Democrats Scream As Trump Declassifies All Their Junk

I love Branco cartoons!  When Brennan posted his anti-Trump screed online, someone calling himself ‘real Donald Trump’ posted that cartoon.  Trump just jumped the Democratic shark tank and sent them flying out of their press pool, screaming about how dare he declassify all the junk the DNC produced during their coup attempt.  They want all that stuff hidden, forever.

The left has gone full Mad Madame Mao.  Here is more insanity:

‘The FBI methods are going to be exposed,’ complains the DNC gang.  HAHAHA.  THe FBI spied on me when I was young as well as when I was much older, too.  Tucker is amused.  ‘Declassifying is a cover-up’ is the new deranged trope being played by the Bilderberg gang.


They think we are all very stupid and easily fooled.  After the collapse of the fake Russian probe, ending with ‘there is no there, there,’ the DNC continued to push that treasonous lie over and over again, louder and louder.


This is all they have, now.  They are being defeated in Europe as well as in the USA.  The leftists in the US voted the DNC into Congress to give them more welfare money and other goodies.  Instead, the DNC is entirely and only focused on the fake Russia collusion story and the popularity of the DNC is now dropping as the voters figure out they have been scammed.


The long arm of the law is getting closer and closer to putting the DNC gang into prison. . I did this to a bunch of corrupt NY city DNC criminals many years ago and it is time to flush down the toilet all the NY and California DNC gangsters, yet again.


But Anderson stressed “in this particular case, I’m drawing a distinction because my boss and my boss’ boss had already reviewed and approved this application.” She emphasized “this one was handled a little bit differently in that sense, in that it received very high-level review and approvals — informal, oral approvals — before it ever came to me for signature.”


Anderson is pointing to her bosses, hoping to avoid prison, herself.


Anderson said that FISA approvals are typically “tracked in a linear fashion” and that someone in the Senior Executive Service “is the final approver on hard copy before a FISA goes to the director or deputy director for signature.”


She said the Page FISA was approved outside regular procedures.


This ‘someone’ is one of the gangsters who used FISA laws to insert obviously fake information into the systems in order to have a coup after Trump whacked the DNC in the rear.


“Because there were very high-level discussions that occurred about the FISA,” Anderson said she believed that meant “the FISA essentially had already been well-vetted all the way up through at least the Deputy Director [McCabe] level on our side and through the DAG [Yates] on the DOJ side.” Yates had already signed the application by the time it made it to Anderson’s desk.


She says, in other words, the classic line from the Nuremberg Trials: I was only following orders.  She could have refused, she could have warned the new President, she should have stopped the criminals!!!


This, in a nutty nutshell, is what is terrible here: she was silent, she cooperated with an ongoing crime, she, too, wanted a coup.


… Anderson stressed that McCabe, Yates, and Baker all played key roles in reviewing the Page FISA. “My approval at that point was really purely administrative in nature. In other words, the substantive issues — the FISA had already substantively been approved by people much higher than me in the chain of command,” Anderson said.


Like any good Nazi, she always followed orders.  HAHAHA.  That excuse didn’t work in 1945.


Anderson said it “typically would not have been the case” that people such as McCabe and Yates would sign off on a FISA application before she did.


I watched the Watergate Hearings from beginning to end many years ago because I was confined to my bed due to having very difficult pregnancies.  I watched how a parade of witnesses had to confess to cooperating with obvious crimes because they wanted total political victory over the peace candidate during the Vietnam War.


In that case, it was the GOP that was power hungry and ruthless and stupid.  Now, it is the DNC and the mainstream media that is power hungry, ruthless and very stupid.  They just don’t understand, you can’t lie forever.

HAHAHA….today’s top story is funny as all hell.  So, the evil gnomes at the NSA created a cyberweapon which they wanted to use to attack world computer systems at some unspecified time and it was leaked and is now causing havoc???  HAHAHA.


Good lord, and you can bet that this thing which was created a number of years ago will be all Trump’s fault, too.  And who wants open borders and no controls on screwing around with us?  The DNC!

The New York Times is also flipping out due to Tommy Robinson and Farange and all the other anti-EU people. they hate the Yellow Vest marchers, the NYT wants all these working class people to drop dead.  How dare POPULISTS (that is, popular people) run Europe!


