New York Times Doubles Down On Loving Crossdressing Sex Performers Into Schools

The New York Times (aka: NY Slimes) has an editorial today that tries desperately to justify and normalize having men who dress up as WHORES (NOT ‘women’) and who then go to libraries and schools run by liberals to ‘read’ to children and then do strip teases and shake their booties at little kiddies while making smooching sounds which is what they do in gay bars…this is the utter moral collapse of liberalism at work.  It is utterly insane and totally wrong.


Many years ago, to pay for school, I did this sort of thing but I was known as the ‘clean’ stripper.  My trick was to talk while on stage with the men, making jokes about work and fun stuff, that is, I entertained them while teasing them.  What these pros brought into schools are doing is ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ stuff: they are pretending to ‘just read books’ while instead, sneaking in doing the raw, dirty dancing junk.


The NYT should fire this editor but instead, they promote the most noxious, extremists they can find for the NYT which was once a bastion of ‘higher culture’ is now totally a ‘dirty dancing’ dunce.


These days, however, the left has become overwhelmingly family-friendly. For years now, the mainstream L.G.B.T. rights movement has been more consumed with marriage and children than sexual liberation. The anti-Trump resistance is dominated by middle-aged suburban mothers horrified by the president’s depravity. On the left’s cutting edge, meetings of the Democratic Socialists of America often provide child care, and a recent issue of the socialist magazine Jacobin came with a kids’ book.


The dirty left has definitely been ‘consumed’ with children.  The movement to sexualize children is now run from the NYT front pages and editorial pages.  Stories of children being raped have vanished while stories about children changing their sex at age six are rampant.


About ‘child care’ which the NYT boasts about: this is due to women having to work.  Once upon a time, ‘child care’ was called ‘marriage’.  The man promised to pay all the bills and care for the woman and she, in turn, raised his children.  Now that this is dead and gone, marriage is going, too.


The NYT nearly never mentions that populations who vote nearly 100% of the ‘minority’ voters for the DNC also have a nearly 100% out of wedlock birth rate, too.  This is no surprise: the DNC wants the State to raise the babies, not families.


Rather than a plot to corrupt children, Drag Queen Story Hour, which started in San Francisco and has spread to cities across the country, is another sign that the cultural left has been domesticated. Instead of performing in seedy bars, drag queens are using their love of music, theatricality and elaborate costumes to help caregivers entertain little kids. It’s a way, said Jonathan Hamilt, a co-founder of the program, for the performers “to get out of the night life and into their communities, their neighborhoods, their towns where they live, and give back.”


The professional sex performers were invited deliberately to come to children’s events to ‘normalize’ dirty sex junk.  The leftists think this is the key to power.  Degrade children, force families that are still intact to attend events pushing dirty sex dancing and sexual innuendo junk and voila: more voters for the Democrats!


On the right, by contrast, an online demimonde has developed where nihilistic subversion is celebrated. White supremacists recruit through video game culture. The alt-right lures disaffected adolescents with subcultural signals that baffle the uninitiated. I’d happily take my kids to Drag Queen Story Hour if it were held closer to my apartment, but I’d smash my computer to bits before I’d let them near a pro-Trump message board.


This writer is utterly insane.  She needs to see a doctor.  She is also very evil.  The NYT in this editorial is still pushing the fake story they headlined the other day that going online to see the Christian moralist, Jordan Peterson’s lectures  about Pinocchio will turn young adults into Nazis.  So, lectures about Christianity is evil and male fake female strippers twerking in elementary schools is good?  HAHAHA.


Then again, as a right-wing trope, family values has rarely been about actual families. It is, rather, a way of sanctifying gender hierarchies.


This editorialist writes like an SJW who attended Berkeley and took classes in ‘Gender Studies.  It is getting worse: in Britain, due to too many pedophiles breaking the law, the government is thinking about legalizing child porn via not prosecuting people for using child porn.


According to a report from the Daily Mail, police in the UK investigate approximately 1,000 cases of pedophiles viewing child abuse images each month. Last year there was also a record 159,740 rapes and sex attacks were reported — up from 52,166 in 2008.


Rape is way up in Europe and this is mainly due to the male invasion from Muslim countries, for the most part.  THAT is a verboten topic with liberals, too.


Infowars, which the elites tried to eliminate, still publishes online and today’s story is all about how the NYT story about a kid lured into the fascist world of the conservatives is totally fake.

The NYT tried to defend itself when people pointed out the obvious: that the entire story was rigged, sensationalized and based on nothing real.  The ‘miraculous’ change in this young man when he exited his visits to ‘Nazi’ sites that are totally not ‘Nazi’ at all was…he became an SJW lunatic.  So, the radicalization came from him intersecting with ‘intersectionalists’ like the radical leftists who work for the NY Times.

It is crystal clear now that the NYT and the SJW gang it protects and promotes do NOT want ‘equality’.  They want to annihilate all white males!  They want to sexualize and rape little children!  They also want to destroy our borders, eliminate patriotism, increase drug addiction and other fun stuff.

