Both Trump And Pence Praise Female ‘Fighters’ At Military Graduation Ceremonies


Mike Pence talks about how our military now has more women and this is good. This is a fad with the US this last 30 years but it is insane. It isn’t working, it will never work and the reason we shall never see women proliferate in the military is obvious: women will exit war via pregnancy the minute real war begins.  Feminists are absolutely certain that women can be men including in wartime, fighting and dying on battlefields in the name of patriotism and love of country.  This is utterly insane and totally biologically suicidal and there are good reasons why men protect women in wartime: the next generation matters.


This childish leftist fantasy of fighting women is all over the movies now, slender females beat up massive males easily, for example.  This is lunacy.  It is utterly out of hand with really small, skinny robot females doing this trick as well as magical larger females.  This is teaching young girls a lesson that will kill them: they are as strong as men.


I did ‘men’s work’ all my long life and it was very hard work and when I was pregnant and nursing a baby, I did NOT do ‘men’s work’ at all.  I did ‘mother’s work’ which was to raise a baby properly.  Today, even right wing males have to praise using women in warfare which I find fascinating because it is so utterly unrealistic.  The cultural milieu we live in this time of peace allows fantasies to take hold.  The minute we have real warfare, it will vanish in a puff of smoke.


“Your commander in chief will always have your back,” Pence said in his address to the 980 graduates of West Point in their gray, white and gold uniforms. “President Donald Trump is the best friend the men and women of our armed forces will ever have.”


Pence, speaking at the 221st commencement, said “Americans will always seek peace but peace comes through strength and you are now that strength.”


The Muslim community knows exactly what the weakness of our military is: in the females who are now a big part of the military and who will run away from battles the minute real fighting occurs.  They love the idea of us sending many women to fight them.  They relish this greatly.  It is a blessing from Allah to them.


The graduates include the highest number of African American women, as well as the most women to graduate for any class since 1980, according to the school. It’s also the most diverse class for both ethnicity and gender.


So, the entire military leadership is now riddled with women who will flee real battles.  They will take up all the ‘easy’ jobs leaving all the nasty, harsh, violent and deadly jobs to the unfortunate males who will have little hope of being promoted since the females will occupy all the desk jobs and leadership jobs that require no front line dangers.


This is inevitable.  And since we are going to war against Muslims in many cases, this means men who supposedly will fight and die while women reap all the rewards (including the most important reward: life, itself) will probably revolt and join the Muslims, for example.


Here is a letter in 2006,  to the military news site, ‘Stars and Stripes’, talking about how many women on front lines suddenly become pregnant and then leave holes in military coverage forcing men to work harder and take on the most dangerous work.


Make sex a UCMJ infraction

So when is the Army planning to add sexual intercourse to the list of things punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice while in a deployed environment?


This ability to get pregnant is the golden ticket to freedom for women who want to flee the battlefront.  Feminists have deliberately and viciously left this door wide open for all young women in the military.


I know I can’t be the only one who is tired of seeing women get pregnant while deployed and then sent home, only to force other people to pick up their slack when they leave. And most of the time they don’t even feel bad about it!


I bet they were outright smug, waving goodbye to the men they betrayed.


Are people that selfish that they can’t refrain from sex for a year? I know people will say they are on birth control and accidents will happen, but they should be focused on their jobs; getting pregnant should be the last thing on their list of concerns. But as it stands now, there are no deterrents or consequences to curb this behavior. I bet if people started getting field-grade Article 15s when they get pregnant or are caught sleeping around (this applies to both genders), this type of behavior would at least slow down. We all know it won’t stop everyone, especially those who want to get out of the Army anyway.


The spirit of fighters is key to any war victories.  Degrading the fighters, playing social games with them, hurting them while co-conspiring with women to enable them to flee battles and be sent home undermines the spirits of fighters.  Do note how our morale in Iraq collapsed rapidly as this lunacy went on, kept under a blanket of secrecy by the Bilderberg media giants and Presidents Bush and Obama.


Perhaps if “big Army” won’t institute this policy, unit commanders can — because it hurts unit operational strength, readiness and even morale for those left behind. And it should apply to single soldiers and married ones alike. Some will say this wouldn’t be fair, but I have yet to see the part of any unit’s mission statement where expanding one’s family is mentioned.


This Sargeant should be in charge of the Pentagon.


People should be able to control themselves for the length of their combat tour and stop leaving their battle buddies out to dry.

