Memorial Day SNOW STORMS In Southern California…Hell Freezes Over As Farange Brexit Party Wins, Big Time

It is nearly June and it is snowing right now in the mountains around Los Angeles.  It is also snowing in southern Nevada and Utah, too.  This is ‘global warming.’  Across the planet, school children on May First protested against warm weather, demanding another Ice Age.  Sadly, they are getting their wishes.  What is really sad is, the global warmists utterly ignore incoming information, focusing only on wherever warm weather is still happening.

Click here to see armies of young children who were given a day off from school three weeks ago to march against warm weather. Note how many of them are wearing coats due to the cold.


As I keep pointing out, one doesn’t look to Florida or Brazil or even Australia to see if an Ice Age is looming.  One looks at Hudson Bay, not western Alaska which never has glaciers like Canada.  This refusal to understand the history of our climate is how the far left stays in power, convincing people they are roasting to death.


Here is a Canadian news story that is utterly insane:  Rapid melt of permafrost in Canadian Arctic could dramatically increase greenhouse gas emissions, research warns! It is almost June and the entire Hudson Bay is still solid ice.


Turetsky’s research, published this week in the journal Nature, looks at the rate of permafrost melt across the Arctic and what its impact could be on attempts to limit greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.


Um, I read the entire silly article.  It was based on research (sic) done during the previous warm cycle that ended three years ago.  Back then, it was melting!  Today: it ain’t melting at all, far from it.  Naturally, the ‘scientists’ (sic) don’t mention this fact during the interview.  This is deliberate and it is dishonest.  What I find very funny is how a warming climate is shown to be utterly evil!  Longer summers?  Oh no!  They want eternal…winter.


So the propaganda rolls onwards…WAIT!  This is failing rapidly as people shiver and shake with the cold!  Despite all the propaganda, the average voter is waking up to reality, cold is hard to ignore, and voting against the Green Agenda.  Young people who have little life experience, are still voting for ‘green’ because they don’t understand that people who are freezing or starving to death will come and kill all these charming, young radical middle/upper class kiddies.


These very same kiddies also want to disarm the working class peasants, too.  In many Bilderberg-run countries, the populace has no real muscle to fight the State.  But they still are allowed to vote and look:

HAHAHA.  The NYT also claims that ‘Populists and nationalists who want to chip away at the European Union’s powers increased their share in Europe’s Parliament after four days of continent-wide elections, but it was not the deluge that many traditionalists had feared.’

Farage won the most votes in England, for example.


With more of a voice in Parliament, populists and nationalists would be expected to try to push harder on issues like controlling immigration and the budget. And they are likely to try to gum up the plans of the pro-Europeans, pressing for more power to go to the nations rather than to a bureaucracy they consider elitist.


The bureaucracy is very elitist and it is why people are alarmed and angry.  This elite gang which has a name (created by the Bilderberg conspirators) has plans to enslave and then starve the masses in Europe because they want fewer humans and importing angry Muslim males to start street fighting in Europe is part of this plan to destroy the European people.


The Bilderberg gang will continue to limp along using the fools who believe we will all roast to death as their power base but if the predictions of another Little Ice Age continue to assert itself into the political game, we will see a total collapse of the Green Party.  Right now, they can live in their happy fantasy world, demanding colder weather.  And lord help us all, this is a wish the gods will grant them.  Much colder climate for the Greens is fatal for them.


This school is in totally run by the DNC California.  The Democrats have total control of the state.  Schools there are a disaster, it is falling off a cliff, when cops are called to stop violent students, a huge riot broke out in Stockton.  Students threw things at the police as they tried to suppress a very violent boy.  This is the DNC.  They created this, they get votes by handing out money to single moms so they can raise hoodlums and they want to rule us all and have us all suffer this sort of utter chaos.


Stockton residents have expressed disappointment with the students’ behavior.  ‘I didn’t know it was that bad,’ an unnamed parent told WRDW after viewing video of the incident.  ‘I don’t know what is going on with these kids. I don’t know. Even with the authority there and they are still being too much. It’s scary. It’s dangerous.’


The saddest part of all this is, voters who want money from the government will vote for these very destructive policies even when this is leading their own children into a life of crime and early deaths.  The lure of free money is too great.  So they vote for people who have zero skills in handling children.


