Liberal Double Standards On Abortion Rights Continue To Amaze


Double standards is standard for liberals who hate conservatives but love extreme conservative Muslims.


It it wasn’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.  We live in this very bizarro world where liberals want to be obnoxious, loud, cuss all the time, dress sexually, parade around near naked, etc. while at the same time claiming to be fainting virgins unable to bear to hear certain words and faint at the sight of a man’s sexual organs unless, of course, he is transexual or gay or is someone they want to see.  This is insanity.


The latest liberal mob action is to boycott anyplace that has restrictions on abortions.  This would mean boycotting many Hispanic countries as well as all Muslim countries but this won’t happen, of course.  Only liberal countries like the US will see states that restrict abortions being boycotted, not the 3 billion people living under much more severe abortion laws.



Hollywood is utterly unhinged now.  They are systematically destroying California, middle class people are now fleeing the state in droves.  The filth and crime problems in California and NYC are legendary now.  Attempts by people like myself to clean out these utter filthy messes is rewarded with being defamed by the media and chased out by deteriorating schools and other social systems.


I am for abortions, I needed one to save my life due to being a very rare blood type and each pregnancy became more deadly due to this.  Many women have abortions due to not using birth controls.  This is the most painful and expensive form of birth control.


Liberals preach easy sex rules namely, there are no rules while at the same time, not supervising poor kids who simply run riot and have uncontrolled and unprotected sex and thus, also have many sexual diseases.  The need for abortions is directly tied to the open sex/no punishment if one gets pregnant culture.  The Republican solution is to remove abortion as an option and the liberal solution is to kill babies even up to birth if the mother so wishes.


This yin/yang thing is insane.  The other fact is, Muslims don’t allow abortions at all for any reasons yet liberals love Muslims and want to import as many as possible into NATO countries.  This is why I call all liberals ‘lunatics’: they are utterly irrational.


What is worse is, the restrictions on abortions in GOP states is due entirely to all the DNC states like California and NY openly talking about removing any and all restrictions on abortions including after birth, allowing babies to die, deliberately.  This is terrible.  Going overboard is typical in all movements and usually is a sign that a movement is dying, not getting stronger.


Now on to yesterday’s anti-Macron march in Paris: for the very first time, the weather was clement.  The police didn’t attack, either.  So the marchers marched and it was warm so they ended up in this famous park and rested on the grass, under the trees so I will celebrate yesterday’s march with this pair of pictures, one is 130 years old, the other is from yesterday:

By the way, note how the real Victorians, ladies dressed to the nines, didn’t show their ankles and protected their fair skins with umbrellas (umbrella=shade).  Umbrellas were imported originally from the Far East and were used to keep the sun off and incidentally, rain.


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21 responses to “Liberal Double Standards On Abortion Rights Continue To Amaze

  1. timothy carroll

    OT: Has anyone noticed that the lame stream news has studiously ignored the fact that the latest shoot up in Virginia Beach was done by a black man? (including our illustrious host here on Culture of Life News)? Go ahead….try to pull up a picture of the n*g who was responsible. Heck, try Fox news. Total black out (no pun intended).

    Hey, Whitey! You have a target on your back. It’s a little game called “Extinction”. Only nobody told you that you’ve been tagged “it”. Can there really be any self aware white person who hasn’t figured this game out yet? Are you awake yet????


    ELAINE: I wish people would read all my stuff. I DID talk about exactly that and mentioned how it would not appear in the news and I found out who he was very early on, the first name was a dead give away, it was very ghetto.

  2. Petruchio

    “I am for abortions, I needed one to save my life due to being a very rare blood type and each pregnancy became more deadly due to this.” Abortions in this circumstance are VERY rare; Elaine, your situation in no way, shape or form justifies abortion. Of course in YOUR case, there IS a justification for choosing between life of the Mother or the baby. No one has a problem with aborting a baby in YOUR type of case. Abortions in your case comprise maybe 5% of all abortions. Abortions are performed because of inconvenience by a HUGE margin.