Staff Sgt. James Cresegiona
Camp Speicher, Iraq


We basically lost the war in Iraq.  It was an illicit war based on outright lies and the war criminals (Bush Jr. and Cheney and others) should be prosecuted but won’t, of course.  Our military, far from being super strong, is riddled with weaknesses which we have to lie about because it is PC to pretend filling the ranks with women who flee battle at the first shot, is OK.  It is NOT.  It is fatal.


From 2004, already back then under Bush Jr. it was forbidden to discuss or even keep statistics of all the many females fleeing the Iraq occupation and fighting via pregnancy:


U.S. Central Command is not tracking the number of troops who must leave the Iraq war theater due to pregnancy, prompting military advocates to charge the Pentagon wants to keep secret what could be an embarrassing statistic.


It is still secret.  No one is allowed to talk about this.  The minute anyone does, the media giants attack, Congress attacks, everyone attacks truth telling.  Lying about reality has a very dark downside: it kills.  We can’t pretend forever that women will fight wars.  Women will do many good and necessary things in wartime but fighting isn’t one of these.  Worse: the key to winning a war is the ability to replace the dead and injured soldiers with new ones and women do this via pregnancies.


There have been anecdotal reports of unmarried soldiers becoming pregnant in Iraq. One military police unit reported losing three women for that reason. Pfc. Lynndie England, the 21-year-old photographed holding a leash attached to an Iraqi prisoner, became pregnant during an affair with another soldier at the Abu Ghraib prison compound in Iraq.
But overall numbers are hard to come by.


“We’re definitely not tracking it,” said a spokesman for U.S. Central Command, which runs the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I’ve been attending operations briefings for two years, and I don’t think I have heard once that pregnancy has come up.”


And this is what insanity does: you don’t track what is really happening, you don’t talk about it, you don’t do anything about it.  Instead, since these stories were written, things have gotten steadily worse and the Muslims know this.  Fantasies can exist easily when one is protected from reality biting back.


Wartime is all about reality biting so hard, it kills.  During the Vietnam War, for example, not one female was drafted.  I was pushing for equal rights back then and my most unpopular speech was about drafting young female students.  OMG, did that provoke rage!  To this day, females are free to be free and males still can be drafted in wartime.  This cannot stand.  Either women pay the full price of being ‘equal’ or live in reality and understand, we females should celebrate our differences and support our men including not sending them into war with poor support and the front lines riddled with desertions via pregnancies.


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13 responses to “Both Trump And Pence Praise Female ‘Fighters’ At Military Graduation Ceremonies

  1. Melponeme_k

    I’m not going to totally blame all involved for the pregnancies. We are all hardwired to want sex after experiencing danger or psychological trauma. It is the first and most important tool used in mk ultra mind control. When people are in a state of arousal, anything can be passed into the subconcious.

    People in war will be traumatized in all ways. The only way they can reaffirm themselves and their life is through eros. This is why they shipped in Bob Hope and his Tranny Mk slaves from WW2 to Vietnam. They had to give eros to the soldiers.

    They can try to criminalize this primal behavior all they want but it is there to promulgate the species. It can’t be stopped.

  2. Ziff

    OT , checkout ; Musk , starnet ,

  3. Petruchio

    One of the Main Drivers to getting Women into the Military is to further degrade the Role of Men in a Society and Culture. Putting Women into combat areas, in the military, “proves” that this is true. It is designed to piss off men so much that they leave the military. This supposedly opens up opportunities for Women. Alienating Men and Women–HETEROSEXUAL–men and women is a Main Objective for the Feminists. Diminishing or even eliminating the White Race is what these “Libs” REALLY want. Kind of amazing when you consider that a number of people promoting this are White themselves. Well, Blacks were some of the biggest profiteers from Slavery.

  4. Ken

    It occurs to me that this trend could be the answer to the falling birth rate. Draft all of the women, but let it be known that they can avoid combat duty if they are pregnant or nursing.

    Two problems solved at once.

  5. Pete


    I have a good friend who works as a border agent at the
    Canadian border crossing. Talked to him last night about
    the southern border situation.

    He tells me his is working on Skype his entire shift
    processing immigrants at the southern border. A lot of
    the agents at the northern border areas have been
    working on Skype to help the southern border situation.

    He is being sent to the southern border this month to help out.
    A lot of the northern border agents are being rotated to the
    southern border. He goes down to the Mexican border every
    couple months.

