Kim Kills Everyone Who Negotiated With Trump?

This news should cause great fear in all leftists: ALL leftist regimes end up exactly like this monster in North Korea.  Brutal, intolerant, people starving to death, work camps, no freedoms at all.  Over and over and over again, we see the same results.  Sweden is very socialist and is ending up violent, no free speech, people released for raping women while people posting comments about this are put in prison for ‘wrongthink’.  This is what the DNC desperately wants to do to us, here in the USA.

Mexico enabled invasion of the US.  So Trump warned the new President of Mexico to attend to this and prevent invasion of Mexico’s southern border and nothing happened so there is now a tariff on goods made in Mexico as well as a threat to totally close all commerce if Mexico doesn’t stop this invasion by foreigners waving foreign flags.


This is an invasion.  Congress is OK with this invasion because they don’t read or understand history.  They think, if only they import more foreigners who hate our government, it will be overthrown and then replaced with a South American-style dictatorship like in VENEZUELA with fake elections and starving masses.


Here is a leftist icon, Cher, doing politics:

This is the New Democrats: sexually sick, violent people who hate America.  Wow.  Way to go!  Note how leftists love to threaten everyone else with being RAPED.  This fiendish love of rape is 100% opposite of leftist propaganda which is, looking or touching someone is ‘rape’.  So, everyone has to be very careful to not look or touch anyone else but leftists can yell about how they want victims raped and brutalized and this is perfectly OK.


This is the definition of ‘insanity.’  And all leftist regimes go insane in exactly the same way.  History is crystal clear about this.  Now on to another ugly story from a DNC hell hole city run by lunatics who hate citizens: A black man in Pittsburgh suddenly attacks an elderly white man on subway, beats him up and tries to kill him while yelling about killing all whites.


The DNC doesn’t care about how their race war talk is killing real people.  They think it is OK to talk like Cher.  This constant yapping about how we should all talk sweet and proper coming from foul mouthed louts screaming racist trash is just amazing to watch.  Far from making us safer and more polite, this vicious nonsense from fake liberals who are really racist radicals is causing race riots.  And the DNC which flooded our cities with foreigners who hate America, want these riots and will claim, ‘Obey us and no riots will happen.’


Then we get this wonderful leftist police state and toilet paper becomes very expensive and hard to find.

Here are ‘good’ immigrants: the children of tech parents brought into the US in recent decades are sweeping the spelling bee contests.  Note the number of winners from India, for example.  Spelling bees have always been popular with new arrivals in this country.  Why is that?  Also note that only two girls, one from India, too, are in the top 8 winners. One of the two girls is of old English stock, Erin Howard.  19 out of 23 past winners all came from India.


The parents of smart children want them to learn English very fast!  So they study very hard if they are very intelligent.  I did this in reverse: I studied German very hard and in two years, was good enough to win a national scholarship to Germany!  My goal was to get to Germany.  These kids are similar.  Very intelligent and working very, very hard to master a new language.


By the way, the other winner of the German prize back in 1968 was…a German student who wanted a free ride home!  My teachers protested him being even allowed to take the tests.  About the Indian students: like the Chinese kids, parents hired for their brains have children who are smart, too.  I also want to note something that is true in all areas of ‘who is the best’: 90% of the time it is only males who win at the very top.


Female leftists refuse to understand why this is so.  Girls, for example, can spell words.  Girls can memorize words.  Yet girls don’t win this contest anywhere as often as boys!  Same with chess: anyone can play chess.  There is no ‘chess’ genes.  There are multiple genes developed over eons that have males differing from females.


And this leads to virtually no women ever being top chess players, either.  This same model goes through all systems: female evolutionary ‘wins’ all involve females being able to produce babies and raise children successfully.  This is their main function, genetically speaking.


With males, it is all about competing for females to get them pregnant and then protecting the babies.  So men are very much hardwired totally differently from women and this shows up in many charming ways including memorizing word spelling data.  Feminists want to eliminate all this information and have a fake world where men and women are the same and this has a name: Mad Madame Mao.



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24 responses to “Kim Kills Everyone Who Negotiated With Trump?

  1. Ken

    Off topic. has an article stating that there is a record breaking heat wave hitting Alaska.

    More “proof” of global warming.

