The Very Civilized YouTube Creator, Black Pigeon Speaks, Has Been Utterly Eliminated No Warning

The SJW gnomes who now run You Tube just annihilated a man who never cussed, never accused falsely, never abused anyone in his videos…they annihilated it totally and posted the above: this channel does not exist.  There were no reports of anything illegal or illicit, no conversations, it just happened like a sniper using a gun.  The destruction of conversations on You Tube has ended with a bang.  Alex Jones was the first, Black Pigeon is the third with Louder With Crowder as the inbetween act.

Click here to see Black Pigeon Speaks new video site:

Black Pigeon Speaks explains what happened at YouTube.

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This news is flowing through the internet at warp speed.  Everyone is aghast because Black Pigeon is in Asia and is a very sober commentator on what is going on in Asia.  I am going to report on the crushing of the rebellion in Hong Kong that happened in the last few hours when military was brought in to eliminate a million protestors who will now probably be deported, I am guessing.

YouTube Bans Creator With Half a Million Subscribers After He Criticized Vox’s Carlos Maza


Sargon who is slated for elimination by the British Power Pushers in Londonstan, is giving everyone a warning that we are all to be eliminated.  The NY Times slimed all the You Tubers who are not criminal leftists just the other day, front page news and this included Black Pigeon in the ‘these people are evil’ storyline the NYT trolls spewed.

This is an interview of Ray Vahey, CEO of Bitschute.  The sudden elimination of Black Pigeon Speaks has everyone on the sane side of the internet very perplexed and quite angry.  I am thinking that he was removed because he is in Asia which is seeing a vast swath of uprisings ongoing right now.


Here is probably why Black Pigeon has been suddenly eliminated:


I watched the Hong Kong riot.  It was a MILLION people who were chased away but who are now seething with rage.  This is why Asia is now suddenly shutting down all communications just like when Tiananmen Square did.  I was directly involved in all that, I was the person who parked a bunch of Chinese students next to the UN in Manhattan, on diplomatic territory and began negotiations with China and Bush Sr. who was President back then, to save my students from being deported and executed.


We are seeing this again as China wavers and falls into chaos again.  Black Pigeon was within striking distance.  You Tube played footsie with the Chinese just like Bush Sr.  This is disgusting to watch.  I am furious.  Black Pigeon has no violations of any sort that would require eliminating him.


But his messages set him for elimination!  As we all are, this is what MAD MADAME MAOISM is all about.  Her ugly ghost still lives.  Here are developments concerning Project Veritas video about Pinterest lying about classification of conservatives as ‘porn’.


Tim Pool’s YouTube site has nothing posted today and I suspect he has been attacked, too.  No proof yet.  He talked about the Veritas video earlier and I posted a comment there and someone answered my comment but when I clicked on the icon to post a comment again, the web page was gone.  Vanished into thin air:

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.12.51 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.20.40 PM.png

Tim isn’t online right now and this particular video isn’t on YouTube anymore, either.


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11 responses to “The Very Civilized YouTube Creator, Black Pigeon Speaks, Has Been Utterly Eliminated No Warning

  1. Ken

    I particularly like the phrase used by the guy in the video “And then they came for Black Pigeon Speaks” (don’t know his name). Hate speech is now simply speech that someone hates. We all know who that “someone” is.

  2. honeybagder don't care

    Again regarding, here is a post from June 11th:




  3. Petruchio

    Thought folks here would like to see this video of Dear Madame Mao:

  4. shawntoh

    This was updated 16+ hours ago…

  5. honeybagder don't care

    The pigeon has returned.

  6. Jim R

    He’s back .. thanking everyone for their support and moving to Bitchute.

  7. Moe

    Jordan Peterson says his ‘anti-censorship’ social media platform is almost ready to launch

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