Liberal Photographer Does Mass Naked Photos As Fake Protests

A man,Tunick, claims to be an ‘artist’ and his stick is to have many people pose naked in public doing silly things like being painted various colors.  These are all staged events and surprise: run by a male.  He has convinced many liberals that stripping down in public is revolutionary and will lead eventually to everyone wanting to be naked sort of like…people stripped down at Nazi showers.


Dozens of nude models protested against the Facebook and Instagram ban on female nipples with New York City gathering that was coordinated by controversial artist Spencer Tunick.  In collaboration with the National Coalition Against Censorship, for their #WeTheNipple campaign, Tunick took photos of the models during a Sunday morning demonstration outside the Astor Place subway station in Manhattan.


Artists Andres Serrano and Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Tunick himself all donated photos of their nipples for the signs.


I can take some blame for all this. When I was a crazy hippie chick, one thing I did very spontaneously, yelling at this speech in California, that I would make the news if I did it half naked, I did it half naked, the cops came, a riot ensued and I got away.  I then said to myself, ‘ARE YOU INSANE?’ and didn’t do that again.


Well, insanity is OK for liberals now.  I don’t know if all the people in these photoshoots are paid but I believe all the participants are paid, this way, the ‘artist’ can select only attractive people.  NYC which is his headquarters, is filled to the brim with hopeful males and females (the males are mostly gay guys) who are desperate to have a foothold on the art/entertainment markets.


I used to roam NYC many years ago and did stuff on stage, too.  Knew many performers, etc.  It is filled to the top with people hoping to make it big and willing to sell their bodies to gain fame and fortune. Most end up bitter, poor and filled with anxieties and have to content themselves with a life of being nobody.  Even those who do make it big end up miserable, too.


NYC is now run by liberals.  The ‘artist’ here got a permit to do this photoshoot in public, I am presuming.  If he didn’t, he will merely pay the fine and go on doing this over and over again.  Since the dawn of photography, men have taken nude photos of people of all ages.  It is an obsession, frankly.


Here is the Harper’s Bazaar bizarre story about how this ‘artist’ is going to protest Trump at the convention in 2016 via using lots of naked women.


At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July, 100 naked women will stand facing the Quicken Loans Arena holding large, round mirrors. They’ll be part of artist Spencer Tunick’s latest large-scale art installation: “Everything She Says Means Everything.”


Charming, isn’t he?  His ‘everything’ says nothing rational.  Everything is everything?  Talk about intelligent.


The New York-based artist has been planning this project since 2013—back when Donald Trump was little more than a hyper-rich businessman and reality-TV personality.


“I could never have imagined there would be such a heightened attention to the male-versus-female dynamic of this Cleveland juggernaut of a convention,” Tunick says. “But I feel like doing this will sort of calms the senses. It brings it back to the body and to purity.”


So, nudity ‘calms the senses’?  Odd.  I used to work as a stripper in college.  The last thing I wanted was a calm audience.  What bothers me most is how all the females doing this garbage in public with this man…a male!…is that these same females are screaming ‘rape’ all the time when a man looks at them funny.


They are now screaming that touching them is evil and grounds for losing jobs, being shunned if any male touches these virginal naked creatures.  They want to tease men nonstop while men are to not react at all.  After all, when they do this with gay men, there is no reaction.  So why can’t hetero men also pay no attention or be aroused by them, too?


This is very deadly serious.  While gays and trans people demand civil rights and I totally support this, they and their allies want to impose Victorian morals on all of us…while they run riot, themselves, doing as they please but lord help us if anyone else does what they do all the time, openly and in public!


Nope.  We have this amazing double standard running now: anyone on the left can do anything they please and the rest of us better watch our steps unless we irritate anyone by doing anything, any time.  This explosive double standard is utterly invisible to leftists.  They really think they are consistent, not amoral creeps who are imposing impossible standards on everyone else while they run riot.



In England, the new Brexit party polled the biggest numbers and it is growing bigger by the day.


