Trump Wins Mexico Concessions! Bilderberg Gang Freaks Out, Screams Treason

HAHAHA.  With the entire mainstream powers, the total Bilderberg international gangsters howling with rage, Trump finally forced Mexico to stop the invaders of our borders and to do things proper and China suddenly decided they want to negotiate since we have mostly one way ‘trade’ with them which is now being punished…HAHAHA.  This, with the GOP and DNC traitors howling like fiends that he could do neither country into proper trade relations!  I say, we should make a list of all these traitors who want one-way ‘trade’ to bankrupt America.


Here is an old cartoon of the Bank Gnome and the Chinese Dragon.

Yes, our relations with ‘trade’ partners has been hammered by Trump insisting on better terms for ‘trade’.  NO President has done this since Jimmy Carter (a family friend of my father, by the way).

OK…nothing makes the Bilderberg gang angrier than Trump’s triumphs.  His visit to England was a huge triumph, too. He told the English people that Brexit means better trade with the US!  Why trade with France or Germany, both of whom historically have been in bitter wars against the Brits.


By the way, we are also seeing a full revolt on the internet as Vox is used by the creeps who run things to attack everyone and anyone including thousands of innocent bystanders like history channels and middle of the road mild commentators who do nothing scary.  HAHAHA.  Middle of the road is where you see roadkill.  Squished flat.  The bulldozer of the leftists who work for the globalists and who think we will all roast to death unless the peons stop using fossil fuels…they are destroying the entire internet right now.


They are out to end it all, to turn it into what it was before it was born.  I have been on the internet since Day One, way back when it was only for top schools and CIA stuff…via my dad’s computer…and this is the first time full scale warfare by the Elites and their minions has blossomed.


And they will lose because the more they screw with everyone, the more pissed off the peasants are.  And boy, people are freaking out right now.  Here is the NYT front page:

HAHAHA…Trump fights trade on multiple fronts!  Indeed, the biggest being the Bilderberg gang media giants who are the real enemies of American freedoms and survival.  Note how the NYT squeals like piggies, claiming Trump is taking away Mexican priorities!  HAHAHA.  Talk about insane.  No need to explain how insane this is.  Also the NYT makes a false claim that Mexico was going to do this, anyways.


So…why didn’t they do this with OBAMA?  EH.  HAHAHA.  Also on the front page, the NYT joins the attack on You Tube people who I watch.  Oh, they are ‘radicals’!  How very insane.

I would like to punch out the NYT staff but I am too lazy to go down to Manhattan to do this.  Very tiresome indeed.  So I hope they all meet up with their buddies from the Bronx and get mugged for fun and to show solidarity with the Masses.

HAHAHA,  My sides hurt from laughing.


Oh, and one last cartoon:


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4 responses to “Trump Wins Mexico Concessions! Bilderberg Gang Freaks Out, Screams Treason

  1. Pete

    Some of you have been asking how to
    post a youtube video on this site.

    I have a chromebook laptop.
    It has a chrome browser.
    For me it is very easy.

    Go to youtube and while you are
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    Come back to this site and PASTE.

    That’s all I do.

    I don’t know if this will work for other browsers.

  2. Moe

    John Rich – Shut Up About Politics

    Shut up about politics
    Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks
    I’m tired of all the fighting and the bitching fits
    So shut up about politics
    You punch left, I punch right
    We’re caught up in the middle of a deep swamp fight
    Some people lie and some people steal
    And everybody’s talking ’bout the Green Ned Deal
    Shut up about politics
    Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks
    I’m tired of all the fighting and the bitching fits
    So shut up about politics
    All this fussin’ and carryin’ on
    It’s been going on a little too long
    But I got something to fix us all up
    Take a shot of my whiskey from a big red cup
    Shut up about politics
    Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks
    I’m tired of all the fighting and the bitching fits
    So shut up about politics

  3. Moe

    Ouuuuu, more Trump news. He bans flying gay Pride flag on embassy flagpoles! Friggin’ fag hater! Despot! Traitor! Patriarchal, white, privileged, male (successful, billionaire, president, etc.) scumbag! Pelosi’s right, he belongs in prison!

  4. Lou

    3–Gays are maybe 3% of us. jews the same.
    Amazing how much privilege they have.

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