Arrest Mueller, Charge Him With Treason: Conspired With Ukraine To Frame Trump

Our Real Rulers are insane as well as criminals.  They keep trying to start WWIII.  Hillary goofed in the last debate with Trump by gloating about how an US nuclear missile sneak attack could destroy Moscow in less than six minutes.  The stupid attempt at framing Trump as a traitor due to negotiating with Russia has collapsed and now is exposed as totally fake: the DNC was playing footsie with the Ukraine dictator who cooperated in framing Trump on false charges.


The Hill reports this story, I found no others reporting it this morning.  It is not a surprise to me, actually, I expected this story to crop up eventually.  Trump had really good advice on all this: he didn’t talk about the counter investigation during the long Mueller mess.  Mueller looked very scared the other day when he suddenly appeared in the news to demand Trump be impeached.


He knew he is now under investigation and is very anxious to stop this via having co-conspirators in Congress frame Trump in a fake impeachment scam.  Note how the top DNC gangsters won’t call for impeachment leaving this to the gang of foolish young, new members to lead the charge off of this cliff.


In a key finding of the Mueller report, Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is tied to Russian intelligence.


Manafort was sent to prison over all this.  He said he is going to sue.  He will win.


But hundreds of pages of government documents — which special counsel Robert Mueller possessed since 2018 — describe Kilimnik as a “sensitive” intelligence source for the U.S. State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian matters.


Once the report was released so was an ocean of documents which are now being pursued by people who are very interested in how Mueller managed to cook up that mess.  It was obvious that Trump did nothing wrong.  Mueller deliberately withheld this information until after the election for Congress.


This is malicious and deliberate and is one of the many charges that Mueller will face in the future.


Why Mueller’s team omitted that part of the Kilimnik narrative from its report and related court filings is not known. But the revelation of it comes as the accuracy of Mueller’s Russia conclusions face increased scrutiny.


HAHAHA.  It is very well known: Mueller was committing treason and cooperating with a foreign government, Ukraine, to frame the winner of a US election.  This is TREASON. The penalty for that used to be death but now is nearly nothing.


Kilimnik was not just any run-of-the-mill source, either.


He interacted with the chief political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, sometimes meeting several times a week to provide information on the Ukraine government. He relayed messages back to Ukraine’s leaders and delivered written reports to U.S. officials via emails that stretched on for thousands of words, the memos show.


And here is why Comey and his gang of robbers are also sweating bullets now:


The FBI knew all of this, well before the Mueller investigation concluded.


A major conspiracy cooked up by the Bilderberg gang is now unravelling.  Of course, mainstream media won’t talk about the Bilderberg gang, they are, after all, big time members of this noxious gang.  I googled my own work online today to use in this story and as I expected, nearly NOTHING shows up anymore, just utter junk.


Why is that?  HAHAHA.  I am being knocked off of the internet by the Real Rulers, no shock, they are scared to death and are blanking out millions of users, wiping off their hard work.  This is a major scandal this year which mainstream media refuses to report, of course.


But they are very stupid.  We all notice this is happening!  One cannot get rid of half a billion online users and censor them and have no one notice.  It is frankly, a major topic online now.  Google, being run by Maoist communists, is trying desperately to rig the internet so as to lock out all opposition to their insane plans for ruling us brutally and literally freezing and starving us to death.


Billionaire Bloomberg wants to destroy all natural gas and coal production in the US while letting China and India use both, nonstop.  According to this monster who is a Bilderberg gangster, we are all going to roast to death (it is mid-June and the temperature right now is 48 F!!!) unless we stop heating our homes.  He wants us to freeze to death to save the planet while he camps out in the Caribbean on an island he literally owns.


He is willing to spend $500 million pushing this insane and murderous plan.  He will allow EXPORTING our energy materials, just not us using it, ourselves!  Charming, isn’t he?  A perfect Mad Madame Mao who cheerfully froze and starved Chinese, too.


Another of my old cartoons:

As we watch the Jaws of Death close in on the coup that tried to use Mueller to dispose of Trump, we also get to watch how our insane Silicon Valley Rulers screw up the internet and how mainstream media colludes in pushing narratives that are totally insane, here are some statistics about how propaganda is pushed by the looney left: Zack Goldberg does interesting analysis of what words are suddenly trending on mainstrem media with the Bilderberg gang pushing their insane narrative about sex, racism and other interesting topics.


There are many more graphs at this tweet.  Do read his output, it is amazing and makes it obvious.  All this began to shoot upwards the minute Trump won the election.  Media began frantically pushing the far left narrative and words the leftists use like ‘intersectionality’.  This is deliberate.  It was planned.  It is coordinated by the Bilderberg gang who has had meeting about doing this stuff.


Well, it is also backfiring. Vox, which was used to attack the entire You Tube content providers and eliminate or defund most of the ‘little people’ who annoy mainstream media is BACKFIRING.  Everyone now has been kicked in the shins, even many innocent bystanders who are now learning why they have been punished by the elites.


This is causing very intense rage and a desire to learn why this is happening and who is doing this.  HAHAHA.  The entire Bilderberg scheme has been built on carefully hiding this manipulation of media and humans and their plots to eliminate us using honest people who really think we are all going to roast to death, to loot, rape and burn the rest of us as well as starving us and freezing us to death, too.

Yellow Vest march today, bigger than ever, even more active and loud.  Extremely angry.  Not going away at all.  HAHAHA.  And hard as hell to find via Google!!!  I can find this video due to being very clever at searches, most people will never find it unless they think like a lawyer or a spy.