The poll by Opinium showed that, in the event of a general election, the Brexit Party would be the largest party in Parliament with 26 per cent of the vote.


The Labour Party came second on 22 per cent and the governing Conservative Party in third place on 17 per cent, followed by the Liberal Democrats on 16 per cent. The Green Party received 11 per cent — a significant rise for them from just four per cent in the last Opinium poll.


Meanwhile, the anti-Brexit Change UK (CUK) party achieved just one per cent.


Not enough cucks for the CUK party!


According to an electoral seat calculator, the poll’s results would translate to 306 seats in the House of Commons — only 20 short of a majority — for the Brexit Party, with the Labour Party on 205 seats and the Tories down to just 26 seats.


Wow.  Talk about ‘change’.  Leftists demand change all the time except when change isn’t what they want then they want the status quo all the time.  Another ‘one way for us/opposite for everyone else’ philosophy.  This is quite childish, of course.


Last of all, a weather report.  It has been amazingly cool and wet this year for where I live and 90% of the US, too.

Today’s news from global warmists is, it is hot in India right now.  Generally speaking, it can be really warm somewhere and other places can be very cold.  Liberals call warm weather ‘climate’ and cold weather ‘local weather’ which is a lie, of course.  They insist on this sort of duality: everything is what they want it to be despite how contradictory it all is.



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5 responses to “Liberal Photographer Does Mass Naked Photos As Fake Protests

  1. Moe

    “Art is in the eye of the beholder.”

    Well, maybe… In general if it’s art of the 20th Century and later, it ain’t art (IMHO).

    I have a sister-in-law who was an art teacher and who has genuine artistic ability. She of course suffered the brain-washing courses in University that convinced her that modern art (i.e., Picasso, et al.) is genuine art. But interestingly, her personal style embodies nothing of the modern period. It’s very fluid, representative of subject and occasionally sparse. (I’m not an artist so my description will be lacking). A few of her pieces have elements of North American aboriginal artists, of which she is fond.

    But she is blissfully unaware of the contradiction of her professional belief system and her personal production.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “It is filled to the top with people hoping to make it big and willing to sell their bodies to gain fame and fortune”

    During my time, I met a lot of extremely talented people. They were absolutely NOT willing to sell themselves. They engaged with art honestly. It is the industry itself that is about slavery.

    “Most end up bitter, poor and filled with anxieties and have to content themselves with a life of being nobody. ”

    No, most end up like me…awakened and realizing it was all a pyramid scheme. I thank God that I did fail. It was protection.

    “Even those who do make it big end up miserable, too.”

    No one real makes it big. They are chosen..from the families. And even in the families the ones who are chosen to be A list stars were groomed from the start and transgendered before the age of 2.

    This is their religion. The stage, screen and air waves are their pulpits. They reenact their religious stories right in front of us using people who they think are avatars for the things they worship.

  3. Moe

    Excerpt: “…the National Coalition Against Censorship, for their #WeTheNipple campaign…”

    This is so effin’ absurd it’s beyond stupid. Sometimes social norms need a slap upside the head, but this is all about despoliation of norms.

    (I’d have named the hashtag #WeBeNipple. I breathlessly await the #WeTheGenital campaign) 🙂

  4. Petruchio

    Let me state at the very beginning here that I have absolutely NO problem with someone who takes photos of Good looking women who are Naked. I view this as a form of Artistic Expression that is underutilized. “Nudity calms the sense”? I don’t know about that, but Elaine makes a very good point. Women can’t look like Hookers and then complain to #MeToo about harassment when these women get attention from Men. Women today lack Basic Social Skills. One of them is how to deal with unwanted attention from Males. The act of politely shooting some male down when he shows interest is not a mystery. And, God forbid!! If some female should have her precious little ass get pinched, the correct response is to slap the guys face, NOT make a formal complaint and demand the guy lose his job.

  5. Lou

    off topic– EBOLA

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