    With regard to North Korea’s Kim being able to kill anyone who disappoints or disagrees with him, I’m sure that Trump would love to be able to do the same. The liberal harassment would disappear in a hurry.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “Here are ‘good’ immigrants: the children of tech parents brought into the US in recent decades are sweeping the spelling bee contests.”

    No. These people gamed the system just as much as the illegals running the border. They are here on H1B visas, replacing good American tech staff (who must train them or be denied severance). These people do no integrate anymore than the illegals do.

    Like the illegals, most of them send their money back to India which means their productivity doesn’t benefit the US at all. Most of them plan to go back to India to build McMansions and lord it over lower caste commoners.

    At this point in time, I say STOP ALL foreigners from entering the US both legal and illegal. The only ones who could rightfully claim clemency are the truly threatened class such as white South African farmers and Christians/Catholics from Muslim countries.

  3. CK

    Kim also killed his ex girlfriend in 2013; she was resurrected in 2014.
    Kim killed General Ri Yong-Gil in 2016; he was resurrected later that year.
    Fake news usually has a motive.

  4. Pete

    I remember the story about a general who fell asleep
    during a Kim speech and then was killed by a firing
    squad consisting of an anti-aircraft gun. Really?

    About the heat wave in Alaska. There are fires burning
    again in BC and Alberta. We are already getting smoke
    down here in Wa state. Water restrictions start June 1
    in parts of border area. Smoke season starting early.

    Republican Congressman Amash has deep financial
    ties to China. He is calling for impeachment. hmmm

  5. Petruchio

    I have to agree with Mel @#2 here. Of course you can’t make general statements like “Everyone here from India is this…” or “Everyone from India is that..” that are 100% true, but I think Mel is, by far more correct about people from India now living in the USA. A lot of them come with a H1-B visa and they are only here for the money. Or status. It’s a status symbol for them to be foreigners AND win a English Spelling Bee. Like most foreigners living here, they have contempt for the Average American. Foreigners view Americans as lazy, soft and ignorant–among other less than desirable traits. Mostly foreigners absolutely can NOT believe that they are being allowed into the Country to earn a wage they would NEVER approach in their Native Country. Meanwhile, in DNC run Public Schools a group of students kicked a third grade boy in the genitals until he pissed blood. Nobody from that school ever even heard of a Spelling Bee or know what it is.

  6. Zeke

    Mel @ #2: yes.

    (If India were shipping subsidized steel to US, it’d be called “dumping”.
    But it’s dumping of subsidized education tech workers, etc., and other professions – to get remittances back into Indian economy and relieve their population problems – gets a pass. Why? Big (Evil) tech giants want the hi talent low cost workers it can manipulate – rather than recruit and nurture and train citizens here.
    Big $ savings for Big Tech. The only ones harmed are the rest of us, US.)

  7. Melponeme_k


    Except they are NOT HIGH TALENT. The big talent are the Americans they are throwing out the door for economic vultures. Then they call these former employees back as CONSULTANTS to REDO the work that these cheapos CAN’T DO.

    The companies are not saving money. But that isn’t the point. They are all about destroying the US for a One World Mish Mash Satanic Order.

  8. AT

    Men are not evolutionarily better at different things like chess because of competition for women. . .

    It’s more because of tracking and land navigation and division of labor in hunter gatherer groups.

  9. AT

    North Korea is fake news, and has been for decades now.

  10. Petruchio

    I’d like to add one more thing about the H1-B “contract workers” from India. Mel is right again; most of the Indians are average or a little better than that. The main thing about the Indians–the males–are too fixated on Porn to be anything more than a ‘just-meets-the-performance-standard’ employees. And as for the American Consultants that are called back, you can bet they milk their consultancy work. And why not? They worked in an Industry that wanted to outsource them ASAP. These guys learned the hard way that their employers have NO loyalty to their employees. Tech workers made a huge mistake in not Unionizing.

