World Wars Are Ridiculously Easy To Start, Hard To End

World Wars are very easy to start.  Shooting a fat Duke can launch a million deaths.  Some people think that starting World Wars is OK.  Right now, we have Shiite and Saudi Muslims sniping at each other as normal with the US siding with the Saudis.  Now, two oil tankers had explosive events which are still very murky.  These events can be resolved diplomatically but there is this big push to have a World War at work.  Trump doesn’t want to be pushed into a war of this sort but the Bilderberg gang is desperate for a war which would give them the power to utterly annihilate domestic opposition to their world rule.

I am certain that Trump is aware of the Bilderberg gang, he is surrounded by that gang.  He has been under attack by that gang. He also knows that one doesn’t talk about the Bilderberg gang but I suspect he is getting more and more tempted to do this.  The Matrix is ready to call him insane if he dares to talk about what has been for me, my entire life, the organizing operatives who meet yearly to secretly plot how to rule this planet.


The rulers of the planet are desperate to have a coalition against them led by nuclear power, Russia.  This is insanity, of course.  Russia and China have good relations.  The axis of the past still exists.  Russia and China can utterly destroy all of Europe and make it uninhabitable, for example.  They can also eliminate California, Oregon, Washington state and Arizona and Alaska.  Russia can destroy NYC and DC by firing from space or over the Arctic.


I grew up in the darkest shadows of the Cold War.  I actually lived for a summer on the secret nuke base in California/Nevada in the mid 1950’s.  I saw my father fear McCarthy when he sheltered a Chinese rocket scientist who then fled to China back in 1954.


My father drilled us for WWIII.  We were ordered to not shelter in school like children were being taught, we were to flee to a certain spot in the desert that was safe from nuclear blasts.  I actually did this when Kennedy was assassinated.  The warning our father drilled us was if we heard all the military jets taking off one after another in great numbers, we were to flee.


That happened that day and I counted the jets as my teacher droned on in front of the class until I said, ‘I’m going now!  Don’t stop me!’ and I ran outside, got my bike and ran.  Only when I saw people at the side of the road, crying while listening to the radio, did I learn that Kennedy was killed.


This alarmed me even more!  My father had recently built a close relationship with Kennedy due to the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I then feared my father would now be killed, too!  Frankly, my father was home suddenly and he really was scared, he would be killed, too.  This is how Cold Wars work.


We are at war right now: the Bilderberg gang is desperate to lock many millions, billions of humans into a 1984-style Big Brother mental jail where reality is whatever this insane gang says is real.  Anyone pointing out real reality will be eliminated or even killed.


Yesterday, the SJW gang at YouTube attacked people who post videos explaining politics in a rational way.  One site they suddenly eliminated with zero warning was Black Pigeon Speaks.  This started a huge online fight and led during the last several hours, Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube account.  The social rot at YouTube has been stymied by Black Pigeon Speaks threatening a lawsuit over the illicit and utterly sudden annihilation of his website business.  The NPC gang foiled again!  I am glad BPS is back.

Demonetizing online businesses that are anti-Bilderberg gang still is ongoing.  To the horror of our Real Rulers, many people have found ways to directly market to their audiences and so are doing even better than ever before.  Funny thing here is, selling guns via commercials has been stripped to zero by SJW gangsters who push disarmament of the People so they can be abused like in Europe.  So now gun merchants buy ads on conservative sites directly instead of via YouTube SJW blue haired bitches.


The NYT continues to attack Trump with increasing hysteria.  Lately, mainstream Bilderberg media did yet another fake poll showing most Americans want Biden, the child molester.  Of course, most don’t know Biden is a molester.  Proof of this is all over the internet, there are many videos and pictures showing him molesting little girls.  But not one shows up in the mainstream Bilderberg news feeds.

Goldberg is a Jewish lady who hates families and law and order and who wants chaos and hate.

She wants chaos, she wants illegal aliens, she mocks every triumph Trump wins.  She wants a coup.  I hope she is arrested for treason some day.  These people are outright traitors who hate this country.  They want us enslaved.  This is ridiculous.


