Maoist, neo-cultural revolution that is being foisted on us by the Bilderburg Bandits and I applaud anyone fighting back using “TRUTH” to fight ignorance on the Left (and the Right) with extremism!

    Drag shows are fine, when folks aren’t uselessly burning up scarce earth-resources such as petroleum products barrel-housing along some asphalt track for questionable vain-glorious egoistic purposes.

    Not to mention presenting activities and viewpoints in in an age appropriate setting where there are ONLY adults–no one else UNDERAGE and that is that!

    Why don’t we make people have to pass a “parenting” test like we do when we want to have the driver’s license for the privilege/necessity of driving a motor vehicle around like we all own the badly abused earth at this point?!!!

    Beyond that, I seriously question anyone on the Left who wishes to impose their dictatorship of the PC upon the rest of us on this planet. That goes for the Right, too, btw.

    Parading around in drag like Madame Mao ain’t[sic] gonna[sic] cut it anyhow!

    I don’t need to sing The Beatles, “Revolution”, to figure that one out, either–I would hope at this point. Too bad the DNC has flipped their collective wig again and they seem to want to become extinct like the Whig Party of the past.

    Let’s hope the DNC gets it together before someone else has to for them!!!

    Forgive my rant and peace upon all who read this…

  8. Lou

    6–YES. IQ, QOL, etc are declining.
    I went to a talk on ‘White Nationalism’–all these old white-jews worried about Hungary, etc.

  9. Melponeme_k


    Is this in the US? Typical. These people relive the 1940s over and over and over again. You can’t go into any bookstore and get books on Germany and Eastern Europe that are not on WWII.

    Meanwhile their OWN PEOPLE (RIch Jews) are important militant Muslims AND Militant Black Magic Catholics from South America in the United States. THAT is what they should be worrying about not Hungary.

  10. Look, humans can’t escape the past. It haunts us. This is due to learning nothing from the past. It is rather ironic.

  11. Lou

    11-Mel, can you tell me somethings about yourself? Just wondering.

    Books— does yr public library have more books on \
    [whatever PC subject, MLK, Snivel Rites, Gays, Harvey Milk, Freud]

    than on the wars USA has been goaded into?

    humans can’t escape the past.–I disagree. Jews have made the Holocaust [TM] into big business.

  12. Petruchio

    I thought it was very revealing that Hollywood had to all the way back to World War 2 not once but twice to ‘remember American achievement in war, skipping past Viet Nam, Korea, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom plus others. No, nothing from those more recent eras. Hollyweird had to do “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band of Brothers”. Apparently there are too many survivors of more recent wars for Hollywood’s comfort. Mel is right; Hollyweird is one big Propaganda Machine. I believe it will change when the Chinese take over though.

  13. Melponeme_k


    I’m a former military Air Force brat. Which is important information. Why? It has to do with the mind control programs. Any “awakened” person out there will have some form of military and/or intelligence. Just about all of them. Believe me, I looked into it.

    Does this mean we can’t be trusted? No. I think we are all in various stages of deprogramming. However even our information will be mixed with MK narratives. That is where all these stories of targeted people, AI, Aliens, and super soldiers come into the story. I try to be careful about what I write and what I pay attention to.

    People have to understand, when they join these agencies, they aren’t only signing themselves up…they are signing up their families as well.

    Military and Intelligence agencies absorbed loads of Nazi scientists which they kept quiet but allowed NASA to run cover for the program. The main story is that Mengele directed all of these programs from South America for the US, Great Britain, Russia and China on a consultation basis.

    Lebensborn never ended. The Master Race idea never ended. Nazis are just a narrative too. There has only been one group in charge of us for hundreds of years. They just use different fronts to make us believe we have a culture.

    The powers believe that if they hard program a certain amount of the right type of people, the rest of the populace will be programmed as well via the subconscious connection we all share. That is why regular people will be affected by symbolic triggers interwoven in popular culture. Even if they have never been a part of an MK Ultra group.

    What books to read? EVERYTHING you can get your hands on. Even stuff you suspect is propaganda. They always drop some real information in everything. The most important books are the books they write themselves.

    They ALWAYS tell us the truth. ALWAYS.

  14. Melponeme_k

    Don’t neglect fiction and FANTASY for that matter.

    They like to tell their truths in what we think are fairy stories.

    HG Wells told us what they think of us in The Time Machine. We aren’t the Morlocks.

    The AI is us. You never saw a NON-HUMAN in these stories.

    They pacify us through our primal instincts.

    They are time travelers because they control time. Not in actual concrete form but through the manipulations of our perceptions. They are in the process of “changing” time around us always.

    They quite like being Morlocks or WARLOCKS.

  15. Jim R

    @#8 Melponeme,
    The video you posted was simply deleted FOR NO REASON by YouTube. Here is the backup copy, for as long as it lasts.

    It is a remarkably well-produced documentary, almost an hour and a half, of the scope and scale and origin of Europe’s “migrant crisis”.

  16. Lou

    REMEMBER–Rockefeller donated the land for the UN.
    The 1 world government.

  17. Smart people use jujitsu on the elites. I did it in the past! I see more and more people doing it and I am very hopeful. Despite every effort to impose their will on us all, it is failing more and more.

    This is also life and death: the elites made it clear, they want to eliminate most humans and intend to force everyone into literal medieval lives that is, ZERO ENERGY USE for the masses who will be deliberately frozen to death in winters as the climate cools.

  18. Petruchio

    Mel: You should check out the movie “Manhunter”. The original one. The movie is about this retired FBI profiler who comes out of (semi) retirement to hunt down a Serial Killer. There is a scene in this movie which describes these Spooks and their underlings really well. So to set up this scene, this FBI profiler, character’s name is Will Graham, goes to speak with this notorious Serial Killer who Graham caught earlier. So Graham goes to visit this Serial killer to get a feel for how to catch the current Serial Killer out there. Finally, a the end of Graham’s interview of Hannibal Lechter, Lechter asks Graham, “Do you know how you caught me Will?” Graham responds by saying “You had disadvantages.” “Which are?” asks Lechter. Graham’s response: “You’re insane.” That’s our Elites! They think they are Superior Beings and that is what they keep telling themselves. This is how and why we get people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. This is a complete Fantasy of course. The Truth is closer to our Elites being a bunch of ULTRA spoiled rotten rich kids, overinsulated, over sheltered and overly inbred. Intelligence agencies that focus on competence and merit based promotions systems feed US Intel agencies their Lunch. US Intel agencies are the laughingstock of the Intel World. They are known as Players who can’t Play. I refer you to the opinion other countries have of Bolton and Pompeo–and the rest of the Deep State.

  19. Lou

    intend to force everyone into literal medieval lives that is, ZERO ENERGY USE..

    not everyone. just 99+ %.

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