Trump/May Press Meeting In London Is Very Friendly, Informative

It was a very charming press conference.  Both leaders joked with each other and the press.  Watch the entire thing.  All the hysteria stories about how Trump is a ‘klutz’ are fake news, as always.  Meanwhile, the British media Bilderberg gang goes after the winner of the recent elections in England, he now leads the Brexit Party when the EU meets in Brussels.  More about Brussels, later.  Netherlands allows child medical suicide via DOCTORS.

This is how ‘interviews’ are conducted by Bilderberg gangster tools: ‘One of the BIGGEST issues in the UK is gay rights’ is utterly insane.  And at no point does anyone talk about who exactly is against ‘gay rights’ because that means talking about Muslims who are pouring into the country.


Here is an example: this same day, the same presenters talked to a Muslim leader.  Guess what they did NOT talk about!  The Muslim culture and religion!  Nope.  This double deal standard is constant and is a huge part of the populace rising up against these elites who are foisting on Europe an army of angry Muslim males.

A Muslim boasts about doing an anti-Trump baby blimp and is very much against gay rights, himself.  Is he questioned about gay rights?  NOPE.  As usual, all the real deals about Muslims are avoided lest the Muslims erupt in anger and resume blowing up EU people who are in their way.

Meanwhile, in EU countries like a the Netherlands, a  teenage girl gets doctor assisted abortion of her entire life due to her feeling bad about being raped!!!


The day before the Dutch teenager from Arnhem was euthanized she posted to Instagram saying that she “is still breathing, but no longer alive.”


Teenagers are drama queens.  Yes, it can drive one to suicide if one is raped as a child.  I was raped and rather damaged by this, physically.  My reply to all this was to learn how to fight using all sorts of weapons and hand to hand combat to the point, I did it for fun all my long life.


Also came in handy when arresting people, too.  But this poor lass was taught how to be weak and frail and then encouraged to kill herself to avoid ‘painful FEELINGS.’  This is absurd.  Also, very, very NAZI.


“I get straight to the point: within a maximum of 10 days I will die. After years of fighting and fighting it is finished. I have now stopped eating and drinking for a while, and after many conversations and reviews it has been decided that I will be released because my suffering is unbearable. It’s finished. I have not really been alive for so long, I survive, and not even that,” Pothoven wrote.


We warned Europe that this ‘choose death’ business would end up assisting emotionally messed up teenagers who have a long life ahead if only they get their silly heads screwed on right.  There is zero grounds for helping them kill themselves due to not wanting to live because of transient feelings!


She asked that her friends and followers “not convince me that this is not good, this is my decision and it is final,” and said that “love is letting go.”


This is false love.  This is pandering to a little drama queen who now is dead due to everyone around her being equally stupid.  What she did was not grow up, she wanted the adults to kill her to have a final drama and leave everyone with terrible guilt feelings that will show up eventually when they, too, go through the Gates of Death.


At these terrible Gates of Death lie the Watchers in wait and they grill everyone about all sorts of fun stuff, things connected with death in particular, this being their top skill set.  12 year old children who have very little life experience and don’t even have an adult sized brain are allowed to pick death if they so wish even if they are perfectly healthy!


Emotional pain is not physical pain.  And when I had terrible physical pain due to being raped as a child messing up my reproductive organs which were operated on three times over the years, I used to tell people, ‘Feeling pain means I am ALIVE!’  This is called ‘having the right attitude.’


Worse yet, this child wrote a book called ‘Winning or Learning’ which is immensely ironic since she learned absolutely nothing and she won life’s booby prize thanks to insane parents and insane country in the dying EU that doesn’t take good care of the children anymore.



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11 responses to “Trump/May Press Meeting In London Is Very Friendly, Informative

  1. nclaughlin

    A very pretty girl. Was it a Muslim who raped her?

  2. Melponeme_k

    I call PSY-OP on that teenager. Crisis Actor.

    Nothing but MK ULTRA on the masses to cause us Trauma.

    Just look at the numbers.

    17 years old = 8 which means infinity. It all means self destruction.

    She cited 10 days until her “death”. That equals 1 the number of beginnings.

    Her name in gematria equals 1! In various Jewish Ciphers her name equals 666!

    And the name! Noa (as in Noah) Pothoven (Ha-ha, Had to get in the anal joke in there somehow).

    Nothing but a hoax to cause us psychological damage. When you read the story, when you think about it, it is like a slam to the brain. That trauma puts everyone into a slight trance/disassociative state. While our guards are down, the powers can slip in loads of messages via TV, Movies, News stories, Books, Music, and advertisements. Some claim they blast it 24/7 via Extremely low frequency waves. All of that going straight to the subconscious. And all they have to do is release stories like this. They don’t even have to be real.

  3. AT

    GCHQ Robert Hannigan’s resignation over the Obama spying on Trump and the Steele Dossier wasn’t enough, now Teresa May announced her resignation the day after Trump starts declassifying stuff, effective in three days..

    This is all part of May’s trip to the woodshed as she falls on her sword to save the Queen.

  4. Pete

    Trump Balloon gets deflated in undercover attack LOL

  5. Jack

    Your anti-Liberal rants have been tiresome for the past 3 years. What happened to your antiwar advocacy? Supporting Trump is the same as supporting Neocons.

    As bad as it sounds, I think Limousine liberals are the better choice for America and the world. The working class tends to be more despicable. They are the ones that enthusiastically sign up to be soldiers for oversea wars.

  6. Zeke

    “NBC’s chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, said that President Donald Trump sounded “delusional” when he told reporters at a Tuesday press conference that there were “thousands of people in the street cheering” his presence in the United Kingdom.
    Trump was met with protesters this week as he toured London with members of the British royal family and U.K. political leaders as part of an official state visit. Speaking to reporters alongside U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, the president said he saw thousands cheering during his first two days in London.”

    Maybe that’s the congressional investigation that’s needed: on his mental state.

    It’s dangerous.

    It sounds like a form of schizophrenia – separation from reality – – to see protestors as supporters or mockery as affirmance.

    Sounds like – when he had press conference after being laughed at at UN. He said they weren’t laughing AT him; they were laughing WITH him. And he wasn’t lying. He BELIEVED it. So, that’s not the same as lying. It’s s mental illness. Delusion. A dangerous mental state.

  7. Dear Jack: Liberals are NOT ‘antiwar’ at all. DUH.

    This is the problem: liberals pretend to be antiwar until they want wars and they want wars all the time. They are pro-people power unless the people are say, Yellow Jackets, then liberals hate them and want the state police to physically attack them and brutalize and even kill them.

    Look at what liberals are doing right now! Physically attacking anyone who disagrees with them!!!! DUH.

  8. Lou

    7–Follow the money. Under Obama [who Elaine supported] a bomb was dropped every 30? minutes.

    Since no photos of the dead appear in the jews media, the wars endless are
    not so noticeable.

  9. Zeke

    Plus, BO got the Noble Peace Prize as soon as he took office – leaving almost everybody scratching their heads.
    This is for nothing – now go do something.

  10. Lou

    9–he was marketed a s a negro. Thats why he got a booby prize. AA president, AA prize. Negroes to the front of the line.

    Ike was mixed race as well, but that was before it was chic.

  11. macdundas

    reply zeke 6: I don’t know what’s been happening in London, but if you had actually seen the film of trump at the UN you would know that the reporting of the occasion was in fact fake news: as trump speaks, someone in the audience says something that is indistinguishable and trump responds. in rfeaction to trump’s response, the audience laughs.

    understand? the laughter is in response to trump’s answer to the interjection.

    don’t believe everything you read… (particularly when you can go and have a look for yourself).

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