Texas Lawmakers Want To Make Sex Jokes At Universities Criminal Offense

The NeoVictorian radical SJW gang continues with its odious double standards: everyone has to be very careful about joking about sex or talking about it or doing it while…the SJW gang and its owners, the Bilderberg gang, can do as they please including pushing to legalize child sex.  This double standard is noticed by everyone but due to controlling much of the media, the leftists can happily sail along merrily, whipping and abusing and destroying anyone who is guilty of touching an adult woman while at the same time, condone sexual perversions by themselves.


This odious regime is doubling down on the hysteria about how helpless females are when the wrong man touches them or looks at them too sexually, etc.:


FIRE warned Abbott in a letter last week that “faculty and staff at Texas’s universities could be sent to prison for failing to report speech and conduct that does not even constitute sexual harassment” under the Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulatory changes.


So, if you fail to report ‘conduct that …isn’t sexual harassment’ you can be fired?  WTH?  This is utter insanity.  How utterly bizarre.  ‘Free speech’ is being eliminated by our rulers.  Say the wrong words and you lose your job and if you are a child, your name will be published by leftist media and gangs of hysterical leftist will physically attack your homes!


On Wednesday, FIRE responded to criticism from the bills’ biggest booster, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.


The definition bill (SB 212) literally says that “unwelcome, sex based” words constitute harassment if they are “sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive” to interfere with a student’s studies. What is “unwelcome”? Ask the most easily offended person on campus. (Remember the University of Oregon tried to kick out a female student for a sex joke to another female. Only FIRE’s intervention saved her.)


FIRE is on fire, fighting these lunatics.  The idea one can simply give someone a cold shoulder is old fashioned.  Actually, Victorian in nature.  Now, a person thinking someone is too forward has to run to the authorities and scream, ‘My FEELINGS are disturbed’.


In Victorian days, the ladies all fainted when a man was inappropriate.  Today, they turn into shrieking harridans wielding knives, out to castrate anyone who dares to be fresh with them.


This definition is missing any kind of objective, reasonable person standard, instead conditioning the permissibility of speech (and the requirement to report) entirely on subjective listener reaction. Any definition of sexual harassment that lacks an objective component is unconstitutional.


All this fainting female junk will be heard in courts.  Meanwhile, many men will be severely punished by these Inquisitional females.  Laws are not meant to be vague.  And laws about etiquette are ridiculous.  Even the Victorians figured this out.


FIRE’s letter to Abbott even notes that the bill incentivizes false reporting: It requires colleges to let accusers drop the courses they share with accused students “without academic penalty.” If you’re struggling in class after the traditional “drop period,” you may be tempted to claim that a classmate sexually victimized you in order to get out unscathed academically.


This is already happening.  Worse, female and SJW male professors are kicking students out of classes simply for disputing them on sex stuff.  Especially if the ‘classes’ are about sex, any male daring to ask any questions or to give examples that negate the teachers or exposes their biases, is punished and the schools allow this.


These are not ‘schools’ at all.  These are indoctrination centers designed to stop thinking and to produce immature, illogical, emotional wrecks who freak out if someone looks at them funny.  Below is a prime example of all this insanity and stupidity.  This female went to the most elite of elite schools and now is showing how ill-educated she is: AOC.

Note how she thinks this insane double standard whereby anyone on the left may be even an outright rapist and kill girls like Kennedy, and this is OK.  But ‘inappropriate touching’ (!!!) is a crime when a dirty Republican does it but OK if Biden does it!


The allegations of ‘touching’ that the mainstream media had to cover doesn’t ever mention the obvious molestation of little girls that isn’t rare but is normal for this white male who is a Democrat.  Suddenly, all the bloodhounds howling for sex dudes to be punished, fall silent.  It is OK to molest little girls if one is a DNC boss!


Facebook is now Big Brother which means it is now a Big Bother to use.  Facebook now spies on everyone all over the place and anything you say or do off of Facebook is still grounds for being banned from Facebook if one talks about verboten issues or topics or use verboten words, a list of which does NOT EXIST.


This ‘forbidden words’ garbage runs alongside the ‘every word or touch you do if you are a Republican will be punished and overlooked if you are a Democrat’ nonsense.  This dictatorship of the elites is all about them being allowed to do as they please while all of us have to follow their cultural and economic rules that are extremely abusive.


For example, they scream about global warming and are now punishing entire populations that have no power, crushing them in order to ‘save the planet’ while gadding about on private jets, yachts, fast cars, living in huge palaces, etc.

One comment to this video is funny:  ‘SJW logic = any discussion of an ethnostate IS encouraging an ethnostate. Same SJW = To end racism we must talk incessantly about race.’  So true.  Facebook is now Fascistbook.


Fascistbook is a very ugly place.  It gets nastier by the hour.  It is now basically run by the Chinese communists who won’t let anyone do business in China unless the Chinese get to censor everything we consume.  TV, movies, everything online is now run by the Chinese communists.  Zuckerberg obeys them.

The New Money being created by Mastercard, Google and Facebook etc. is a Chinese communist concept of ‘controlled currency’ that can be used to prevent people from doing business and leaving only ‘insiders’ to play business games with each other and customers.  This development is very alarming.


