Nancy Pelosi Falsely Claims She Stopped Illegal Aliens, Not Trump Via Tariff Threats

President Trump blew up at the NYT headline story yesterday.  The story was, typically for the Bilderberg publisher, utterly false.  The NYT claimed that Obama negotiated the trade deal and it was working.  Well, the tariffs were set high in order to stop Mexico from importing massive numbers of illegal aliens from not only Central America but even Africa, now!  DUH.


The NYT is furious that Mexico is now cooperating with patrolling their own borders.  The entire DNC is howling with rage because this is their voter base: illegal aliens.  “President Trump undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world by recklessly threatening to impose tariffs on our close friend and neighbor to the south,” Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.


She is now a declared traitor.  She is angry that Trump successfully forced Mexico to cooperate on patrolling its own borders and stopping armies of illegal aliens who are also violating Mexico’s sovereignty.  I want Pelosi arrested.  Of course, treason is OK with the crazy Democrats these days.  Now on to the other thing the liberals are bent on doing: Drag Queen Library Days are getting dirtier and dirtier and are now doing stuff I would have been arrested for back in the 1960’s when I worked part time doing stripper stuff to get money for school.


The gay civil rights activists who I supported and agreed with, swore they would not do this when pushing for civil rights.  Well, the mask is now off. The aggressive child rapist community and I was raped as a child, are full bore going for children and being quite obvious about this.


People are banned by You Tube for the mildest of ‘violations’ or just because You Tube’s army of SJW staff don’t like someone but all over the internet in systems run by leftists like Twitter and Google, we see postings boasting about exposing little children to sex entertainers who used to only appear in X rated dives, this is now OK for children and public libraries, of all places, host these sex shows!  I am beyond astonished.  I am pissed off.


Note how these monster fake females focus on dressing boys like prostitutes!  This, to a ten year old lad, for example, is utterly depraved.  I was always aghast at the little girl’s ‘beauty contests’ too since these all sexualized little girls in a very nasty way.  This degrading of children is done by both men and women and in all cases, it is terrible.


Now on to the latest in the army of SJW rich people who fly around the planet on private jets, lecturing us about global warming and how CO2 is going to kill all living things unless we stop flying around the planet, consuming oxygen.  HAHAHA:



A Brit race car driver, Lewis Hamilton, tells everyone we will all roast to death due to CO2 while he and his puppies fly private jets all over the earth and he drives high fuel consumption race cars!


‘This is Roscoe and Coco. Coco is living the life by the beach in Malibu. Roscoe is in the UK with grandma enjoying the sun. To be reunited soon.’


This post draws a stark contrast to one where he lamented the damage meat production does to the planet, despite estimates suggesting that each 5,400 mile flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow generates 1.67 tonnes of CO2.


He said: ‘I stopped eating red meat two years ago. I have generally been pescatarian for the majority of the year and now I’ve cut fish.’Pollution coming from the amount of cows that are being produced is incredible. The cruelty is horrible and I want a healthier life.


This idiot is a race car driver, no less!  He should be arrested for fraud.  At the very least, he should be removed from all races due to him polluting the planet earth and killing everyone via overheating the place.  All these stupid virtue signallers should be moved into small tents on the Arctic Circle and then they have permission to complain that it is too hot.  OK?  I will personally arrange this. I lived in a tent in upstate NY for ten years, after all.


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5 responses to “Nancy Pelosi Falsely Claims She Stopped Illegal Aliens, Not Trump Via Tariff Threats

  1. Moe

    “The gay civil rights activists who I supported and agreed with, swore they would not do this when pushing for civil rights…I am beyond astonished. I am pissed off.”

    You were also naive. Best of intentions, I’m sure, but that doesn’t cut it with deviants. Gays are deviant, drag queens are aberrant. transgenders (most off them) are deviant: there’s a reason they’re labeled as ‘queer’, i.e., abnormal. Most, if not all, are psychologically damaged.

    Liberal intentions don’t mean sh*t when confronted with reality.

  2. AT

    Agreed, sexualizing children or providing toddlers with drag queen adult entertainment is wrong.

    What you’re missing is why the neo-liberals are doing it: Half of it is creating a hypernormalised dialectic for both sides to spaz over as a distraction from the fact that both parties are in virtual lockstep over monetary, fiscal, and foreign policy. Nothing new there.

    The other more interesting half of the reason is that even after neo-liberals succeeded in putting diversity training into the curriculum for elementary school type “emotional learning” programs, it turns out that a large fraction of children are still repulsed by the concept, a priori, it would seem. Many of the kids still look at it and see something wrong rather than normal. So, now they are moving the indoc earlier and earlier, and yuckily sexualizing children in the process, in an attempt to see if they can normalize perceptions with that fraction of children.

  3. Petruchio

    @#1 Moe: There’s another thing about these LGBTQ types worth noting if you are a heterosexual. Many Gays–of whatever “flavor”–have DEEP , serious anger issues towards Heterosexuals. It’s obvious the LGBTQ crowd doesn’t merely want to live in Peace and engage in whatever kinds of relationships they like. They want to be Boy Scout Leaders. They want to be teachers in schools. They want to be Politicians. All the while shoving their lifestyle choices onto the Hetero Community. The very thing they would complain about Heterosexuals! Make no mistake; a good percentage of Gays/LGBTQ–whatever name you want to give them–have deep, bitter hate issues towards heteros. Not all Gays/Lesbians, etc. have deep rage issues towards heterosexuals, but some of them do. the ‘In-your-face’ gays have the Hate/Anger issues.

  4. Lou

    off topic
    back under Obamas ‘watch’ an african was brought to Texas. He dies there of ebola [a man made disease?].
    the hospital was sued by the relatives of the man and went out of business.
    need I post ‘conspiracy?’


  5. Jim R

    Keep an eye on Pelosi and company as the global warming story continues to fall apart.

    She will be claiming she singlehandedly saved the planet from the CO2 apocalypse.

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