Bilderberg Gang Ordered You Tube To Eliminate Or Defund All Conservative Sites With Louder With Crowder Top Site To Kill

A new huge battle over who gets to use the internet has broken out yesterday as You Tube, run by Google which is an arm of the Bilderberg gang, thousands of You Tube creators have been defunded or eliminated by Google due to unexplained reasons.  This new destruction of the internet occurred less than ONE WEEK after the super secret Bilderberg meeting in Europe!  They even let us know one of the main topics of that meeting, which I reported here, would be how to stop any opposition on the internet via eliminating citizens using systems run by SJW lunatics from California and New York.


Vox was founded by Tim Pool over a decade ago.  Tim was a far leftist who pioneered the Occupy Wall Street nonsense a number of years ago.  He and his buddies tried to imitate my very successful Occupy the UN on behalf of Chinese students President Bush Sr. wanted to deport to China so they could be tortured.  I won the fight on behalf of these students.  I welcome Tim to the movement to stop fake liberals who stupidly work with the very dangerous Bilderberg gang to take over the planet earth so they can rule us in the brutal Mad Madame Mao method.


One way to get hit with elimination is to run any channel that discusses the Bilderberg gang.  This is why Alex Jones was hit first.  He actually would go to Bilderberg meetings when they happened in the DC area, and report on it.  This is highly verboten.  This is also why I would watch his shows, ignoring all his goofy stuff which is very, very goofy.  But on a few levels, he hit the Real Rulers right where it hurts the most.


You Tube is pretending they are fixing ‘bad stuff’ like ‘flat earth’ and ‘fake medicine’ junk.  The massive number of sites being hammered by censorship and removal of sponsors are not ‘flat earth/fake medicine’.  Tim is very naive, he thinks that all this is not driven by some central force.  The Chinese/Wall Street/techie leftie alliance is out to censor everyone.  Europe already heavily censored everything citizens try to say online.  You can be arrested for posting the wrong words especially about the Muslim invasion.


Just two days ago, Tim posted this story:

Yes, a number of leftist You Tube channels which are run by rich Bilderberg gangsters and are funded by Soros like Vox is run, are not popular at all.  The popular sites are mainly conservatives who are resisting the globalism goals of the Bilderberg gang.  Tim noticed this just three days ago.  He also begs for money via bitcoin, too.


Tim is high on the list of the Bilderberg gang who are very aware that he has targeted them in the past.  They have not forgotten how Tim protested on Wall Street, they are highly aware that he also founded Vox which has fired him and kicked him to the curb so he now appears online attacking liberals every day, several times a day and is a huge headache for the Real Rulers.

Carlos Maza runs Vox and the operation was going bankrupt last month when Soros gave them $200 million to revive it and when people pointed out that this leftist rag was a Soros operation, Louder with Crowder did a show about all this.  So Carlos tried to get Crowder banned from You Tube.


You Tube at first didn’t destroy Louder with Crowder since that broadcast site didn’t do anything listed as ‘grounds to be banned’ so they decided to ‘defund’ Crowder except most of Crowder’s money comes from fans buying his goods online!  Eventually, Crowder will no longer be on any systems run by the Bilderberg gang just like Alex Jones.

The very stupid liberals (sic) want the Real Rulers to control all systems due to the present situation whereby the Rulers let leftists run riot, literally riot.  They are allowed to attack citizens protesting globalism, for example.  This is how Nazis operated: Hitler led the far left Brown Shirts and when in power, literally killed all of them.


Leftists, due to the screaming disaster of all communist attempts at running countries, learn nothing from history.  If they did understand history, they would not be communists!  Parked happily in universities which live off of government money and loans, they live in a bubble of unreality and they want to expand this to all systems.


Systems they take over collapse.  Look at Hollywood: it is now collapsing.  All the systems there are now radical leftist ideology people who are pushing ‘entertainment’ that people increasingly reject.  The utter destruction of the Star Wars franchise which was once one of the richest ones on earth, is instructive.  The female running it off a cliff is determined to push the feminist agenda in all Star Wars productions and this is being rejected by fans.


So Kennedy and her gang of leftists are enabled by mainstream Bilderberg media to attack the fans of Star Wars.  So far, in lost revenues and red ink, Star Wars has lost well over a billion and a half dollars and will lose another two billion in potential profits next year since their latest Star Wars gambit will be miserable and stupid.


And this is what is going on: China’s war against Trump is faltering.  I knew this would happen as did Trump.  We run a massive trade deficit with China.  Same with Mexico.  Wall Street loves globalism.  They hate nationalism.  But citizens need nationalism lest they are enslaved to internationalists who think nothing of killing off or starving millions of people if this pushes their agenda of global rule.



Prager U is a channel that You Tube constantly abuses.  It is now totally demonetized.  But this isn’t working!  Prager is a very rich man.  He can fund this channel and has many volunteers working with him as well.  His videos get millions of views.  This flips out the insane left.  They can’t figure out why they are increasingly unpopular with citizens but popular with invaders of Europe and North America, etc.


They are, in a nutshell, a gang of traitors who want invaders to destroy civilization!  This is so insane and stupid.