  11. shawntoh


    Today, an old white man’s last possessions were dumped in the trash– as he had NO survivors– he died alone, as near as I can tell and not very well– very sad, that’s bad enough! He was a neighbor but a recluse. That is a fact. Sad to say. Anyway–

    Well, all his possessions were dumped out on to the sidewalk on the side of the apartment house that is SECTION 8 and it’s NOT as bad as the east coast– fortunately– but it was sad because–

    A lone USA flag was sticking out of the trash that once was owned by this lonely old man! I wanted to pluck it but the laws are such that I cannot touch the stuff or– well, I’m not a lawyer and cannot dispense legal advice– anyway–

    So I hear these folks working to remove this junk from this deceased man’s abode and they are speaking Spanish and, I can vaguely understand they are saying something racist about “gringos” and something about a “dead gringo” here as they remove the junk and the trash!!!

    Needless to say, I’m dismayed and saddened by this display of racism but I realize that this is protected under the 1st Amendment but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, does it? No.

    But I do believe in what this country stands for in freedom and human rights and that’s why I’m proud of my country because my parents taught me to be respectful even when other people are NOT of the dead and I understand this man was a veteran and a Vietnam vet and he died pretty horribly at the end of his 81 year old life but that’s how it goes…

    So, I’m freaked out and I just stay out of the way and note what happens as there’s nothing I want or can do to interfere with what’s official government business and I can’t do anything but watch and wait.

    Hope everyone else is doing better!


  12. All communist countries are impossible to know what is really going on due to super secrecy and the utter insanity of all communist dictators. THEY ARE ALL INSANE as well as utterly evil.

  13. Reverend Joe

    Perhaps best not to believe everything you read about deaths in North Korea, Elaine. Just because they’re secretive, insane and evil doesn’t mean lies aren’t told about them! See here:

  14. Jim R

    #12 Elaine,
    “Communist dictatorship” is only the merest of flimsy excuses.

    We can’t figure out who murdered Seth Rich, we sure as heck don’t know what’s going on in NK.

    Or, the Congressional staffer who went missing, her corpse is found in a park months later, and no one knows how or why.

    Or, any of the long list of events popularly branded as ‘Arkancide’. . .

  15. Lou

    14–5? years ago CBC [clinton body count] was mentioned here and EMS dismissed it.

  16. Jim R

    15 – EMS likes to dismiss things, even when blatant, in-your-face evidence is presented, like someone on video tape saying “We decided to pull it” and she is all “No, no, no, the ‘official’ story is the only one. No questions allowed.”

    I noticed the other day, someone got FOIA results with pictures of the “dancing Israelis”, crudely obscured and redacted. Although it doesn’t matter because their names are in the public record anyway.

  17. Jim R

    And anyway, that wasn’t the point I was trying to make, it doesn’t matter whether or not ems ‘believes’ in the CBC.

    My point was that no one here knows what is going on in NK. I don’t even think the spy agencies know, despite their satellite pictures. You can only guess so much from a satellite, and it never tells you what is going on indoors.

    So when the ‘news’ publishes a story like this, it is almost certainly a fabrication.

  18. AT

    Kim told the basketball player he was “just doing his job,” the implication being that all this sound and fury was a show to get rice and oil.

    So, what’s the point?

    (1) saber-rattling to distract US voters from Chinese expansion,
    (2) caricaturize the evil of small countries developing nukes, in order to discourage other leader from becoming similar pariahs, and
    (3) generally distract voters in all democracies in order to prevent them from concentrating on any other foreign policy consideration anywhere.


  19. AT

    EMS is become so conventional wisdom, one must question whether she is now a paid shill?

  20. I am not insane so of course, this irritates people.

  21. Melponeme_k

    President Trump cancels India’s preferential trade agreement.

    GOOD! Now he needs to cancel the H1B visas to them. They can go win spelling bees in their own damn country. While they are at they can stop their own racism that gives preference to white skin. Not to mention the caste system that holds down millions of capable people.

  22. Lou

    21–Mel, do you know about Gypsies, and where they are from?
    DNA tests show that they are from India, the ‘untouchable’ class.
    Interesting. They left a country where they were oppressed.

  23. Melponeme_k


    The Roma left but never stopped living like outcasts. Due to culture and inbreeding their average IQ is now 70 to 80. Unfortunately, this is practically a guaranteed result of not being able to earn a living in regular society. It reaffirms their isolation.

    The caste system still reaps its damage even for those who left.

    I wonder if living in areas where people had whiter skin subconsciously kept the caste system alive in them.

  24. CK

    Resurrections are happening faster and faster in North Korea, one of the recently “executed” was sitting by KJU this morning.

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