Biden Molests ANOTHER Girl, This Is OK With Democrats, Kept Secret By Bilderberg Media

Here it is, all over again and again.  Biden is a pedophile.  The liberal females hate pedophiles except if they are DNC power houses, then pedophilia is not only OK, it is good for girls!  This utter collapse in morality comes from liberal females who scream ‘rape’ whenever a man touches them or acts creepy.  Except when their allies do this, then it is perfectly normal and who cares?  They are showing ‘love’, not ‘rape.’

A very funny cartoon.  Mainstream news manages to ignore this nasty stuff, outrage is only when someone the liberals want to eliminate gets too touchy.  Then, they haul out the heavy guns and shoot to kill, so to speak.  They will scream ‘rape’ to the high heavens.  All liberals now practice this naked double standard and are utterly unaware that they are even doing this.

Click here to see Biden molesting a young girl yesterday:


Appearing Tuesday at a town hall event organized by the American Federation of Teachers, Biden’s first question came from a 10-year-old girl. As he was wrapping his response to her, he said, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good looking.”


When he asked what she wanted to do as a profession, the girl replied she wanted to work as a journalist. Biden then put his hands around her and shepherded her to the back of the room, where he continued to hold her while introducing her to the assembled reporters.


This is utterly ‘in your face’ molestation.  The media filmed this and then…no media storm at all.  Dead silence.  It is hard to find this on You Tube, for example.  Secrecy in public is insane but then, liberals are good at ignoring stuff they scream about if Republicans do stuff.


‘Joe was just being sweet and thoughtful’: Senator father of 13-year-old girl says Vice President was not being ‘creepy’ after THAT awkward swearing-in video above.  Yes!  It is SWEET to molest little girls.  The parents of the victims (Biden is very careful not to molest children of Republicans!) stand right next to them as Uncle Creep molests them.  The parents signal to their poor girls, ‘This is OK.’



Liberals are very worried about men who are attracted to children or who touch women too much or are too sexual…and at the very same time, they refuse to see this exact same behavior when their buddies and leaders do this exact same thing they condemn!  Note in the CBS fake news feed, that ‘two (ADULT) women accuse Biden’ of being too touchy/feely and the entire DNC machine leaps into action to minimize this.  Meanwhile, there is photographic and video evidence of him molesting children, mainly young girls!


Vote for the creepy guy!  HAHAHA.  Then we have this shining example of how liberals on the left really think:


Note how PBS thinks this is about Biden molesting ADULTS, not a whiff about him sniffing little girl’s hair, smooching their necks from behind, grabbing them in very sexual ways on the small titties, etc.  PBS is entirely run by SJW people and has many SJW females who march in pink pussy hats, screaming about men being dirty dogs…yet they support and defend Biden.


Well, they also support Muslim invaders and call them ‘allies’.  These silly liberals on PBS talk about how Biden was ‘clueless’ for FIFTY YEARS…and they want this clueless clown to be President???  As for ‘morals shifting’ this hasn’t been given as an excuse for anyone on the right.


So, whenever someone who is the target of leftists has any ‘naughty sex’ this is the entire excuse for eliminating them totally but if a liberal does the exact same ‘naughty sex’ (like the notorious Kennedy clan) then all is forgiven even if they kill a female after getting them drunk.  Yup.  Even murder is OK if you are a Democrat.


This is called ‘a double standard’ as well as ‘shifting the goalposts.’  These pesky posts are moved so violently, the posts have collapsed.

This poll shows how news suppression, making excuses for immoral behavior, denial of reality can fool some of the people temporarily.  How can Biden and the DNC and the mainstream fake news hide all the video and photographic evidence of Biden openly molesting little girls?  It is impossible, but this is also why these monsters ar desperate to censor the internet.


This sort of information is freaking them out, their fake stories about Biden are shattered by real information online.  They have to prevent the dissemination of images and videos showing clear child molestation by their favorite candidate.  Women who are freaked out by the sexual predation of say, anime voice actors, suddenly become utterly indifferent to blatant child molestation by Biden.


The hysteria about men and sex continues to roil.  Yes, men are sexual beings AS ARE WOMEN.  A gigantic element in charisma and leadership is SEX.  Sex is a gigantic motivator in all species, it is universal.  We have many rules about sex due to its vast power and the natural urges that cause our species to want to do sexual things.