From last week in Paris:


On Thursday, Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz told Le Parisien newspaper that any police involved in unwarranted violence against yellow vest protestors would be in court by the end of the year.


Heitz said there had been more than 170 cases of police violence reviewed, with 57 of them completed and awaiting a decision whether to prosecute.

Anger is growing, not going away.  Despite hiding the real news, news is travelling via other methods.  We were able to overturn events in 1968 using very primitive tools.  I used to make leaflets which had to be drawn backwards so it could be used to print up, being able to write mirror image, I was the main producer of leaflets by 1970 in the Bay Area.

We worked hard to be heard.  We made Underground News, we did Underground Radio, we traveled across the planet, giving speeches and being arrested and attacked and deported.  I certainly was!  This is not easy to stop no matter how hard the far leftist creeps in California try.  Oh, and note how cold and stormy it is in Paris today!  The global warming scam is dying rapidly.



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17 responses to “Arrest Mueller, Charge Him With Treason: Conspired With Ukraine To Frame Trump

  1. Lou

    Please listen to 12 minutes of this. NYPD police chief dead, odd tweets, etc. It gets very interesting after a few minutes. I welcome yr thoughts.


    Buried in the documents is an email from Hillary Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall bossing around the Justice Department.

    Crooked Hillary’s lawyer emailed the Justice Department in April of 2016, shortly before Hillary became the Democrat nominee for president, and told the DOJ they do not have consent to double check data from two Lenovo hard drives before destruction.

    “This letter confirms that, pursuant to our discussions, Williams & Connolly LLP has provided to the Department of Justice two W&C hard drives (Samsung Lenovo 256 GB hard drive and a Samsung Lenovo 128 GB hard drive) (the drives) for the sole purpose of destruction,” David Kendall wrote.


    The walls are closing in on the Hillary gang!

  3. AT

    Mueller should have gone to prison for thousands of counts of accessory after the fact to murder, for ordering the FBI to protect and put all the 9/11 Saudi terrorist handlers on the first planes allowed out of the country after the Saudi attack, particularly after realizing the Saudis had pulled their embassador the month before, and most of the terrorists had been partying at various worldwide Saudi embassies.

    This is small potatoes in comparison. Lol.

  4. Jim R

    another fun picture in the news last week, and apologies if you already wrote about it, Elaine, was the Twitter post showing the Queen shaking hands with Merkel at a D-Day celebration.

    So you had the German Queen, congratulating the German Kantzlerin, for Germany’s participation in the D-Day invasion! Fun stuff, I tellz ya! The Associated Press deleted the tweet, but some fast thinking folk had saved the picture.

  5. Jim R

    Oh and thanks for the cartoons, I love your cartoons!

  6. AT

    Clown world

  7. AT


    If you are concerned about internet control check out Musk’s SpaceX’s Starlink and the Bezos alternate.

  8. AT

    6 to 8 times the number of all currently existing satellites for one program. Obscene.

  9. AT

    We’ve seen it before, crony capitalism and spy games masquerading as entrepreneurship. Recall Howard Hughes pretending to hunt for treasure while searching for sunken nukes.

    Now Musk is pretending to care about going MARS (without funding) for puff pieces and street credibility while building a gigantic money losing global broadband internet monopoly for sureveillance and control.

    We’ve seen it before with google and Facebook.

  10. AT


    Destroys existing satcom industry through endless money losing deep pockets

    Rains 100 25 lb pieces of metal down uncontrolled over land every year (because it’s so low inside the atmosphere for latency reduction and other surveillance)

    Destroys ground based astronomy for ever.

    Provides a global internet platform that squashes any local, ground-based internet providers, while losing money, all for surveillance and control.

    Provides a platform for global electronic surveillance (cell phones, etc.) that local governments cannot tear-down, like, say, hacked cell towers or re-route, like commercial air traffic with spy gear hidden in the belly.

    Provides a platform to jam all existing higher orbit satellites in wartime and thus risks war.

  11. AT

    Did you see the Musk SpaceX Mars rocket prototype made of tinfoil that blew over in the wind?

    Street credibility for a crony capitalist pretending to be an entrepreneur.

  12. AT


    Our night skies ruined so the NSA can play spy games.

  13. All destroyed with just one major volcanic eruption.

  14. AT


    300 miles up, not 30,000 feet. Exceedingly low and visible for a satellite, and yes still slightly in the atmosphere, but far higher than any volcanic plumes, I think?

    12,000 of these Starlink satellites will blot out the stars in the night-sky, with a global blanket of Monopoly money-losing internet control, surveillance, and electronic warfare capability.

    No one but the Federal Communications Commission appears to be regulating this, apparently because they can deny Musk the frequencies. The FCC! What do they know about de-orbiting? Apparently Musk claims 90% safe de-orbiting, which would be a higher percentage than any nation so far. With a five year life span because of the atmospheric drag burning up fuel, and two thirds of the world covered in water, that leaves about 100 a year crashing uncontrolled over land.

    12,000, or six times the number of all other satellites in all other programs for all other nations combined, is a ridiculous number for one program, particularly when every last one of them will so low as to be visible at night.

    It’s a desecration of the sky.

    Did the Bilderbergers cook this up, or was it the Bank of England, or the NSA, or maybe all of the above?

  15. AT

    Starlink is the Matrix.

  16. AT

    Starlink is Skynet.

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