Walls Closing In On Steele And Clinton Gang

Christopher Steele is now going to be interviewed by US investigators who are now digging to the bottomless pit of Bilderberg lies cooked up in Europe with collusion from an army of anti-Trump DNC people who were very angry about citizens voting for Trump.  This attempt at impeachment is still running in the DNC half of Congress but it is running into this brick wall called ‘reality’: they conspired to impeach a President based on spurious and often utterly false charges.


We call this ‘a coup attempt’ but media won’t say this and Trump won’t say this in public but I can say this.  It was a naked attempt at engineering a coup based on utterly false charges.  I am particularly rankled by the fact that right now, to this day, Biden who is the #1 pick for candidate in the DNC, his son Hunter is doing what Trump was accused of doing.


That is, playing patsy with foreign powers in Eastern Europe.  There are no calls in the DNC to investigate this, of course.  This is due to the double standard we see all over the liberal universe.  They can do has they please and they can persecute others for doing what they do and worse, lie about it, too.  So they can launch utterly false charges while at the same time, they can merrily do these very same things with zero comment, much less, punishment.


Anti-Trump/anti-American protesters are increasingly violent.  In Europe as well as the USA, anti-Trump liberals are increasingly physically attacking Trump supporters.  Most of the time, this never makes any news in liberal media.  Again: liberals will howl with rage in the media systems whenever they are attacked but then go deadly quiet when their supporters do worse.


A mob in Parliament Square start to gain on the man, who seems to be walking in the opposite direction to the protesters, as they yell in his face ‘Donald Trump not welcome here’, while handling him with aggressive force.


The pensioner, who was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat can be heard shouting ‘get off’ whilst the other men grab his jacket and pull him.  They then push him down onto the floor, leaving others around them outraged at the brutal forced used against the elderly man.


I love how the Brits call ‘the ground’ a ‘floor’.  I watch Brit TV quite a bit and yes, they always call the dirt outdoors ‘floor’.  It comes from the word for ‘meadow’ in old Norse.  It also described the bottom of a lake.  In American English, it is used only for buildings.  One of many odd things we see in languages that are nearly the same but often with strange differences.


Back to the violent leftist demonstrators who are allowed to run riot with cops standing aside both in England, France and Germany:

All ‘eco-events’ end the exact same way: trash everywhere.  This is due to so many teenagers and young adults who are still in school and thus, still very childish.  They are sloppy, filthy and irresponsible.  And they want to lecture us adults on how to behave and how to save the ‘environment’ which they so recklessly trash, themselves.


The vast majority of signs dumped everywhere are paid for by Soros.  So he should be billed for the cleanup.  Note how demonstrators the Bilderberg gang wants to terminate like the Yellow Vest or Tommy Robinson ones, there are very few signs, nearly no trash and all the violence is launched by the State, not the marchers who are peaceful and clean up until they are attacked.


Note how the Trump blimp was punctured by a lady.  She was arrested.  Not one person assaulting Trump hat elders were arrested.  ‘It shows how aggressive the left can be’: Donald Trump supporter doused in milkshake by protesters says he was only there ‘campaigning for democracy’.


Here in the US, we have similar problems.  Leftists can post junk screaming about how the world is going to end in 20 years or ‘death to all white males’ or anything.  Censorship is spreading rapidly but so far it is nearly one sided.  Leftists are fools: they are next.  No leftist dictatorship allows leftists to run riot, either.

Liberals now run Fort Worth in Texas.  They will persecute any Texan, just like in Arizona now, who is not PC.  More news from DNC-run disaster areas: New Mexico University wants to build a wall around campus to keep out illegal aliens and bums.


According to a report by the Albuquerque Journal, the University of New Mexico is considering a proposal that would include the construction of a large wall around the perimeter of the campus. A consulting firm told the university that they could drastically increase campus security through the construction of a wall that would run along the perimeter of the campus.


“No, it isn’t President Trump’s wall on our state’s southern border, or another privately funded barrier like the one being erected in Sunland Park,” the report read, making an obvious connection between President Trump’s plan to build a wall on the southern border and the university’s consideration of a similar wall around their campus.


HAHAHA.  Nope, it isn’t a wall it is just a wall.  And it isn’t to keep out people it is to keep out people.  Doublethink was not invented by Orwell, it was described by Orwell.  He was doing a literary analysis of existing communist systems like the odious reign of Stalin.  Doublethink is taught at all universities and the Presidents of these ‘schools’ (sic) all practice doublethink.


This is stupid.  All communist regimes fail in the long run.





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3 responses to “Walls Closing In On Steele And Clinton Gang

  1. AT

    To the extent that Steele “cooked up” a bottomless pit of lies, they are much less Bilderberg or FBI lies, and much more the Queen’s MI6 lies. Comey et al didn’t joke about them as “the crown papers” for nothing. Those were active Russia desk assets Steele tapped for the report. Mostly, that’s because the British fear the Russians, and the Russians hate the British for how they played them against Germany to do the heavy lifting and casualty fighting in WWII, and then snatched away most of their victory with D-day. But the animosity goes back further, and even underpinned the Czar’s decision to auction Alaska to US, so the British couldn’t try to take it in a putative invasion.
    Of course, now the royal ruler of the crowns of the British/Australian/New Zealand/Canadian/pirate banking Cayman Island/etc/etc. . . herself is in full backpedal mode trying to repair the “special relationship.”

    We’ll see whether Trump eats it up or not.

  2. STALIN demanded D Day to take pressure off of Russia due to the Nazis not keeping much troop power on the Atlantic side.

  3. lou

    2–can you give me more details?

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