Monkeys, our relatives, are very open about sex and mastrubate in the open and copulate in public.  They are very openly sexual.  All primates are very sexual.  They form troops and families but still, the sex parts are super open, more so than nearly any other species.  Mothers have sole responsibility for babies but daughters do hang out with mother monkeys and participate in sibling care as they prepare for childhood.


The raising of children with the mating males is a human thing, no monkey breed does this.  Today, modern civilization is reverting to monkey cultures with the mating males running off to mate with more females while the female clans raise the young.  No liberal dares talk about this.


Due to all this sex stuff, we will see the Muslim solution.  So far, the liberal solution is to simply eliminate all males.  This is suicidal.  The Muslim solution is, to give power of control of sex to the men, only.  Since the Muslims also believe in fighting wars over this, guess who will win in the end?  It is obvious.




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7 responses to “Biden Molests ANOTHER Girl, This Is OK With Democrats, Kept Secret By Bilderberg Media

  1. Melponeme_k

    There were a lot of videos of Biden grabbing little girls of the people he was swearing into office. A lot of them were taken down because they caused rage in us little folk. Not only at Biden but at the parents who stood by and didn’t rescue their children from Biden. Disgusting.

    The man is an equal opportunity grabber. There are a few pictures of him grabbing Obama (with various reactions from him).

    This one looks like he is preventing Obama from running away. The guy near them was the one who let his daughter be publicly handled. He just smiles while he watches Obama get molested. HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Petruchio

    Mel: If you think all men are gonna let Biden maul/molest children: Don’t bet on it!! I’m amazed that somebody hasn’t punched Biden’s lights out. Biden deserves it. And, sooner or later, Biden is gonna fool with the wrong Man’s kid. Then Biden is gonna eat some bullets. That oughtta slow him down some. When the civilized worlds mechanism for Order and Decency break down, then people will take Justice into their own hands. Now as a General Rule I do NOT advocate violence, but this case is an exception.

  3. Petruchio

    ” Women who are freaked out by the sexual predation of say, anime voice actors, suddenly become utterly indifferent to blatant child molestation by Biden.” This just proves that all these groups like #MeToo are NOT about protecting Women from sexual harassment. things like #MeToo are about using sexual harassment complaints as a WEAPON A weapon against only certain Men. White Males are the target, they just aren’t honest enough to admit this fact. Biden is a White Male, but he promotes the Liberal Agenda so he obviously is protected. Just wait until the Muslim rape epidemic hits these women who get white males fired from jobs for comments like, “You look hot today.” Let’s see how these #MeToo types respond to getting sodomized multiple times, see how well they stand up to that. Let’s see… which is worse, getting a fairly tame, borderline improper comment like “You look hot today” versus a woman getting her ‘fudge packed’ multiple times? These people ARE suicidal, but they are so consumed with such a furious, blinded by hate HATRED towards White people in general and white males in particular that that is all they care about.

  4. timothy carroll

    Two ultra liberal, gay men I work with our obsessed with having year round tans. Each week they get darker and darker. I am assuming, since one is in his thirties and the other in his fifties, that they are doing this because they are rejecting their (evil) white selves. Last week, out of the blue, one of them said to another employee, “Have a great Memorial day! I’m sure Trump will be all over the place with his MAGA hat followers parading behind him!”

    This comment came completely out of the blue as no one was talking politics. It shows me that libs are so bat sh*t crazy with hatred for Trump and Republicans, that they have no room in their heads for anything else. As women and gays hand power over to their new Muslim friends, they will find that every civil right handed to them over the past 60 years is going to disappear like a fart in the wind. The white, Christian society they so openly mock is the only thing that has protected the gays from being beheaded and the women being raped. Stupid fools!

  5. tio

    Biden Molests USA Again, This Is OK With Kleptocrats, Kept Secret By Bilderberg Media
    [For his part, Joe Biden has long served as a friendly voice for U.S.-China relations, even before his son’s investment ventures. The elder Biden helped lead Democratic support to passing permanent national trade relations with China.

    In 2000 remarks in support of the vote, Biden argued that he did not “see the collapse of the American manufacturing economy” as a danger from opening up further trade with China, claiming that an economy “about the size of the Netherlands” could not become “our major economic competitor.” Opening China to further trade, Biden predicted, would create “a path toward ever greater political and economic freedom” for the country’s citizens.]

    Me thinks Chunter may be Joe’s Achilles’ feel. Creepy bastard.

  6. Tom W Harris

    Lest we forget…

  7. Tom W Harris

    Of course, Biden’s policies are even worse than his personal depravties:

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