Trump Trade Wars Expands To India, WWIII Attempts Fail In Middle East, Trump Kissing Lawsuit Thrown From Court

India decides to go the Chinese way and slap tariffs on imports from America.  The above stories are from Russian news.  They really cover the news unlike US and EU mainstream media run by the Bilderberg gang.  The screams for war from the usual war criminals has fallen quiet now thanks to everyone else not yelling for WWIII.  What a relief.  Now, they are back to yelling about patriotism and how evil that is.


Good news: a sane judge threw out the ‘Trump KISSED me!’ lawsuit saying it is silly. I have talked in the past about all the New Fainting Virgins all of whom are sexually active and totally into sex, suddenly they are all weak, helpless and terrified due to being touched by a man, the poor dears.


This ‘we are women and we are strong’ is at utter odds with ‘we are women and we faint when men touch us.’  This is rapidly destroying the women’s movement.  One cannot be one and the other simultaneously.  Watching these sly creatures pretend to be crying babies, remembering how a man touched them, is disgusting.


It is also a sign that women cannot have equality with men due to their fragility.  Hello!  Um, this is insanity, of course.  The left is utterly insane at this point.  Black people do this, too.  They pretend they are scared of white people while terrorizing entire cities, attacking white people while laughing.  Far more white people are killed by black people compared to black people killed by white people.


Whites are terrified of black cities and try to avoid even visiting these now due to fear of being attacked.  The reverse is not true.  Yet the black community clings desperately to the notion that blacks are scared of whites while celebrating black power and boasting about how strong they all are.  This is a sign of disjointed reality, a sign of mental madness.


Here is a typical Democrat today who hates patriotism, hates citizens, hates white males, etc.:

This creature is commiserating with illegal aliens and criminals and then decides to tack on men who are serving this country.  No mention of all the dead fathers or dead children killed by illegal aliens or men who are now in prison for killing fathers and children.  Not to mention all the fathers who no longer can see their children due to mothers refusing to cooperate.

The DNC gang is doubling down on hating citizens, hating victims of black or illegal alien criminals.  This gang wants to crush the entire concept of ‘citizenship’ and import criminals to use as their new political base.  The chaos this causes will lead to a DNC dictatorship just like it does in many countries that go full communist.


The demonstrations continued in Paris this weekend:

I have been a bit behind in the news lately due to spending time with my husband in the hospital, supervising things.  Yes, it pays to interfere in hospitals, it makes things work much better.  He is on the road to recovery, we all hope for the best.


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7 responses to “Trump Trade Wars Expands To India, WWIII Attempts Fail In Middle East, Trump Kissing Lawsuit Thrown From Court

  1. Ken

    The beginning of this blog contains an excerpt from an article about the massive power outage in South America (mostly Argentina and Uruguay). For some reason that hasn’t made the news in the US, although it would seem relevant in light of the recent stories about Russia and the US positioning themselves for cyber attacks on each other’s electrical grids.

    I suspect that the lack of news coverage is due to a lack of rioting and civil unrest. Apparently power outages only result in riots and looting in American cities.

  2. OC

    May the Powers above bless u and your family..

  3. tio

    Take it easy Elaine, best wishes.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I hope your husband gets well soon!

  5. Petruchio

    Best wishes for your husbands recovery, Elaine.

  6. Thank you, it is quite a scare. We still don’t know if they will operate on him, he is getting better, it appears.

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