Elitists should run Europe, according to the founding members of the Bilderberg gang at the NY Times in Manhattan.  Little people should just shut up and go away and let the elites run things.  Right?  Like in NYC, right?  And worse of all, the working stiffs want immigration controls, too!  Imagine that.


Here is one person the Bilderberg gang hates, they hate children above all, if the kids are smart.  This little girl is being pushed around and silenced by this vicious gang which wants to legalize child rape.

This very intelligent young teen freaks out the freaks who run mainstream media.  They can’t put her on the news for the same reason they blacklisted me when I was her age.  She can carry a conversation, she is thoughtful, amusing, wry and sharp.


She makes them all look stupid, frantic, hysterical and above all…liars.  So they lie about her, and then hide her so she can’t talk back.  This is very typical of them all.  Cowards act like this and all dictators depend on cowards to keep them in power.  Now on to an amusing video put up yesterday, I saw it when it had only 100 views:

This is a political video, too.


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17 responses to “Democrats Scream As Trump Declassifies All Their Junk

  1. RIOT in Brussels as Yellow Vests protest Bilderberg gang!!!!

  2. Jim R

    shredders and disc-eraser software is overheating as we talk. . .

  3. Jim R

    *are overheating

  4. AT

    They use microwave ovens.

  5. AT

    Political classification as well as political de-classification are both bad. The problem is that FISA and our secrecy laws are broken, not to mention “secret” information sharing with other governments. For starters, they fail to comport with the Fourth amendment. What’s worse they have reached the point of depriving democracy of meaningful information with which to cast an informed vote. What’s needed is systemic reform, or at least some serious tweaking.

  6. AT

    What EMS seems to overlook is that her dreaded Bilderberg gang was designed to deprive democracy of meaningful information with which to cast an informed vote, not just with secrecy, but with the controlled dialectic of hypernormalism and distraction. They take a “conservative” and a “liberal” from various areas and nations in order to construct those dialectic narratives.

    It was a trick exported by nobility in Europe who had been using it since the enlightenment to control democracy from behind the scenes with their retained executive powers, in essence disguising monarchy with a veneer of fake democracy.

    It is also no coincidence that this was unleashed and weaponized along with (British off-shore pirate banking) right as Eisenhower embarrassed the British, French and Israeli attack on Egypt to recover the Suez, forcing them to give it back. And, it has worked for them to such an extent that the American position is now completely upside down internationally.

    ELAINE: This is easily the stupidest comment, ever. AT, you have to try harder to learn how to read, you obviously don’t read much of what I post which is very sad. I talk endlessly about secrets and how the Bilderberg gang has to have many secrets to function. This is why, believe it or not, ALL their meetings are UTTERLY secret! I do penetrate the secrecy on occasion.

  7. Moe

    From Streetwise Professor:

    “That loud squealing you hear coming from points east is not the sound of 1000s of hogs being scalded: it is the collective scream of the governing class panicked at the Barr investigation, and in particular, at Trump’s instruction to the intelligence agencies that they declassify large amounts of material relating to the origins of the Russia investigation. Not surprisingly, among those protesting most strenuously, like the slimy, sanctimonious James Comey and the Neanderthal-browed (hell, Neanderthal period) John Brennan, are those in the gravest legal jeopardy. ”

  8. Zeke

    Do tinfoil hats come with “do not wear in thunderstorm” warnings?

  9. KHS71

    I’m surprised the Rats have not run to their local political judge to have the declassification halted. I’m sure the judge will think of some reason such as water is wet or ice is cold to halt the action.

  10. Pete

    As in Watergate, let us ask:

    “What did the President know,

    and when did he know it?”


  11. shawntoh


    Would you say that the motto of the Bilderburg Bandits is–



    I would like to ask Mr. W. S. Burroughs that question but unfortunately, he’s not answering right now for some reason out there in the Interzone.

    Maybe Dr. Benway could respond as well but no luck there, either…

    Never mind, I’ll listen to the song by JD, instead. Thanks again, Elaine, appreciate your fine work and all your help past, present and the future.