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20 responses to “World Wars Are Ridiculously Easy To Start, Hard To End

  1. timothy carroll

    She wants chaos, she wants illegal aliens, she mocks every triumph Trump wins. She wants a coup. I hope she is arrested for treason some day. These people are outright traitors who hate this country. They want us enslaved. This is ridiculous.


    Yeah, she’ll get arrested. Right after Hillary, Obama, ……..still….waiting……..

  2. Rop

    “Russia can destroy NYC and DC by firing from space or over the Arctic.”

    I think they can launch from subs like the US – so pretty much everything is in range.

  3. Melponeme_k


    New York will grant Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens.

    This is because without their district finagling, NY would be totally Republican. But that isn’t working anymore because their former supporters are fleeing. So now they need illegal alien foreigners to uphold their power in NY.

  4. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, in NY a person can take the driver’s permit test in a LANGUAGE OF THEIR CHOICE even though ALL SIGNS ARE IN ENGLISH!

    Talk about insanity.

  5. Zeke

    “War is a racket”, General Smedley Butler, USMC.

  6. AT

    Sailors reported seeing “flying objects” before the explosives were emplaced. (Why are we calling them mines or torpedoes?) The reporter suggests the “flying objects” might be bullets. You can’t see bullets.

    My suspicion is that the “flying objects” were submarine launched stealth drones providing surveillance and security for the operation.

    This is all just more nonsense theater. All news about Iran, North Korea, or Israel is just idiot bait.

    You do understand that Iranians trained and continue train terrorists who have killed and continue to kill American servicemen in occupied nations in the middle east? There is enough f**king real killing to start a real f**king war any day.

    They don’t want a war; they want more puppet theater.

  7. honeybagder don't care

    Trump has already jumped at blaming Iran; how does that indicate he does not want to be “pushed” into a war


  8. AT

    Because Trump will say anything and has proven it. Because this whole thing is so petty and stupid in comparison to two decades of war in the middle east.

    Yet another example of how our broken system of secrecy and classification is being turned against an informed democratic process by politicians who fill the void of knowledge with some smoke and mirrors conducted by special operators and non-state actors and then puffed up by a bootlicking press corps.

    We need to declassify enough of this shit for democracy to work.

  9. AT

    If the Supreme Court was worth its salt there would be a judicial process to balance legislative classification schemes with a first amendment interest in matters of public concern for accountability in a functioning democracy.

  10. AT

    Where’s “Jimmy Reese” when you need him? Lol.

  11. Um, the DNC is screaming nonstop to impeach Trump for being a traitor and friend of Russia and Iran. THIS is why he ‘jumped’ on it.

  12. honeybagder don't care


    Can I infer that you think Trump doesn’t actually believe Iran is responsible? Because that would imply he is willing to commit an actual impeachable offense to try to avoid being tried on a false one. Well, maybe, but I doubt Trump is that stupid.

    I think AT’s theory that Mossad has something from his relationship with Epstein is more likely. And, if true, even cursory scrutiny would turn up clues faster than you can say “obstruction of justice”.

  13. The CIA wants this war. Remember a guy named Kennedy?????

  14. honeybagder don't care

    Ah, so that’s it, I see. But wasn’t Trump already marked for assassination for flouting the Bilderbergers?

    Anyway, if you’re right, luckily for the CIA the American people love war. No matter how many they lose, they always want more! Otherwise (((they))) would have to find some other patsies. Right?


  15. Floridasandy1

    We are not going to war with Iran.
    We didn’t go to war with North Korea

    The left is hysterical, as usual

  16. honeybagder don't care

    North Korea has nukes.

  17. honeybagder don't care

    Also, Iran has oil. Oil Israel may want, for example.

  18. This was a typical scare. And like all the others, murky at best. And if our rulers want wars, we get wars. History is clear about this.

  19. honeybagder don't care

    We will never be free until they throw a war and no one shows up.

    Alas, there is no cure for stupid.

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