Mueller Tries To Impeach Trump Based On Nothing, Bilderberg Gang In Full Attack Mode

Every day like clockwork, the Bilderberg gang attacks Trump.  This will continue to the bitter end.  Every day, real news is also hidden by this gang because they want people to be ignorant of reality.  This way, they can create an alternative reality.  Examples are easy to find: the colder the climate, for example, the less news about the cold and endless stories about ‘hottest year ever’ continue.  This is causing a collapse in support for mainstream media.  Doesn’t stop the mainstream from fake news production.

What is most amazing to me is how the mainstream Bilderberg media is trying to accuse Trump of ‘treason’ for doing diplomacy with Russia…while the Bilderberg gang is against borders and protecting citizens in Europe and America!


Mueller knows how fake news works.  This is why he suddenly appeared, on the same day the Bilderberg gang had its meeting which highlighted ‘attack Trump’ as a top agenda item, Mueller walked out to announce that Trump was guilty of nothing but could still be possibly guilty of something.  This was dishonest as well as insane.


The cascade of condemnation from the DNC is deafening now.  They are convinced that Congress can impeach on nothing.  The screeching is deliberate as is the propaganda regime.  Here is today’s top propaganda story from the NYT illustrating this refusal to report real news:



As the internet correctly covers the reality of Biden molesting children, the NY Times refuses to publish any of this or discuss it.  Instead, they have ‘warm’ stories of him bonding with parents who lost children.  Someone should suggest he do a ‘bonding’ with parents of children he molested.


This is all ridiculous.  I bet he kisses babies, too!  Um, he certainly is ‘hands on’ with young girls.  Kissing babies is up his alley.  The hypersensitive females at the New York Times cannot see obvious molestation when it is one of their own buddies doing the molesting.  They shriek like banshees at everyone else even touching while Biden and do the octopus on little girls.


This story is the latest attack on the President.  Trump supposedly wanted to do something but didn’t do it.  There are millions of such stories every day from Bilderberg media.  It is nonstop.  Biden can openly do horrible things and these media giants can’t see it at all.  Trump doesn’t do something and voila: he is accused of thinking of doing something!


Good lord, and this is front page news, too!  Here is real news which I got from England much faster than it appeared in the mainstream news:


How sad,, another insane person tipped into lunacy by mainstream media.  Sets himself on fire near the White House.  Will probably die.  These poor people are like zombies, driven mad by the ocean of hysteria created by our Real Rulers.  Speaking of zombies, Europe continues to rot thanks to the Bilderberg gang’s refusal to have border controls:


“Latest crime statistics paint a damaging picture of Sadiq Khan’s record,” the report reads. “There has been a 24 per cent increase in homicides since 2016 and the 2018 homicide figure (135) is the highest since 2008.


“Between 2015/16 and 2018/19, knife crime has increased by 52.3 per cent, residential burglary has increased by 36.9 per cent and robbery has increased by 59.3 per cent. The figures speak for themselves.”


Want more crime?  Vote liberal.  No borders, no law and order, no security…this is what ‘liberalism’ wants.  Note how these same liberals want everyone else to obey all laws and even if, like Trump, no laws are broken, they want punishment anyways.  Meanwhile, on all . moral and legal levels, the liberals give themselves the right to be illegal and to do as they please.


This ‘law and order’ for everyone else while ‘do as we please’ for themselves is evil.  It is also the Rule of Law for Satanists: Do As You Will.  This is why I was raped as a child by a Skull and Bones member.  This is all very ridiculous yet media giants can parrot this trash nonstop without blinking an eye.  They feel like their crimes are invisible.


At least, they try very hard to make all this invisible which is why many of them attend Bilderberg meetings and never report on what happened at these meetings!  HAHAHA.



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9 responses to “Mueller Tries To Impeach Trump Based On Nothing, Bilderberg Gang In Full Attack Mode

  1. Melponeme_k


    Build the wall ourselves!

    Brian Kolfage already built a mile of fencing. I donated this week.

    “It is also the Rule of Law for Satanists: Do As You Will.”

    This only works when the rest of the populace is passive and unaware of the power of their own free will. But I think enough of us have become aware enough that their black, evil sex magic no longer works and their plans fall apart almost as soon as they get them started.

    When all of us are 100 percent aware…really amazing things are possible. I hope I live to see it.

  2. Lou

    1–but the billionaires who own the media are not going broke, imo.

  3. Petruchio

    What people need to do to counter the Bilderbergers and the Media Owners is to use the Boycott. Find out who the biggest advertisers are for a program or a Network and do NOT buy the Program/Network sponsors Products. Hitting these guys in the pocketbook is where it hurts them the most. And it’s true that Billionaires can afford to never make another penny forever, but not too many people can actually afford to do this.

  4. AT

    Mueller has already admitted he wasn’t actually considering charges or investigating Trump personally for two years while he let everyone believe that he was.

    That is called protecting Trimp. Because he occupied the narrative space for any other witch hunt. So, all the other witch hunters sat back and watched.

    This nonsense is more of the same.

  5. KHS71

    Isn’t Trump innocent until proven guilty? How can Muller declare he is guilty. Reminds me of when Nixon declared Manson guilty during their trial. What obstruction is he guilty of, beating their Bitch thus not allowing her to nominate the next two Supreme Court justices.

  6. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    Bet ya Mueller’s attack dog Andrew Weissman wrote that bard he read from.

  7. CK

    And now the house will have to subpoena private citizen Mueller.

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