The Real Rulers forget something here: all ‘civilizations’ fall to barbarians.  Speaking of barbarians at the gates:Senate DNC gang tries desperately to not fund any wall building to stop invaders.and Communist Chinese move their junk they are selling us to Vietnam to avoid tariffs.

As I keep pointing out, this is all about treason.  I just learned that Trump is redirecting Federal funds used to educate illegal aliens to students who are citizens.  Imagine that!  Amazing.


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12 responses to “Texas Lawmakers Want To Make Sex Jokes At Universities Criminal Offense

  1. Petruchio

    Isn’t it kind of WEIRD—and suspicious–that this is going on in such a Republican state as Texas? Instead of, say, Vermont or another State with a history of actual, Liberal, Progressive politics? Same thing in Florida, where they passed a law making it a crime to criticize Israel. And, why isn’t this happening in California? Maybe it is because too many of the residents of all those Sanctuary Cities in CA aren’t real pro Israel OR “Progressive”? The biggest, the #1 problem with dealing with the SJW crowd is they are just like Religious Fanatics. They are immune to Reason or Logic. If you watch videos of them in action, you see they come to their events wearing masks so they can’t be ID’ed. This means they intend to do violence. This is NOT going to end well for these SJW types. First, TWO can play the violence game and SECOND the SJW side is heavily outnumbered. Violence is like Wars. Easy to start, but more importantly, it is tough to END.

  2. AT

    “faculty and staff at Texas’s universities could be sent to prison for failing to report speech and conduct that does not even constitute sexual harassment” under the Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulatory changes.”

    It’s bad enough now when they can get fired for these judgment calls.

    The lunacy here is imposing a duty to report (and giving the violation a criminal penalty) that extends to the failure to report underlying conduct which not even criminal, but rather civil or in some instances, completely unactionable.

    Our modern idiocrasy of hand-picked “useful idiot” legislators are apparently too stupid to understand this underlying inconsistency.

  3. We despise US imperialism

    The futile efforts made by the Trumpsters, who advocate a doctrine of permanent war and hostility, as well as their technological dictatorships, who try to push their opponents under the bus by supporting the post-colonial status quo, will go nowhere.

    Their dream of sanctioning Iran, China and Russia into submission, dominating the world in financial and economic terms, and ensuring that no nation, or a bloc of nations, would ever challenge their unholy agenda, will never come true. What they fail to see is the catastrophe that their fantasies will cause for the US in the longer term.

    The US-imposed wars and conflicts are not a great thing at all. Behind the clouds, they are just a silly wish with no great goal and honor. It’s not as though they were not warned of the inevitable blowback.


    The Bilderberg gang, using their media systems, have been screaming nonstop at Trump for doing basic diplomacy with Putin. Worse, they tried very, very, VERY hard to impeach him for doing simple diplomacy. So naturally, fools who don’t figure out the obvious due to being leftists, cannot understand why Trump can’t do diplomacy with Russia. This is all very sad. HAHAHA.

  4. Pete


    Serious Trump supporter lol

  5. Petruchio

    “So, if you fail to report ‘conduct that …isn’t sexual harassment’ you can be fired? WTH? This is utter insanity. How utterly bizarre.” That’s how the Gestapo operated as well. Same thing with the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union.

  6. AT

    Not just fired, sent to jail; SB212 makes it’s a class whatever misdemeanor.

    For failing to report something that may or may not be a civil offense, depending on the situation, much less a crime.

    Basically: go to jail for not accurately perceiving and then reporting hurt feelings.

  7. That bill is unconstitutional. I doubt the Supreme Court would support it. And I bet if females took over the courts and they may over time, they will happily impose this sort of sexual hamfisted lawyering over everyone, provoking an uprising from all men who will be in jeopardy if they so much as touch a woman or refuse to attack a man accused of looking sexually at a woman.

    Incredible that females would impose Victorian rules on everyone while screaming they want to run riot, sexually, themselves. HELLO. This is impossible, the stupid feminist pussy hat females!

  8. Petruchio

    @#10 Elaine: The war has been underway for some time now in the workplace. You have the #MeToo type women who want to carry around the threat of a harassment complaint like it’s a gun in a holster; these women want to whip it out whenever they feel like it. And males are of course taking defensive measures, such as not even speaking to women AT ALL in the workplace. Did these SJW/#MeToo types really think that men wouldn’t respond and protect themselves as well as they can? It is never a good thing when you have one half of your workforce looks at another half and views them as an enemy. And here’s the biggest reason all these Rules-By-and-For-Women is gonna backfire: employers, if they get even a tine whiff that a female is a #MeToo type troublemaker, WILL NOT GET HIRED IN THE FIRST PLACE.!! These “Victorian” rules–or whatever you want to call them–are gonna backfire really badly on Women. Most will learn this lesson the hard way. And I can tell you that these women will of course blame Men for all their problems.

  9. Nearly my entire life, I worked only with men. The fact that I spent my free time in armor fighting like a medieval knight amused my workforce. Women want to be ‘men’ while not being ‘men’. To do construction work, you need a man’s habits and strengths including how to fight (yes, sometimes one does fisticuffs at work!).

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