British Military Forbidden To Recruit PATRIOTS!


The Bilderberg gang’s biggest founding families live in England and control that place, working tirelessly to destroy the working class ‘peasants’ who they fear and hate.  So now, it has been leaked that the top brass in the military are preventing anyone patriotic to join.  Only those who hate the native Brits (ie: foreigners) can join the military.


Here is the official list of all things evil in the eyes of the EU masters.  No one can join if they have any of these ideas or traits:


  1. Describe themselves as “Patriots”
  2. Add ‘istan’ to British place names
  3. Describe multicultural towns as ‘lost’
  4. Have tattoos with overt and covert XRW iconography
  5. Look at opponents as ‘Traitors’
  6. Use the term ‘Islamofascism’ 
  7. Discuss the creation of ‘white only’ communities
  8. Become increasingly angry at perceived injustices or threats to so called ‘National Identity’
  9. Refer to individuals ready to challenge their XRW views as being ‘indoctrinated’ 
  10. Make generalisations about Muslims and Jews
  11. Claim that immigration is the root of injustices against vulnerable people (e.g. old age pensioners, veterans)
  12. Involve colleagues in closed social media groups
  13. Refer to Political Correctness as some left wing or communist plot
  14. Make inaccurate generalisations about ‘the Left’ or Government
  15. Threaten violence when losing an argument, although claiming that XRW groups protest peacefully
  16. Actively seek out impressionable individuals to indoctrinate or recruit
  17. Use blatantly untruthful or incorrect references to immigrants, Judaism or Islam
  18. Talk of an impending racial conflict or ‘Race War’
  19. Claim that it is acceptable to abuse Jews or Muslims as Judaism or Islam are not ‘races’
  20. Have extreme XRW group stickers or badges on clothing and personal items


Discussions about who is attacking Brits at home and abroad is verboten, for example.  Discussing immigration rules and results is also verboten.  Talking about any of this with anyone inside or outside is verboten.


This list looks like the sort of thing the communists would issue.  Talking about how all this is coincidentally, dogma for communists who want to destroy civilization is…verboten.  So, only communists, aliens and angry Muslim males can join the military?


Meanwhile, all citizens have been totally disarmed, even using butter knives is verboten.  But hark!  There is this thing called an ‘election’ and it appears that Brexit supporters will win.  The ruling elites and their clowns in the Palace are all in a tizzy over this and fearful that angry peasants will show up at the gates yet again, singing ‘Hey, Tommy, Tommy.’


All over the internet, people are posting The email site of the British Occupation Forces:


Now on to local news: tornadoes repeatedly hit states in the Mississippi/Midwest regions.  This often happens during solar minimums.

Also in the news is a little girl who recently became a teenager.  Here is a statue of Soph, the cruel kid who makes videos mocking the SJW gang and even more amusing, the Bilderberg gang, itself:

Note the bully raging at her and attacking.  The Bilderberg gangsters running You Tube (Google the Evil) has banned her for being mean.  Muslims can post videos calling for the annihilation of all unbelievers but little girls making fun of Muslims doing this is evil and thus, terminated.

The far left/far right Muslim alliance is stupid.  The Muslims hate liberals with a burning passion and hope to eventually eliminate or enslave all leftists.  Leftists, who ignore reality and history, cannot figure this out.


So right now, they are the tools of the Muslims and the Muslims are just amazed at how stupid the SJW gangs really are.  I am not amazed.  I know all too well, how stupid they are.


How stupid?  These SJW bots pay a fortune to go to school to learn utter rubbish which is utterly useless and then beg to be hired by these same schools…at starvation wages!  HAHAHA.  Double enslavement.  Deep in debt plus only very crappy jobs!  A one/two hit.

Buzzfeed hires these poor saps, too. They spend their idle hours attacking sane people.  This can backfire.  This is why the California gang of SJW machine operators have to destroy the internet because too many people are making fun of them.


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8 responses to “British Military Forbidden To Recruit PATRIOTS!

  1. Moe

    I’d heard of Soph before but never watched it until your reference. Wish I was half as smart as this girl. Hilarious.

  2. Moe

    OT, but can’t find anything recent regarding Brexit.

    Even though Boris Johnson is a Wanker, he’s the best bet for Brexit. Never thought I’d support this buffoon.

    Boris Johnson Leads UK PM Polls, Says “Prepare For No Deal”

  3. Zeke

    Soph is an Old Soul wise beyond her years.

    She’s not distracted by Madona or Kardashian type bs.

  4. Petruchio

    About that list. It was formed by the absolute experts on the subject. If anybody would know about manipulating Public Discussion by using terms–such as “Diversity is a strength”–it is the Fascist Nazis who came up with the list discussed here. Takes one to know one. And these Bilderbergers ARE stupid. complete idiots, even if you thought the World should be run by a small group of Elites, which the Bilderbergers do.

  5. AT

    As the Commander in Chief of the British military, it is the Queen’s prerogative whether she chooses to enlist “British” Patriots or not.

    It may have something to do with her also being the Command in Chief of the militaries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many others including many pirate banking enclaves like the Cayman Islands. Did I mention their military intelligence services and all their worldwide ambassadors and diplomatic corps? And, the same multi-monarchy created both the house of Saud and Israel.

  6. Jim R

    Well, there’s that ant the fact that she’s the offspring of the GERMAN royal family that moved in to England a couple hundred years ago.

  7. shawntoh


    Speaking of patriots, let’s talk about some of our folks here in the good ole US of A.

    HEADLINE–> Study Aims to Show Why Some Veterans Go Hungry…

    “‘They make do with what they have and make sure the kids get what they need. It is just taken for granted that they would skip a meal, wouldn’t eat or eat just once a day,’ Kamdar said. ‘They consider this normal.'”

    This makes me very angry, for some reason, Elaine. This is NOT “normal”. Why should our veterans be doing this sort of behavior? Something is wrong here but I’m not sure what. Maybe someone else can explain this to me…


    P.S. Btw, I don’t BLAME our veterans. I blame our politicians for this– and “the systems that feathers the nest” of politicians! Maybe that is the problem and NOT just me! Peace.


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