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23 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Ordered You Tube To Eliminate Or Defund All Conservative Sites With Louder With Crowder Top Site To Kill

  1. Ken

    Off topic.

    The Danish Meteorological Institute just published the results of their study of artic sea ice. They found that (contrary to claims by global warming advocates) that there has been no change in the amount of artic sea ice in the last 13 years.

    In addition, this has been such a cold spring that the Artic ice is still growing in June! This is contrary to prior years when the ice begins to melt in June.

    This is on the heels of a study showing that average temperatures at the Antarctic research stations have been going down recently.

    Its almost like the Earth is getting colder. But that can’t be. Not according to the press.

  2. Ken

    Arctic. Oops.

  3. Lou

    Dennis Prager is ‘a very rich JEW’–fixed that for you.

    ‘ Tim was a far leftist who pioneered the Occupy Wall Street nonsense a number of years ago’–Years ago, I thought that you liked OWS.
    When I mentioned, here, it was Soros funded, you shot that down, if I recall.

  4. epictetus

    First they came for Andrew Anglin, but I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t a white supremacist neo nazi skinhead. Etc.

  5. AT

    From anti-immigration to anti-conservatives, what EMS declines to mention is that if authorities (or half of them) attack something in an unfair, hyperbolic way and overreact to it in an unfair, hyperbolic way, like, say, arresting critics or sinisterly and conspiratorially demonetizing dissent. . . it actually encourages more of the behavior from certain sectors! Your “Bilderbergers” and their handlers are well aware of this. They are tipping the population back and forth between two sides of various dialectics, with particular end-states in mind, quite separate from the apparent arguments.

    Rocking a boat in the doldrums moves it forward, not left or right. The question is not what’s on the left or the right but where are we headed?

  6. epictetus

    Nice one.
    Also I learned the 1st meaning of ‘doldrums.’

  7. lou

    Only 1 White male in this, and he is old and ugly.

  8. snoosebomb aka ziff

    more evil crap , although its more likely a comical smash up

  9. honeybagder don't care

    I am not sure Star Wars is failing merely due to some widespread political backlash; could it be mainly because the movies are just bad?

  10. Pete

    The Taiping Rebellion 20-30 million killed.
    Why China’s leaders fear Religion.

  11. Pete

    Sorry wrong link.
    This is Taiping Rebellion

  12. Pete

    Weird won’t post correct link
    Very sorry

  13. Petruchio

    Elaine: I know you hate this, but could you coach me up one more time on how to post Videos here?

  14. Click and drag to the box where you post and then hit ‘post comment’.

  15. Moe

    @17 Petruchio

    Elaine’s explanation is truncated. Perhaps her computer is different, but I am not able to click and drag a http address.

    1. Select http address of video
    2 Copy selected address
    3. Paste copied address into ‘Leave a Reply’ comment box at bottom of page
    4. Enter email and name
    5. Click on ‘Post Comment’
    6. Voila!

  16. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!! The Rules of Human Nature never get violated. The SJW “warriors, the Bilderberg gangsters, Maoists. Call them by whatever name you choose. These people–the followers, not the leaders–are proof that the easiest people in the World to con/brainwash are the ones who think they are too smart to be conned!! Conning idiots who think they are too intelligent to be swindled is one of the oldest Games out there. And this explains why the ‘Leftists’ are immune to information that clashes with their prejudices. A few of these people awaken from their brainwashing, but only after a long, long time. Most end up as bitter, angry Middle Agers. I was one of these people who “awakened” I used to be a true Blue Republican. Then starting with Bush V. Gore 2000, I started to change my deep rooted Belief System. Praise the Lord. I saw the Light.

  17. Jim R

    You are only welcome in the US if you are an illegal alien now:
    Hundreds of Illegal Aliens From Ebola-Stricken Congo Dumped in the Streets of San Antonio

    If you arrive legally, the US does not want you:

  18. Jim R

    #13, 14, 15 @Pete,
    You also need to wait a while for a comment to render. WordPress has to import the scripts and formats for a video before it properly appears in a comment, and the video will seem to be missing until that happens.

    @Elaine, I am not so sure China will lose the trade war in the long term. That stuff in the Styxhexenhammer video is true, China will be hurt, but as you well know, the Chinese government plans for the long haul. They have been assaulted by the Anglo world several times before. China is big enough to endure, even if it means hardship for a while.

    US-China Trade War: The New Long March

    by Tyler Durden
    Sat, 06/08/2019 – 11:30

    Given the limited historical precedent, it is difficult to predict if this face-off will continue long term or be resolved quickly. By all reports, neither the Chinese nor the Trump administration seem prepared to blink, but rather than rely on the press for insight, we decided to do some of our own digging. We recently talked to several China-based portfolio managers and a supply chain manager to learn more about the U.S.-China standoff. The main takeaway from our notes below: The Chinese are buckling up for a long ride.

  19. honeybagder don't care

    Here’s a “heads up” of sorts, if anyone is interested.

    It looks like may have caved. The TOS indicates that their content guidelines shall be no more restrictive than the First Amendment, yet they have apparently deleted one of Colin Flaherty’s posts:

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