All the good teachers flee these DNC-run schools and that is a paradox, too.  Universally, teachers unions support only Democrats, and this is their creation, their own baby biting back.  Also, I find it hilarious that the Washington Post today cannot have even one headline story about the Brexit party in Britain having the most votes in yesterday’s elections.  Not a peep about Le Pen winning the most votes, too…what a silly paper that is.


Just one small story that doesn’t mention either man or woman on the right, on their front page.  Also, a story about a lost hiker in Hawaii did make big news…hahaha.  Next big story: rescuing a cat stuck in a tree.



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17 responses to “Memorial Day SNOW STORMS In Southern California…Hell Freezes Over As Farange Brexit Party Wins, Big Time

  1. Lou

    I am in ‘el ay’ near the beach. We had heavy rain that was almost a flood. No snow here. It is cold if cloudy. Like winter.

  2. Zeke

    Not much Education going on there …. in video.
    Unless Edumacation consists of learning and reinforcing mob rule and violence.
    Teachers don’t exist in a vacuum. They have deal with whoever is enrolled. Many student of single parent households with occasional presence of ‘baby daddy’ as father figure. Sometimes lack of discipline or negative influence of the interloper.
    Sometimes teachers not given much to work with.
    “It takes a village (to raise a village idiot)”.

  3. Petruchio

    I gotta disagree with you Elaine about these Global warming freaks. I think the people who are in leadership spots of the GM movement do NOT believe in Global Warming either!! Not for one second! They are lying about Global warming and they KNOW they are lying. It’s just a tactic the Elites use to promote their depopulation/ Destroy the White Race Agenda. The Bilderbergers are just using the Josef Goebbels Big Lie technique: tell a lie long enough and enough people will believe it.

  4. Petruchio

    “These very same kiddies also want to disarm the working class peasants, too. In many Bilderberg-run countries, the populace has no real muscle to fight the State.” Interesting. I read a news item yesterday that there is a push in Germany to restore Gun ownership Rights for private citizens. The thinking is that this desire for looser private gun ownership laws are going to get stronger. And these young sheltered millennial types are gonna get a huge Reality Bitch slap sooner or later. It’s gonna be fun to watch how they handle their precious little feelings being so crashed in to.

  5. Zeke

    Remember ZPG?
    – for some people but not others.
    Zero Population Growth. Preached to the wrong population.

  6. Melponeme_k

    The powers aims are simultaneously opposed to one another.

    For one, they want to create an enormous nature preserve with their castles being points of focus. The rest of us would be little vassels on their land. They want to relive those days when Quetzalcóatl ruled over thousands of low IQ brown people as a living God.

    That is their dream.

    However their power comes from harnessing the creative energies of all people. WE power their dreams. Get rid of us and their dreams get smaller. The lower the IQ of the populace, again the smaller the dreams. People in the middle ages were by and large illiterate. That is reflected in the ruling class as well. They weren’t setting the world afire as great intellects either.

    Their fates are tied to ours. And they have been rolling around with the tar baby over it for a long, long time.

  7. shawntoh


    First, Happy Memorial Day to all who read this on this the 27th of May, 2019 (and beyond) and thanks, veterans, who have bravely served our country. You are the best!

    I hate politicians but I love our veterans and we need to remember that this day is their day to be respected and remembered for defending Truth, Justice and, most of all, Peace.

    Please, let’s help them to help themselves to heal from the horrors. Let’s get rid of this evil practice of the reciprocal-destruction-of-each-other’s-existence, or “WAR”, as some call it, once and for ALL TIME!

    My condolences to those today who are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice that their loved ones made for all time for all of us– all past, present and future generations– giving their life so that life would have a fighting chance to still survive!

    Okay, enough of the patriotic– I note some of you are restless and let’s all settle down and get back to work.

    The problem with the NYT and other MSM organizations is that they have reached diminishing returns and are just tools to manufacture consensus for government policy through propaganda.

    Thank you, Elaine, as always, for your outstanding work. I’m glad we have you on our side against these two-legged swine who dare call themselves “experts” and insist they “know what’s good for us”.


  8. KHS71

    An expect is someone who is more than 500 miles from home and makes three correct guesses in a row.

  9. AT

    Yes, the NYT is pure propaganda, but it is not solely a Bilderberg operation.

    Here is a piece from a hours ago “reporting” on a series of incidents from years ago. . .

