YouTube Doubles Down On Tricky Censoring Videos

Here is the history of his channel and the offending video is strange that it is left blank which means it was removed manually.  ‘My video is simply COMMENTARY about all this.’  What is hilarious is, Tim was censored talking about…YouTube censoring people! The censoring of people critical of YouTube’s female leadership (sinking ships) continues in a very sneaky way.


Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously. Recently there was a big story released by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas about Pinterest censoring conservatives. The story was covered by many outlets including far left and leftist digital media.


I saw Tim’s video and yes, it is now gone.


My video was me reading publicly available information from a website and no new information was revealed. Yet for some reason my video was quietly removed without any notice on youtube.


It wasn’t ‘quiet’ it was totally sneaky.


I only found out because someone emailed asking why I was being censored. The official reason? A Privacy complaint. But from who?


We who watch these videos have to let creators know when the clowns running YouTube attack.


Not only did I get a complaint but James O’keefe and Steven Crowder got complaints. In fact the origional report has been removed and Steven Crowder got a privacy complaint for interviewing O’Keefe about it.


O’Keefe is the one YouTube and Google and the Bilderberg gang who had a meeting about O’Keefe just last week…yes, they are out to get HIM.  And eliminate anyone around him.  O’Keefe keeps revealing their secrets and plots against citizens.


Social media censorship is now coming for journalism not just commentary. Perhaps this is in result to recent reports, like from Vox, that conservatives are winning the internet. Maybe this wave of censorship hitting Youtube is a result of far left social justice activists taking the only action they have left.


NO.  This is the Bilderberg gang pretending some ‘radical leftists’ are doing this.  This is a false story set in motion to deflect attention from corporate entities who conspire with each other to rule the planet earth and exploit it for themselves while pushing everyone else into living miserable lives bereft of heating, cooling, food and other essentials.


Below are Tim’s proof that his site is being quietly eliminated one post at a time:

Tim’s site on his iPhone:

So, the video does show up on his iPhone list but when clicked, it vanishes.

YouTube Purge Continues with Moves Against Project Veritas and Tim Pool

So now talking about videos made by Project Veritas means being eliminated!  This is quite Orwellian.

So, James O’Keefe is fishing for more men revolting against SJW bosses?  GOOD.  I hope all these creeps are hauled into public and we can see what sort of monsters they all are and quite a few bosses now in the internet businesses are radical females who hate white males.


All systems will collapse over time (ARE already collapsing!) as white and Asian males running all systems are systematically replaced with ‘minorities’ and ‘females’ (sic) who are bad at running computer complexes.  Then it will all collapse into a big mess.


Hiring these people is like inviting termites and rats into one’s home.


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2 responses to “YouTube Doubles Down On Tricky Censoring Videos

  1. tio
    “One of the most important developments regarding ongoing efforts to peel back layers of obfuscation regarding the politically discriminatory practices at the social media and tech behemoths is about to take place.

    A group of conservative current and former employees of Google have filed suit against the company alleging they were targeted for their political beliefs, in violation of the Constitution’s equal protection clauses, Breitbart Tech reported Friday, and what’s more, the company cannot simply have it dismissed.

    That means a discovery phase at some point if the suit progresses and the tech giant doesn’t settle — which would likely reveal a host of nefarious business practices exposing Google’s rampant Left-wing bias.”

    I guess they’ll settle then? In other news did anyone here know that Rosa Klebb is now a SJW sea captain??

  2. Moe

    Tim comments on Twitter and highlights Twitter alternative site Parler. (Parler is French for To Speak or To Talk).

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