    He also told me that the morale right now is at record low.
    Agents are overwhelmed right now and they have to do
    things like change diapers. Right now they are processing
    travel documents because they are just releasing immigrants
    into the US with instructions to show up for hearings like
    in a year from now. They are dangerously overwhelmed
    and can’t process fast enough and violence is breaking
    out in the crowded processing centers.

    The most alarming thing is that agents are quitting in record
    numbers. The agents are getting sick from many types of
    diseases. Its not being reported in the media but large
    numbers of border agents are getting sick and large
    numbers are quitting. The whole situation is starting
    to break down because of the numbers coming across
    the border.

  6. Pete


    My friend the border agent happens to be a mexican
    american and has family on both sides of the border.
    He is very patriotic and is a big Trump supporter.

    We often speak to each other in Spanish because
    I have spent a lot of time in central america and know
    the region well.

    He is very sharp and we often talk about how a lot of
    former officials in the DHS get rich when they leave
    guv service and then go to work in the private sector
    working for firms that get guv funding to deal with
    border issues.

    He recently told me about things happening in the
    border area that are also not being reported in the media.

    He says AMLO is basically a good man and compassionate
    with the people and doing generally a good job but with
    regard to law and order he is weak. Recently there was
    an incident with the vigilante groups near the border.

    Because of the out of control violence involving the drug
    gangs the local villagers have formed armed vigilante
    groups to protect their families. The local officials and
    police are corrupt so AMLO has sent in the army to try
    and maintain some kind of order.

    AMLO ordered the army to disarm the vigilante groups.
    The vigilante groups got angry and attacked the army
    and stole their weapons. They took large amounts
    of weapons away from the army at gun point.

    AMLO ordered the army to stand down and not fight
    with the vigilantes. He allowed the vigilantes to
    humiliate the army. As a result the morale in the
    mexican army is starting to crumble.

    That is why Trump announced 5% tariff on mexican
    imports. That’s all he can do to get AMLO’s attention.
    AMLO immediately sent a negotiating team to Wash DC.

    Trump wants AMLO to stop being “weak” with the border
    situation and show more backbone with regard to order
    on the border. Trump will remove tariff threat as soon
    as AMLO agrees to do more at the border.

  7. AT

    @ems: “This is utterly insane and totally biologically suicidal and there are good reasons why men protect women in wartime: the next generation matters.”

    Not sure the folks in charge care much about the next generation (or even this one), considering there are more homo sapiens alive today than all those who have ever died, combined, and places like Washington are trying to make composting corpses cool.

  8. AT

    “Your commander in chief will always have your back,” Pence said in his address to the 980 graduates of West Point in their gray, white and gold uniforms. “President Donald Trump is the best friend the men and women of our armed forces will ever have.”

    Successful occupations take two years to quell populations and restore legitimate authority, usually this is done with a platoon guarding every police station and reaction companies in between.

    We are going on twenty years into a failed strategy that relies on asymmetric technology and about a tenth to a quarter of the required troop strength, even less if we are talking pure infantry.

    Twenty years of failure with no attempt to do it the right way (or leave) is something one would not expect from a commander in chief that will “always have your back.”

  9. Pete


    I’ve been looking all over the US media for a picture
    of the Virginia Beach shooter. I was surprised that
    there were pics of victims but nowhere a pic of shooter.

    Then I was surprised to find it on UK site.

  10. Yes, the shooter was a black male. This is the majority of mass killers. This is never mentioned in the news. If a killer is mentioned and pictures shown, it is invariably a white male. When no pictures or description is shown, then we know it is a black male.

    Yes, this is very deliberate. They have to peddle all sorts of goofy stories to make the liberal reality look friendly.

  11. Zeke

    Other facets now coming to light:
    That contradicts earlier reports.
    Hard to know what to believe.
    (Also, many such perps were ‘white’, e.g., Las Vegas and Charlotte, and Pittsburgh and New Zealand, and OKC, etc.)

  12. Lou

    When no pictures or description is shown, then we know it is a black male.–More that the first name isnt mentioned, if its ghetto scrabble name.

    The New York Times, in a shocking moment of credulity, admitted 75 percent of mass shooters in America are black. [A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening: Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black., New York Times, 5-23-16]

    Dewayne—A diversity hire that was in trouble for not doing the job and retaliated against everyone he worked with because he could not keep up.

    Dwayne Craddock, Dewayne A Craddock and Dewayne A Hamilton are some of the alias or nicknames that Dewayne has used.
    We know that Dewayne’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is African American;

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