  3. Petruchio

    “This yin/yang thing is insane.” I don’t know if there is much yin and yang here. I think the so-called ‘Liberals’ are so consumed with Hatred and Rage towards White American Culture and Values–and Western Culture in general–that their blind rage is going to consume them. You are seeing these ‘Liberal’ collapsing because of their own hatred and rage issues. Maybe these ‘Liberals’ are a type of insane, but they are very focused on what they want to destroy. And, who cares about Robert Iger and his opinions. So they are gonna boycott Pro Life countries? Two can play that kind of game, Bobby Boy. Media Mouthpieces like Robert Iger need to get a taste of their own medicine. When Countries start boycotting Iger and his Bosses, maybe there will be changes for these ‘”liberal’s’ All of these “liberals’ need to have their Daughters have Non English speaking, Non White boyfriends with whom these daughters have LOTS and LOTS of SEX with. Let’s put these Liberal Values to the test!!

  4. Zeke

    Parasol = for the sun, a light umbrella like device to shade from direct sunlight.

  5. epictetus

    Robert Iger is not white.

  6. KHS71

    The only two places I could find his picture were on and Zero Hedge. No other place. Zero Hedge has had two articles on him.

  7. Petruchio

    Robert Iger most certainly IS White; more likely Jewish.

  8. epictetus

    Jewish is not white. This is very important to get right.

  9. Petruchio

    It is next to impossible to be in the Entertainment Industry and NOT be Jewish. Of course Robert Iger is Jewish, as is 95% of his management team. They always have a few token Goyim’s on their staff to deflect charges of ‘all jewishness’.

  10. epictetus

    Of course. However, my point was something different: that Jewish is not “white.” But they would like you not to notice that — unless it suits them in a particular case.

  11. AT

    “The Republican solution is to remove abortion as an option and the liberal solution is to kill babies even up to birth if the mother so wishes.”

    The compromise, both morally and ideologically, and, coincidentally, the current supreme court law of the land is that abortion is not “murder” until after medical viability, which is a bit sooner along now than Roe v. Wade. The deliberate construction of a hypernormalized dialiectic between the republican and democrat parties is a cynical political distraction designed to play on the visceral reaction to killing babies. Some states that force medical professionals to perform third term abortions are creating nurses with PTSD from tearing apart babes.

    Both parties are to blame for this because the RNC is not taking the moral and legal high ground by passing laws that hinge (at least in the alternative) on viability, they’re going back further and exclusively to “heartbeats” etc, and thus deliberately participating on the construction of the hypernormalized dialectic.

  12. Harsh reality: I do NOT want women who don’t want babies to be forced to have babies! That is horrible. Think: what sort of mother will that be???

    I wanted my children including the lost one, very, very much.

  13. AT

    People lose or give up their children to the state foster care/adoption system all the time, mostly because they don’t want them.

    The harsh morality is that murder is still murder and that line needs a definition. Viability works for me and the SJC, but is ignored by BOTH parties.

  14. AT

    Viability put into practical perspective:
    A woman who waits so long to have an abortion that the unborn child has developed to the point where, say, statistically 85% or more of emergency C-sections are successful should choose C-section over abortion or else bring the child to term naturally, followed either way by adoption, if she so chooses.

  15. Lou

    This is the blog of a pro choice woman.Since rowe wade–5 million late abortions.
    Even the gal used by the feminists in the test case, rowe-wade turned against late abortion.
    she worked at an abortion factory and saw the babies faces.

  16. You do not want to force women to have babies. This is highly destructive. Read about the Victorian era when women had too many children…read Dickens, for crying out loud.

  17. Lou

    18–China [with USAs money] forces women to have abortions. saipan? Vietnam as well. sweatshop workers.

    White women are not having ‘too many babies’, for crying out loud…you are a slippery old witch. [Elron found that out].

  18. Petruchio

    The White population is decreasing, but it isn’t because of abortions. I don’t think Asians, in general get a lot of abortions; they tend to make LOTS of babies. A lot of abortions are performed on Black women, but still, I think the Black population is rising. What does that tell you? That there is MONEY to be made by being/becoming a Single Mommy. I don’t know if there are any honest statistical numbers on who gets abortions. I’m thinking it breaks down to include Black women and young white women who play with Black males and get pregnant are the top 2 leading recipients of abortion.

  19. Lou

    20–Oh. really? Whites were 30% of worlds people, just 100 years ago.
    Whites may soon be 3%. so there.

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