Mayor De Blasio Systematically Destroying NYC Schools

Rival black school gangs in Queens, NY, fight each other and then attack a nearby service station, fighting the staff there and destroying stuff.  One…yes…only one cop car shows up to stop around 100 students rioting.  NYC is quickly being destroyed by the Democrats who now run the joint and they are also attacking white female staff in the Education Department, too.


Three white women in Education Department in NYC sue after being demoted so blacks could replace them.


Three white female executives in the New York Education Department were demoted in favor of less-qualified people of color, a $90 million suit launched by the women claims.


The alliance of white women with blacks and transgender and Hispanic, etc. people is doomed.  It will soon collapse once these females figure out, THEY are the ‘enemy’ and have ‘white privilege’ and are slated to be shoved out along with the white men who were shoved out previously.


The longtime officials say they were unfairly targeted as part of the department’s crusade against ‘toxic whiteness’ through its controversial racial equity plan.


These dumb females shouldn’t be working in any educational system.  They were too stupid to foresee the obvious.  Duh!  What happened to them, happened to white men, first.  They thought this was funny, back then.  ‘More jobs for us!’ they gloated.


The bloated bureaucracy of NYC is full of useless people.  Women dominate the education system way out of proportion and it should be 50% male as well as  black and Hispanic, etc.  But of course, the female leftist pink hatted kitties are OK with women sucking up jobs.  No woman wants 50 female construction workers, for example.


Lois Herrera started at the DOE in 1986 as a guidance counselor and worked her way up to lead its Office of Safety and Youth Development.


As this insane school system produces mainly thugs, criminals and rioters, I would suggest she is a terrible failure.  But the black replacement will be ten times worse.  We see this in every DNC city without exception.


In the suit filed Tuesday, she claims she saw the culture shift when Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Richard Carranza as the chancellor of NYC’s public schools in April 2018.


Robinson, who is black, reportedly told white attendees at a training seminar they ‘had to take a step back and yield to colleagues of color’ and ‘recognize that values of white culture are supremacist’.


They may as well hand over the tattered remains of that school system. I fled it many years ago.  It was very irresponsible to send white children to NYC public schools.  This is why, once white families have more than one child, they flee just like I fled.


NYC is a DNC mess.  It was created by that party and the DNC has 100% responsibility for this and the judges who force schools to ‘integrate’ created this mess and no one has a solution.  There is one solution for white families: move to Republican states!





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6 responses to “Mayor De Blasio Systematically Destroying NYC Schools

  1. timothy carroll

    Women dominate the education system way out of proportion and it should be 50% male as well as black and Hispanic, etc.


    Pure, unadulterated, garbage….along the lines of…50% of the population is female, therefore, 50% of all garage mechanics should be female. Careful, Elaine, you’re letting your (((bias))) show, yet again. Let’s go further, shall we? Whites are, supposedly, 60% of the U.S. population. Therefore, 40% of all rocket scientists should be non-white. Yeah……that’s gonna happen……. And while we’re having fun with numbers, maybe 50% of nurses should be male. cuz….well…..half the population is male. Yeah, that sounds right.

    Every time I think you have it right, you pull something like this out of your hat. Interesting……

  2. Petruchio

    “What happened to them, happened to white men, first. They thought this was funny, back then. ‘More jobs for us!’ they gloated.” This fact is really amazing when you think about it. Were Women asleep during the 80’s and 90’s (and later)? Didn’t they notice all of the ‘outsourcing’ that happened back then? Of course, back then it was primarily white males that got booted out of their jobs. Did it not EVER occur to these gloating Women that the same fate awaited them? Were Women really that clueless? One of the lesser known reasons for the Corporate World’s desire to hire more Women wasn’t for any Equality or Fairness motives. The reason Business moved to hire Women is because Men had already smartened up about the Corporate World. Working for a Company that is extremely focused on outsourcing taught Men a lesson very tough to not get; that the Business World has No loyalty, they don’t care how dedicated an employee you are. As soon as they can boot you out the door, you are out of a job. Now, who is going to want to work 60+ hours for a Company that is gonna kick your a## out the door at the drop of a hat. This is the lesson Women don’t seem to have learned. Not yet, but they will.

  3. AT

    Both parties have failed, for so long, and in secret concert, such that the “solution” must be elsewhere in some putative independent or third party.

    If you notice that the GOP and even Trump brand MAGA are playing along with sound and fury but doing nothing. . .

    If you assume that the end-state is always the goal in their Kayfabe Kabuki theater. . .

    Then perhaps you reach one absolute truth about Trump as an end=state. . .

    Unless you are overly impressed with his version of showmanship, he is undoubtedly the single most qualified person on the planet with the most experience presiding over one thing: massive bankruptcies.

    Given the two term limit we could also conclude that the morons who can’t get interest rates right have given us 0-6 years. Maybe they’re wrong again.

  4. Petruchio

    I heard this comment the other day and it makes sense to me. The Deep State feels that they are going to retain Control of the Government no matter who is President. They think this way because the Deep State thinks they can ‘outwait’ a President they don’t like; Presidents can only serve 2 four year terms. So the Deep State feels they can just bide their time while staying in Control. That advantage of the Deep State has to be neutralized.

  5. AT

    They’re done “out-waiting” or playing endless games of “choose the lesser of my two evils for the next four years”. . . .

    What I’m saying is they installed as President a world class massive bankruptcy manager for a reason.

  6. Who is this ‘they’? Not mainstream media. Not the Bilderberg gang who openly hate Trump and scream like mad at him.

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