  12. shawntoh

    The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah [by W. S. Burroughs]

    Oh-ego amigos! Oiga amigos! Paco! Enrique!
    Last words of Hassan Sabbah,
    The Old Man of the Mountain!
    Listen to my last words, anywhere!
    Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world,
    And you, powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory,
    To take what is not yours,
    To sell out your sons forever! To sell the ground from unborn feet

    I bear no sick words junk words love words forgive words from Jesus.
    I have not come to explain or tidy up.
    What am I doing over here with the workers, the gooks, the apes, the
    dogs, the errand boys, the human animals?
    Why don’t I come over with the board, and drink coca-cola or make it?

    Explain how the blood, and bones, and brains of a hundred million
    more or less gooks went down the drain in green piss!
    so you on the boards could use bodies, and minds, and souls that
    were not yours, are not yours, and never will be yours.
    You have the wrong name and the wrong number!
    Mr Luce Getty Lee Rockefeller

    Don’t let them see us, don’t tell them what we are doing!
    Not the cancer deal with the Venusians, not the green deal –
    don’t let that out,
    disaster, automatic disaster.
    Crab men! Tape-worms! Intestinal parasites!
    Like Burroughs, that proud American name?
    Proud of what exactly? Would you all like to see exactly what
    Burroughs has to be proud of?
    The Mayan Caper, the Centipede Hype,
    Short-time racket, the Heavy-metal gimmick?
    All right, Mister Burroughs, who bears my name and my words buried
    all the way
    for all to see,
    in Times Square, in Piccadilly,
    Play it all, play it all, play it all back!
    Pay it all, pay it all, pay it all back!

    Listen to my last word, any word
    Listen, if you value the bodies which you would sell
    all souls forever, short time to go,
    minutes to go, blue heavy-metal people –
    don’t let that out,
    don’t show them the blues!

    Are these the words of the all powerful boards, syndicates, cartels,
    of the earth?
    The great banking families, French, English, American,
    squeezing the air.
    You want Hassan Sabbah to explain that,
    to tidy that up.
    You have the wrong name and the wrong number.
    for this you have sold your sons forever?
    the ground from unborn feet forever
    And you want the name of Hassan Sabbah on your filth deals
    To sell out the unborn?
    I rub out all the formulaes and directives of the Elders of Minraud forever
    I rub out the word forever.

    [June 21, 1960]

  13. As I keep saying, no one learns from history. And one history of greatest interest is the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire. My own ancestors helped loot it.

  14. Moe

    Moar Streetwise Professor:

    “In fact, the US Constitution does not establish the CIA, or grant it independent powers. It is part of a co-equal branch of government that is established by the Constitution: the Executive. It is subordinate to the Chief Executive. It is a creature of the Chief Executive. It may disagree with the Chief Executive’s decision. Oh well. Tough shit.”

  15. The CIA was literally a copy of the Stasi, the KGB and the SS Nazis.

  16. Lou

    The Boston Museum of Fine Arts recently apologized for something about which they apparently didn’t need to apologize, but no one wants to make the black kids and their black teacher angry, now, do they?

    According to middle-school teacher Marvelyne Lamy, when she attempted to take her black students to the museum, a staff member told her group:

    No food, no drink, and no watermelon.

    A museum spokesperson responded that the staff member actually had said:

    No food, no drink, and no water bottles.

    Museum officials apologized for basically enslaving and whipping the children again, dredging up centuries-old traumas. They also promised to torture their staff with sensitivity training. Hopefully they will also train their employees to meticulously enunciate the term “water bottles” in the future.

    A recent study by the National Association of Scholars finds that American colleges are becoming more segregated than at any time since the Jim Crow Era. This only applies to blacks segregating themselves, because as we all know, there is nothing more supremely evil on Earth than when white people do it.

    Surveying 173 colleges, the study found that 80 of them (46%) segregate orientation programs; 75 (43%) allow for black-only residential arrangements; and 125 (a robust 72%) allow for all-black graduation ceremonies. Slightly over two-thirds of colleges in the survey provide for “Diversity Fly-Ins,” in which nonwhite students receive an all-expenses-paid trip to visit the campus before deciding to enroll.

    Although these race-based programs are ostensibly designed to protect nonwhite students from all the alleged “racism” constantly foisted upon them by the whites, we suspect they may actually be intended to make black students feel less ashamed about suffering a graduation rate that is 20% lower than for white and Asian students as well as SAT scores that are, on average, 177 points lower than those of white students.


  17. Lou

    And another view of Joseph Mc Carthy and old St Al,

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