DOJ Will Now Go After CIA Spooks Who Tried Election Coup

New Department of Justice letter opens door to more investigations of DNC criminal actions against Trump during 1016 election:

The new DOJ letter also indicates that Durham may be looking into gutter oppo research firm Fusion GPS who hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a 35-page Russia dossier to smear Donald Trump and his associates.


The legal net is closing in on the Clinton campaign creeps.  About time.  They had to wait until the fake Mueller investigation ended to really dig in to the real crimes by the gang who tried to frame Trump.  This is why the DNC is screaming for impeaching Trump on no charges.  They have to yell very loud in order to hide the real news.  But the goddess of justice will nail these gangsters in the end.

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored


Now it has moved beyond apology to giving up altogether on the notion of publishing editorial cartoons.  Editor James Bennet explained the paper had planned for a year to cease running political cartoons in the international print version of the Times, in line with the U.S. edition.


Pinterest Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored.  Yes, Google does this, too.  Religions and people the SJW gang don’t like are being listed as ‘pornography’ and thus, censored.


Zerohedge is on the list. is no longer hidden, it is now openly declared ‘censored’.  When they learned that they were being investigated by Project Veritas, they suddenly relisted Liveaction.  Everyone is now suing these clowns doing this disgusting work.


What is very annoying is how ‘Christianity’ is treated as if it is all about crimes, raping children (HAHAHA…the same leftists are OK with child rape!) and other crimes while Muslims and Jews are not dumped into the ‘porn’ blocks.  Censorship always ends up being a danger to life and limb.  Supposedly to protect us, the censors are nasty creeps out to harm us.


About censorship: the NYT is censoring itself.  Not its SJW creeps, not its fake news.  Nope.  They are going to have no more political cartoons!  HAHAHA.  Now funny stuff no more, bro!  Just straight forward lies.  NY Times won’t do any more anti-semetic cartoons via no more cartoons at all!!!

I hope the NYT censors itself to oblivion.  They are useless, they are liars, they are very creepy.



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6 responses to “DOJ Will Now Go After CIA Spooks Who Tried Election Coup

  1. AT

    Where do you read CIA in that letter?

    This is an internal DOJ review of intelligence activities, not an OIG investigation. That points to the FBI. What’s more, most of tge shenanigans and informants involved were being run in that capacity by the FBI, as far as what is public so far.

    Thus far it appears the CIA kept its nose clean, unlike the FBI, the DNC or the Queen’s MI6 and other four eyes.

    I guess time will tell.

  2. AT

    Incidentally, US Attorneys are at least halfway to being politicians (or political operatives), maybe not full fledged political operatives yet like a Comey or Mueller became after making their bones with Scooter Libby and 9/11, respectively, but questionable nonetheless.

    Thus, the fact that this is a DOJ review being led by a US Attorney, and not an OIG investigation with career waste fraud and abuse prosecutors, smacks of a whitewash or at least a minimization, rather than a cathartic purge.

    Again, time will tell I suppose.

  3. Lou

    Tate June 11, 2019 —

    Seems the Koch Bros are teaming up with George Soros, the ADL, & representatives from Big Tech to fight online extremism.

    On July 17, the After Charlottesville Project will host its 2nd summit in San Francisco.

    “Founded in the aftermath of the deadly 2017 white supremacist attacks in Virginia, the conference brings together political and business leaders to discuss solutions for curbing political terrorism. While last year’s gathering in Missouri involved grassroots and city response initiatives, the focus of this year’s summit will involve the “private tech sector” and “best practices on the fight against hate and extremism online,” according to the event’s press release.”

    Meanwhile, Trump is too stupid to realize all of his followers are being methodically silenced. The Oligarchs are not going to let 2016 happen again if they can help it. All dissident opinion will eventually be relegated to the unindexed web (“dark web”) & search engines will not yield anything the PTB don’t want you to see. Section 230, not sure how it’s going to help

  4. Does anyone know how the CIA infiltrates all systems including government systems?? They do, you know.

  5. AT

    Not always, but often infiltration can be distinct from participation. My sense is that the rank and file career officers could give a rats ass about any “special relationship” when it comes to election interference, particularly given their professional specialties. And, look under Trump at who is the first career officer appointed as the permanent director of central intelligence under any President.

  6. AT

    Anyhow, to answer your question, they use networks of non CIA employees to recruit inside US government agencies, media, and political organizations. It’s kind of like civilians recruiting civilians. Rather cheesy, but there it is.

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