The real radicalization going on now is nearly entirely on the far left.



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11 responses to “New York Times Doubles Down On Loving Crossdressing Sex Performers Into Schools

  1. Breaking news: Vox (Vice News) tv show is being terminated by HBO.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Hollywood stars raising their own children as transgendered drag queens.

    Charlize Theron is a transgendered man (These things will always drop a hint with a male name, in this case Charlie). What was done to him was done in secret, long before puberty. He is just “externalizing the method” with his son now daughter. He is showing all of us point blank their lifestyle and what they believe in.

    It is really amazing to me that we have Drag Queens twerking in front of 5 year olds and STILL NOONE BELIEVES WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING DRAG QUEENS IN FILM SINCE ITS BIRTH!

    This is the main cause of people being confused about their gender and sexuality. And it was done ON PURPOSE!

  3. Tom W Harris

    WTF is an FDR/HST/JFK Democrat supposed to do? Dry up and blow away, I guess. (At age 76, I guess that’s not too far off, and I don’t feel at all bad about it.)

  4. AT

    Most of the world mocks us for this stuff.

  5. Petruchio

    Note the picture of the Tranny in the pic at the top here. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think to myself, “So these are the “Warriors” who want to destroy the White Western Race and its Culture??!! I wonder if it ever dawns on these Trannies–and the rest of the LGBTQ crowd–that in a lot of Countries, like Muslim countries, they would be killed on sight!! Ironic, isn’t it? The only Countries that allow for the LGBTQ crowd are the VERY SAME Countries the LGBTQ Community wants to destroy! I have always maintained that one of THE biggest emotions motivating the LGBTQ’s behavior is HATRED. They hate Heterosexuals with a PASSION!! And sooner or later, the LGBTQ Crowd will receive plenty of backlash in Western Countries. It’s called KARMA.

  6. lOU

    “Warriors” who want to destroy the White Western Race and its Culture??!!

    –soros, chinese, etc…I do not want the west destroyed, but it may se=oon happen.

    , BBC tuned in on the radio (a trustworthy source of information, a little biased, yes, but believable) At 3:05 am, in their ‘Newsmax’ segment, presenter said over 100,000 migrants crossing the US — Mexico border each month, not only from C America, but from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as well.

  7. Zeke

    Sad, tragic. Whose agenda is that?
    Defining deviance downward.
    Inappropriate, pointless, counterproductive. Disorienting. Creepy. Scary. Perverse social engineering, no educational value.

  8. Zeke

    There is scant info about this available from an Internet search.
    They say they are 35k strong.
    The objectives of these (male hating, white hating, Euro culture hating, certifiably insane, self righteous) SJWs are: scour the Internet, esp. social media, to eliminate “hate speech”. (Maybe according to them, this blog entry would qualify.) (they have the help of Facebook.) and change the racial composition of all European countries, starting with Germany and Sweden.
    It is the “#IchBinHier” (#IAmHere”) movement. Leader has a Ugandan immigrant mate.
    Merkel said she would admit 800k males from non-white areas. Actual number turned out to be closer to 1.6m. A start but nowhere near enough according to that group. They say they have a “quantity” problem – but that will change.
    Very little coverage of this sizable extremist and nihilist group.

  9. AT

    Arguably, the nuclear age has made world war a technological and existential anachronism.

    What if all this immigration and effeminization is designed to make world war a cultural and psychological anachronism as well?

    Then does that make it a good thing?


  10. Petruchio

    @#2 Mel: “WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING DRAG QUEENS IN FILM SINCE ITS BIRTH!” I got to thinking about this comment. I remember watching the movie-it was released 2,3 years ago–called “Hail Caesar”. George Clooney, Scarlett Johansen and Josh Brolin are in it. Well in this movie, the Movie Big Wigs take a meeting with a Catholic priest a Protestant minister and a Rabbi. The topic was sexual/romantic scenes and what would and would not be acceptable. They Movie Big Shots even set up a “standards” set of rules for ALL movies to follow. The Rules for even just kissing scenes were very strict. This is in the late 1940’s.Well into the 1960’s, you couldn’t show a MARRIED couple in movies who slept in the same bed! Even married couples had to–if the movie showed them in the bedroom at all–show the married couple sleeping in the same room but individual beds!! Now check out the Romantic/Love scenes in movies and on TV today. Anything goes! Call me a cynic, but I’ll wager you that this was the movie Big Wigs objective all along. When these (Jewish) movie moguls set the standards back in the 40’s I think they’re objective was to get control of the standards, blocking input from everybody else and THEN open up the floodgates for every single kind of sexual “flavor” the folks running The Industry want. So what do we have today? A Prime Time TV series where one of the leads is GAY and a Boy scout Leader. That was their Gameplan all along.

  11. In Mad Madame Mao China, my own parents learned that single beds are bolted to the floor and it was ILLEGAL to sleep together. My dad told Madame Mao to go fly a kite and introduced the very first double bed in China back in 1974.

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