    My assessment (based on several open sources) is that the piece is designed to help cover-up a submarine based launch and recovery capability for stealth drones.

  10. My buddies and I used to launch UFOs in Tucson, behind Mt. Lemmon, back in the 1960’s. We love listening to the radio shows and TV going nuts. It was great fun back then.

    The FBI investigated us until they figured out we were the kids of top NASA/government systems operators. So they simply quieted down our antics.

  11. Melponeme_K

    “kids of top NASA/government systems operators.”

    NASA was one of the fronts of MK Ultra. One of their main studies was partitioning brains via sound waves. They did it to children. Because children’s brains have enough plasticity to heal from the trauma. The ones that survived.

    The ones that survived were told that they were “abducted by aliens”.

  12. You are wrong.

    HOLLYWOOD which is run by lunatics, did the ‘space aliens attack/kidnap’ junk and then people who are insane would latch onto this and then think they are being kidnapped and raped.

    I once gave a lecture about this in public many years ago. While on stage, I said, ‘I can introduce you to a space alien’ and then hold up a MIRROR. HAHAHA. Yup, we are the ‘aliens’.

  13. Melponeme_k

    Hollywood has always been the arm of the intelligence community. Anyone in the industry has either military/intelligence connections or is part of the royal bloodlines.

    Am I wrong about that? I know I’m correct, I saw it first hand. Even spoke to a “former” CIA agent who was grooming his daughter to be in the industry.

    The insane people you wrote about are crisis actors AND some of them are failed projects in the mind control studies. The movies are then created around subjects used in the MK studies (Aliens or Occult subjects for the SRA psy-op) to control and direct hard programmed people. Plus program the rest of the populace into thinking aliens are real.

    The movies are also used to create “worlds” inside people. Almost all of Steven Spielberg’s movies were used in this fashion, especially Close Encounters and ET. All of the Disney movies were used. The Wizard of Oz is also a big trigger itself. The early MK subjects were programmed with Wizard of Oz, the book and the film together. Basically our whole culture has been a rabbit hutch since at least the 1940s.

    It doesn’t have to go much further than that because the human brain is endlessly creative. The imagination will take it from there into places the spooks could never come up with on their own. They will just push it along by releasing silly stories every once in awhile. Or have people like Graham Hancock or Immanuel Velikovsky write nonsense history books.

  14. Petruchio

    Mel: Just curious, but did you read the story about Tom Hanks? He allegedly purchased a 13 year old from his family and used the 13 year old as a sex toy. I assume this kind of story wouldn’t surprise you. How credible do you think this story is?

  15. Melponeme_k


    Tom Hanks is a character. He plays “acting” jobs. And he is an act off the screen as well. Who he is and what he does, we don’t know. Does he have a personal life? Who knows?

    What we do know is that the intelligence agencies like to stage manage reality. And who else to use but their own agents who create fantasy!

    I also think they have go through rituals in order to stay on top. Whether this is really a religious belief, mind control or superstition or all 3, I don’t know. But they do like to tear their own idols down in ritualistic fashion. it could be a sacrifice to reignite the character of Tom Hanks. It could be to sacrifice it to pave the way for a new character to take his place.

    You just never know with these people.

    When it is such a big figure but rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of things…I tend to think it is a psy-op. They want to cause trauma to millions of fans for this sock puppet by smearing it with filth.

    Does child trafficking exist? Yes. And it is a lot bigger than we know. But they hope we never get our acts together to really look into it. They hope we tear our clothes and gnash our teeth over their ready made villain played currently by Tom Hanks.

  16. Melponeme_k

    They always tell us how things work in their own way. They do this because they think it is funny. We never catch on to their message.

  17. shawntoh


    I’m very sorry if I have offended you or your blog viewers. Anyway… The point you made is quite correct. Since the ’60s and ’70s, look what happened!

    They got rid of everything! No more plot! No more characters! No more heroines! No more heroes! No more anti-heroines and anti-heroes starring in NO budget productions, with NO talent, NO experience.

    Suddenly, you could find me starring in something like this number here and eventually I could even end up teaching a film class somewhere, right? …

    I could probably say I deserve an award because it’s only TWENTY some seconds long and you can barely understand the dialogue because it is a monologue and the discourse is unintelligible–THUS…

    It must be profound. That’s it! Yup. That’s what some critics would say, I bet. Peace.

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