Gigantic Trump Orlando Rally Versus DNC Gang Feeble Crowds

Joe Biden had only 85 people attend his rally in Iowa last week.  The Bilderberg gang news is going nuts.  Trump’s opening speech to this election cycle was absolutely mobbed in Florida by a full stadium of excited voters.  Meanwhile, all the DNC events announcing they were running featured few people and very little excitement.


The NY Times top story was all about the Brady Bunch.  The characters in this TV comedy show even are moving about just like the opening of the Brady Bunch show.

I want to know the answers to questions like, ‘How many hours do you SLEEP’ pitched to these snoozers.  They also ask why anyone would own a handgun.  Hello!  My bus driver, when I was a child, carried a handgun.  He was a rancher.  He shot a rattler at my bus stop to my great delight on afternoon.  We had great fun with that snake.


So yes, sidearms do protect people!  Now, DNC voting cities tend to attract and enable outright criminal populations.  These people kill each other in vast numbers as well as branching out and murdering citizens while using guns aggressively.


Without exception, all cities and states run by the DNC feature criminals attacking each other and citizens while using guns.  I live in a gun-heavy owning community and we have zero gun crimes.


I once lived in NYC and we had criminals shooting up everything, all the time.  Putting in mean judges and supporting the police and forcing criminal classes to obey all the ‘little laws’ like jaywalking or littering made Park Slope very safe and clean.  Naturally, this attracted white liberals who then undid all my hard work and returned NYC to the dirty, crime raddled, murderous mess it now is, today.


Now let’s compare rallies this week.  Voters waited outside in heavy rain, no less, ten hours before Trump’s speech.  When he arrived, it was to an overflow crowd and it stopped raining so outside, many came to watch, too.

Here is Gutfeld’s amusing take on this rally.  The black guy who is on this panel for amusement, was very unhappy about all this and babbled on how polls by leftist organizations showing the DNC winning easily again just like in 2015 only by fewer points than Hillary’s great victory with 98% of the vote.  HAHAHA.


They couldn’t predict the weather if it was snowing in June.

Here are the enthusiastic rallies for the DNC gang:

Most supporters of the DNC want government goodies and handouts.  So anyone offering freebies gets lots of excitement.  Here is the Washington Post’s excitement about Biden:

It runs first place in the lineup of important news in the Morning Mix!  Right alongside a big spider eating an possum! HAHAHA.  Also, in my own local news, my dear husband, after having tubes stuck inside all orifices and draining all sorts of fluids and flushing with all sorts of medicated fluids, has improved and some of the tubes are now out and last night had his first drink and food in a week.  I am very relieved.  This has been quite a trial for us both.


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7 responses to “Gigantic Trump Orlando Rally Versus DNC Gang Feeble Crowds

  1. Melponeme_k

    The Spider story is practically in EVERY news source, including RT!

    That is MK ULTRA right there. Even now, it is working on the minds of everyone seeing it on this very page, causing a whole cornucopia of trauma that is known and also UNKNOWN!.

    It doesn’t matter if there is no propaganda on this page. The brain is conveniently traumatized enough so that the next subliminal you see, anywhere in mass media, will be sucked into you without intellectual oversight. And you will think that push you receive is your own decision!

    For a hard programmed person the spider story is a warning. For the regular person the image is targeted to push the buttons on any related, everyday trauma that everyone experiences. Believe me, they know their psychology and their hits are designed to encompass as much of the populace as possible.

  2. Petruchio

    I hate the DNC and their subject groups. That said, I sincerely wish the DNC’s Rallies or whatever you want to call them would be PACKED with their Supporters. Fill those DNC stadiums with the LGBTQ crowd. And the Illegal immigrants-who-cannot-legally-vote-but-will crowd. I especially want Joe Biden at each and every one of those Rallies. Sadly, since Biden must display his true sickness, there must also be young children for Pedo Joe to touch VERY inappropriately. And I want to see the Israel owners at DNC Rallies as well. I want to see a HUGE Pro Israel banner, very visible in every camera shot. And the letters AIPAC on the banner. Maybe we should have all the males at DNC Rallies wearing yarmulkes. (I’m sure I’m spelling that one wrong). By all means, let’s have the TV cameras show the current Democrat Party and it “leadership” in ALL its Glory!!

  3. Tom W Harris

    Sounds like a personal problem, Petty Baby.

  4. Zeke

    Colbert estimates Trump big rally crowd to be about 20k. No one outside stadium during rally; lots of empty seats inside – on blurry photo of inside crowd audience.
    He said – that’s still a big crowd. Bigger than any of the 23 Dems have. Trump, ever the showman – just exaggerated.
    Colbert had video documentation of his contention.
    I don’t know; I wasn’t there. Who’re gonna trust, believe? You be the judge.

  5. AT

    He filled a very nice basketball court, not a football stadium.

  6. HAHAHA. And not one DNC candidate can fill a high school dining hall.

    There was this THUNDERSTORM outside the Trump rally. That is why no one was there.

  7. Lou

    6–Does Soros pay the attendees?

    As far as liberal ‘art’ colleges go, I see another one, in New England, is failing. I forget its name.

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